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We Stand On Guard For Thee: My Experiences With Changing Demographics In Canada

Calgary Islamic Center

Descendant of Canadian Settlers

I am a descendant of Canadian settlers. They built this country up from the dust if you will, into a flourishing society of abundance, peace, order, good government, and comparative unity and a clean environment. All descendants have an inherent birthright to benefit from our ancestors’ hard work and innovation, entrepreneurial achievement, conscientiousness, love for environmental stewardship and conservation, the same way we would want our children and theirs to be beneficiaries of our legacies. Let us also ask ourselves the question, would any of our ancestors allowed themselves to be collectively pushed around and told what to do with their country? Their achievements of simple survival and self reliance and creating a better world are absolutely incredible and worth having pride in and not letting it go to waste in any way.

Unlike Prime Minister Trudeau’s belief in a non-existent Canadian identity, the old stock Canadians do in fact have a sense of identity and commonality with each other. This identity fosters social trust, unity and cooperation. This inheritance comes from what our ancestors built, but also what our ancestors fought and died for.

My own great grandfather survived the mustard gas attacks in the trenches of WW1 and lived out his shortened life as an invalid working as a station master in Manitoba. I was blessed to have strong ties with my maternal grandmother and great grandmother and I asked them many questions and listened intently. Great gran died at 103 and my grandmother at 89. I am grateful for the time I got to spend with them and hear about their lives—surviving on the prairies as the first people to cultivate the land. Not all survived. My great grandmother’s brother froze to death. They all had to subsist off digging frozen grass roots and other wild plants during the first winter. There had been no time to grow a garden, but help, luckily, was not so far away.

Native people taught my grandmother how to dig up Seneca roots in order to sell at the at the general store. Never directly in any way, did my family commit acts of violence or aggression toward indigenous people.

Although historical atrocities were committed, I don’t believe that collective guilt and punishment—so loudly pronounced in the vagaries of our culture’s self-loathing—is appropriate; and certainly not based one one’s ethnic or culture group. There are many things that colonialism in fact made better; modern medicine, water treatment, garbage disposal, and even horses. The latter were returned to the continent—a small proto horse went extinct in North America 6k years ago but the first Spanish conquistadors brought them back.

My grandmothers when they came, wanted to fit in with this new Canadian culture. It is my understanding that people of my grandmother’s generation put in a serious effort to assimilate and create an unified culture. The majority of people being European, made it easy for the diverse cultures to melt together because of similar commonalities. My grandmother for example, is Slavic. She told me that they had a rule in their home; if a guest was over, they would, out of respect and manners, only speak English. The same rule applied in public when speaking to each other. It was only in private that they would indulge in the comfort of their mother tongue as a family. This was an absolute rule with no exceptions. It was a proud part of being Canadians! And instead of growing up with Ukrainian dancing, which would have been nice quite frankly, I would play shinny with friends at the local rink wearing goofy toques and obscure jerseys.

New Immigrants Don’t Assimilate

The idea that people should feel voluntarily, morally obligated to speak English around Canadians and to assimilate is so politically incorrect today. Slightly aside, that has had more than a few strange unintended consequences. For example, a little Arabic girl was suicidal because she was being bullied in Arabic. Not once was it mentioned that a potential solution was for the kids, in a Canadian public school, to only speak English!

Language barriers are increasingly dividing Canada today. And language is like a screen that obscures cultural differences that expand those division even further. Immigrants should speak English or French. That should absolutely be a requirement. Anything less is absurd.

As Canadians we need to stop being pathologically altruistic, and guilty about the suffering of the world. Are we actually willing to swamp ourselves with open borders to let the world in and feel entitled as well to our benefits? We need know that it is ok to have healthy boundaries interpersonally as individuals and internationally as a collective national identity and culture that has close ties and relations with Europe, the USA and the Commonwealth nations and encourages them to do the same in preserving their predominantly European cultural heritage.

We need immigration policy that is based on what actually benefits us the most. We share common values collectively–enlightenment values—and we do not have magic soil that bestows those values on anyone who lands in our nations. We were steeped in certain values as a coveted tradition. But they are now now under attack. Bringing in enemies of our enlightenment values only creates enclaves within our society that is self-destructive. Why are we allowing ourselves to be invaded by enemies, frankly? We would not allow Germans to immigrate to Canada during WW1 or WW2. So why now, do we bring in cultural enemies from culturally distant lands?

Canada is predominantly English, or perhaps more correctly, British. Yet even this British cultural influence, with its enjoyments in silliness, mockery and wit, has been upended by the new norm—people who throw tantrums at best and commit terrorist attacks at worst for the mere drawing of picture of Mohammed. Why would the people who founded this country want their descendants to lose their inheritance, including the obviously superior enlightenment values?

