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Nonwhites Gang Up Against Whites On CBS Program “Big Brother”

The Cast of Big Brother 23rd Season

The mainstream media has long been guilty of fueling and delivering an extreme anti-white narrative. This happens on all levels of programming ranging from those geared towards entertainment, such as sitcoms and dramas, to the more reality-based programs, such as the daily news. Whites are often portrayed as ignorant, unfair, mean, and dangerous in comparison to their nonwhite counterparts who are often portrayed as just, vulnerable, and hard-working. For this reason, many racially conscious whites have abandoned television and sought refuge in other forms of entertainment. Yet for those whites who are indifferent towards or unaware of the anti-white narrative, regularly watching racially biased television programs that favour nonwhites has become a mainstay in their daily lives fueling their open or implicit support of this anti-white narrative. To an observer, the power of the mainstream media to shape and control the minds of whites to the point they find programs aimed at their own dispossession as entertaining may seem omnipotent.

A case in point is the highly rated reality television program Big Brother, which airs on the CBS network Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The premise of the show is a contest between houseguests who are isolated from the outside world and who live together on set and are in full view of the television and live streaming audiences. The object of the game is to form alliances with other people and conspire to turn the majority of the household against one person, who is then evicted at the end of the week via a majority vote. The contestants compete in games to determine who will control nominations and those nominated for eviction are given the opportunity to remove themselves from the chopping block by competing in a veto competition. However, if unsuccessful at obtaining the power of veto, the nominated contestants must work to persuade the rest of the household guests to keep them, usually by offering to protect them from future nominations should they receive the head of household power. At the end of the series, contestants who were previously evicted will cast votes between the two remaining houseguests and elect the winner via majority decision.

In past seasons, contestants have largely been white with a small contingent of nonwhites, lesbians, and homosexual men. The white houseguests have typically been young, attractive, and athletic and romances, referred to as “showmances” on the program between a handsome, physically fit young white male and a beautiful young white female have been a popular staple. Moreover, the biggest threats to win have, up until this season, been the athletic white male or the intelligent white woman, because the games on the show are geared towards people with physical strength and people with good memories who can think quickly.

However, the cast of Big Brother has been noticeably different this season. Instead of attractive white males and females making up the majority of the houseguests, the number of nonwhites has dramatically increased, and the white contestants are noticeably less attractive looking than they have been in the past. However, the most salient and important change this year is that Big Brother has become a race-based contest between the nonwhites and the whites, and the nonwhites are winning. The strategy chosen by the nonwhites has been to form a secret alliance against the whites and to stick together no matter the circumstances to ensure a person of colour wins the contest this year. Equally apparent is the seemingly obliviousness of the white houseguests in knowing what their non-white counterparts are up to.


For those who watch the program on television, each episode is highly edited and appears as a mix of live and taped scenes. Right from the early episodes of this season, the producers presented clips showing that the nonwhites had immediately formed an alliance against the whites to whom they were openly resentful for their past successes on the program and for not having lived the non-white experience in America. Whites have inherited white privilege. In contrast, the white houseguests have been portrayed as consistently playing the game using the past tried and true strategies of forming partnerships with others, preparing for contests, and promising to keep their word. Yet the numbers have been against them and one by one white contestants have been voted off the show while the nonwhites openly celebrate and discuss the effectiveness of their strategy. In one scene this past week, an Asian contestant openly asked if the whites were aware that they were losing numbers, after which producers showed pictures of each white person who had been voted out, flaunting the futility of the whites who tried to play using traditional strategies in a game rigged against them from the very start.

In another scene, two black contestants also openly wondered if the white houseguests knew they were being racially targeted and the other stated that it did not matter because even if they did, they will not voice their opposition. He then indicated that only when they are in jury, the place where houseguests are sequestered when they are voted out of the game until the final vote, will the whites realize what has happened to them and then he raised both his arms over his head in a show of victory.

One need not have to think very hard to imagine what might happen if the situation was reversed and instead of nonwhites openly resenting whites and banding together to remove them, the whites employed the same strategy and set out to deliberately conspire against nonwhites to ensure a white person wins the game. It is hard to conceive the producers of Big Brother would allow whites to show such solidarity among themselves unless of course they wished to demonize them for being racially conscious.

Nevertheless, Big Brother shows the extent of the racial double standard that exists in America and Canada today in that it can air a reality program in which the goal is the displacement of whites by a group of racially conscious nonwhites in the face of zero opposition while simultaneously marketing it as a form of entertainment to whites. Whites would never be allowed to do the same thing to nonwhites. However, the good news in all of this is that those whites who have chosen to believe that multiculturalism and the loss of white influence poses no existential threat to whites as a group, now have an easily accessible example of a reality-based television program showing just how acceptable and easy white displacement can take place when the numbers are against them.
With any luck, the success of this season’s Big Brother may be the start of a serious trend of reality television shows that inadvertently help raise white racial consciousness by showing the extent that average nonwhites are dedicated to promoting and protecting their racial interests above all else, especially at the expense of whites, something whites in general do not seem to know or understand.

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