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CEC Is Taking A Two Week Break

We are taking a two week break from August 9 to August 23. We will be posting comments today and tomorrow, but subsequent comments will be posted after the break.

We are living through possibly the most politically divisive epoch in the history of European peoples. Get ready, plan ahead, pay attention to your fitness, family, friends, race, and history. The entire political infrastructure of Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, and European nations, is dedicated to the eradication of the “nature and privilege of Whiteness“. Many in charge of our education, churches, businesses, and everyday people, truly believe that the integration of multiple races through mass immigration, race mixing, and prohibition of White identity, will create a superior society that meets the goals of equality, harmony, kindness, and economic prosperity. Some simply want to “eliminate Whiteness” to promote their own racial interests. Either way you look at it, they will not give up, they have banked everything on diversity, and they intend to push it through to the end.

The wealthiest, most powerful globalists, are accumulating billions promoting multicultural immigration. Large numbers of people have been incentivized to support and celebrate this system through lucrative jobs, grants, political careers, fear of ostracism, opportunities for virtue signaling, and lust for what Whites have created. There is nowhere for dissenters to hide. However, you must not let them consume you, take over your life to the point that you become despondent, pessimistic, alienated from your own history, ancestors and family. It is important to pace yourself, recharge, learn more, stay fit  — in order thereby to strengthen yourself for the impending struggles waiting for you.

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