We inherited this land. We are not obligated to share it. Borders are not immoral tools of discrimination, but mechanisms for peace. Within those borders people need to feel a sense of connection and unity and shared culture, otherwise the nation will fall apart.

No one should feel entitled to just live in any country illegally either. This country belongs to us and we must protect it and defend it. There is no reason to let people in if doing so leads to a detriment decline in our lives. Culturally, we are allowed to inherit our home and keep it familiar. We are allowed to also stand up for western civilization as a whole. Borders are necessary.

Change has affected me, personally. Consider compiling and documenting your own experiences and thoughts on this matter and sharing them with others. You are not alone. It’s time to declare that the emperor has no clothes.

Tens of thousands of Muslims mark Eid in Calgary


Islam is the fasted growing religion in the world and in Canada. Fact.

I cannot go anywhere without seeing hijabs now. When growing up, I maybe saw one my entire childhood. Now, within a very short amount of time they are prolific. Before, there was no such things as an ethnic enclave and a rapidly growing, highly populated part of the city where you felt as though you were in a different country. Some Calgarians now refer to this as “turban town.” It’s insane and unimaginable that any politician who actually cares about Canadians would allow this. They obviously don’t care, or at least don’t understand.

Reproductively, Canadians, and I mean cultural Canadians, non-hyphenated Canadians, cannot keep up with them. They are practicing having multiple wives which is permissible in their belief system but is illegal, if and when that is ever enforced I don’t know, not brining over people with such a diametrically opposed culture in the first place is the root of the issue, but what its affects will have on Canadians as this continues and is being pushed to continue with the goal of a population 100million by the year 2100, we will be a small minority. Many of us only have a small family of 2-3 kids where we highly invest in our kids if we have kids at all. Family life, and motherhood is not promoted in our school system and stay at home moms are looked down upon as archaic, whereas having a career and either not having kids or handing off the kids to be raised by care takers with no long-term emotional investment in the child is the highest calling for women in society now.

But solving that issue within our culture and western societies and promoting and supporting mothers and families should be the priority and solution to low birthrate and population decline, not immigration, as well as focusing on a robust economy to create a world where people are able to support families, lower taxes and end foreign aid and spending. As well, stop bank rolling our own cultural destruction and incentivizing immigration by cutting taxes and no longer giving welfare or services to immigrants, only allowing immigrants who are able to care for themselves and then gain access to our services and benefits after years of contribution first.

If you go saddle a town library and athletics community complex, you will find a little office with a waiting area and they are there for immigration services and initiatives; pretend you are a college student that is pro-immigration and writing a paper on all the ways we help new comers and you will find out about all sorts of extra benefits that Canadians don’t even get like free English lessons; it is not our responsibility to teach people English once they are here, they should be fluent before even considering becoming a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. They also get free child care. I don’t think anyone should get free child care let alone preferential treatment of new comers. I don’t like kids being raised by the state as the brainwashing done to Canadians that tells us to allow what is being talking about is a blatant example of why.

Muslims and Dogs

Well, regardless of their reasons to fear them because of their culture’s inability to properly domesticated and control Ferrell dogs, I don’t care. If we share a culture where we live with dogs it would be problematic to allow people who dislike them to immigrate on mass. This may seem petty, but it’s a genuine tangible negative impact on my life from mass immigration. I have three dogs. I have had half a dozen at least incidents and direct conflicts with people because they don’t like dogs.

I tend to go to off-leash dog parks but I go other places as well and Calgary has traditionally been a very dog friendly city. I grew up where sometimes people’s dogs in my neighbourhood would take themselves for a walk and return home and no one cared, those days are long gone. I grew up in a traditional Calgary dog culture if you will. The other day a Muslim man walking along the path stopped to literally yell at me (how respectful towards women) and I have never had a stranger get so aggressive with me in public before over anything, he was terrifying and I stood up shoulders back and said how about you just get on your way and enjoy your walk and stared him down. I have had Muslim children scream and freak out numerous times around my dogs and I explain that if my dogs were aggressive your kid would be attacked, so teach your kids to stay calm.

One time we were in Baker Park where there is a big cement crescent wall a few feet high; I had to attend to a child that fell on their bike with a scraped knee and, when I dropped the leashes for a moment, a Muslim women started screaming and praying loudly and my police dog shep who suffers from anxiety started frantically running about not knowing why she was screaming and in doing so knocked my smaller child off the cement wall head first into the ground as my child was close to the lady screaming and that’s where my dog was circling frantically trying to figure out why she was screaming. I had my dogs taunted by Muslim kids throwing small rocks at them. I asked them to stop and chose to let them take the dogs by their leashes to show them they were nice animals worthy of care and respect and in the end, I think there was a small win for assimilation there, but I was shocked that the parents were unconcerned about their kids taunting and throwing rocks at my dogs.

