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Videos Of The Week: Dr. Ricardo Duchesne Interviewed By The Great Order & NWG, Jolly Heretic, and Based Jamaican Lipton Matthews

I. Dr. Ricardo Duchesne on Canadian War On Whites with The Great Order & No White Guilt (June 2021)

II. Interview with the Jolly Heretic: “Why the West is so Brilliant” (April 2021)

This interview is not in YT.

III. Western Civilization Vs Wokeness: A Conversation with Lipton Matthews (March 2021). 

Mathews writes regularly for Mises Institute, American Renaissance, The Federalist, Counter Currents, and Chronicles. After Lipton Matthews interviewed me, he went on to interview just about everyone, including Charles Murray, Eric Kaufmann, Kevin MacDonald, Gregory Clark, Greg Johnson, Noah Carl, and Paul Gottfried.


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