An old Pakistani man was inappropriate with my child at a local play group. It is well documented that Pakistani men keep boy sex slaves as a fairly common practice, and I have never seen an adult so blatantly disrespect a child. This play group was run in part by Alberta child services but when I brought it to their attention that this man who was cleaning and or owned the building was allowed to continue to hangout in the playgroup with no police clearance at his leisure after he had approached my child with his crotch an inch from my child’s face and then leaned over top of my child and patted his bottom. The playgroup staff listened in a performatively sympathetic manner, and didn’t actively acknowledge the double standard; I hypothetically illustrated that anyone else would have consequences of such inappropriate behavior especially in any facility for programs of vulnerable people such as children. Also, this playgroup is no longer allowing Christmas tree because it offends some Muslims. How is that recognized as a blatant cultural attack and why is it that our culture is the only culture allowed to be attacked and why do we put up with it?I attended a wedding of two African people in a small country town called Dewberry. At the wedding, outside, a harmless Garter snake appeared and their religious leader killed it because their religious superstition proclaimed it was the embodiment of a curse being sent by one of their enemies. Not to mention that killing a Garter Snake in Alberta is a criminal offense, but it is clear their culture is obviously not compatible with our own. No, not all cultures are equal and worthy of respect.

Newcomers now come in large groups in the summer to our parks to share giant group meals. This is fine, except they leave huge piles of litter as though there isn’t a garbage can available. They will literally just get up and walk away from plates and napkins and wrappers all over the ground exactly where they are as if no one will notice. Well, I have had some frank conversations with park staff at Bowness and Shouldice and they notice who is doing it.

There have been cultural issues with parenting as well. We were at the park and a Muslim family decided to completely ignore and allow their kids to go and take my botchy set from my clean and orderly picnic site while I was watching my kids on the playground. They threw the balls all over the park, losing a few and ruining my new Botchi-ball set before I even got a chance to use it with my kids. Another time, I was decluttering and putting out a bunch of stuff on the front lawn with free signs. A Muslim woman who didn’t speak a word of English came and dumped out boxes of puzzles and board games all over my lawn to use the boxes to carry the stuff she wanted.

These are some but not all the examples of how immigrants with vastly different cultural attitudes, and different languages, have negatively impacted me directly, and I no longer feel at ease in my own country.

Suppression of Free Speech About Immigrant Misbehavior

Also, I hate being lied to. I hate the lack of transparency. Where are the crime records showing clearly what the demographics are in Canada, broken down by province and city?

Why is the story of the doctor in Red Deer who was hacked up and murdered at work not being followed up with coverage of the investigation and court proceedings? Why don’t we know what the man’s motivations were yet? It is absurd. That story should only be coverage of the event its self as if it was not deeply concerning and needing of understanding and that we as Canadians have a right to know what is going on, but not in their eyes if it goes against their narratives and brainwashing and makes people start to think.


From the billboard of the PPC being taken down to Grapes being fired, we know we’re not allowed to talk arguably about the most impactful and important issue of our time unless it’s in a positive and worshipful manner. And if you don’t there is a slew of weaponized buzzwords or the worst accusations to slander you with. But enough with caring about mere words, men literally lost their lives to protect our country and our values and our people, we need to stand up and change this trajectory; look at the Armenian genocide, look at Iran; I don’t want my descendants forced into Islamic culture or murdered and historically that is what happens when they reach a certain majority. Look at other violent countries where they war with each other, have child soldiers, execute without due process in horrific ways like “necklacing” in Nigeria. There are countries with incredibly high levels of rape of women, genital mutilation, murder and domestic abuse of women, murder and state execution of gays, societies with more petty crime and scams (notice all the new phone scams lately?) and more dishonesty in a nepotistic way. And there are countries with three quarters of the population inbreeding and with high chances of people having very low IQ’s.

We should not be surprised when crimes and rapes and scams and so on are higher as a result of bringing people over from countries with high rates of crime. One day we will look back on history and point out the blatant propaganda and indoctrination we were subjected too. It’s the propaganda that strangely shows there is still hope, because propaganda would not be necessary if current actions were in the right.Old-stock Canadians and those who embrace Canadian culture need to collaborate and make big changes happen. We need a moratorium on immigration, a re-evaluation of permanent residents and work visas, and deportation and loss of citizenship for foreign national criminals, plus an end to foreign aid. We need to put Canadians first and when we are ready, only then should we consider opening our doors to immigration, and even at that, only to people from our traditional allied nations.

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