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Whites Have No Concept Of Reality

Whites Have No Concept Of Reality

Is the war on Whites caused by a tiny group of aliens who hate us? Are we just helpless victims of the Globaleftist establishment? If so, shouldn’t you be asking yourself what you are doing wrong if the school bully is taking your lunch money? How do you account for what appears to be the absolute victory of progressivism over so many Whites, with so little resistance? Why do so many not seem to care for the future of their own children?

The West has been incredibly successful, but consequently has lost a sense of Reality, a view of life beyond the self and the present. A consciousness which is informed by all: history, all in the present, and future consequence from actions today. This includes information from outside the narrow constraints of Western culture and society. With a wider view, responsible and truly moral decisions can be made. As it stands now, Whites, as individuals, are judged on how “moral” they APPEAR to be, all on their own, one day at a time, in this moment, at the expense of their own posterity.

The greedy and irrational individual makes choices that do not consider future change. He is a product of his time and he does what he can get away with. One certainty in life is its uncertainty. It is guaranteed that the world as it is now will be dramatically different. A decision which seems appropriate now will not be so to us in future.

As I point out in Volume One of How to Survive in a Progressive World: A Guidebook for Young Straight White Males, this war is not, as the globohomo narrative pushes, a struggle against the old White patriarchy who are oppressing gays and non-Whites. It is a war by the Takers (boomers and older Whites), allied with gays, women, and non-Whites against YSWMs! Young leftist Whites perceive correctly an older oppressor, but fail to see that the White Taker is not working for them! This “humanitarian” Taker, as he likes to see himself, feels good about feeling bad about being White – at our expense! Like the Al Wilson poem President Trump quoted, “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.” The Taker knew but young Whites are the ones who get bitten.

The Taker, and progressive (prog), has exposed us to Others by teaching them how to push White guilt-buttons. It is from American society that Mexican border jumpers learn to wave “no more hate” signs; they don’t seriously think there is White hate against them, but pushing it is to their advantage. In a world where groups, in particular ethno-groups, work together and the old are not out to destroy the young, we are at a real disadvantage, to say the least.

It may appear to the prog that the old White man is the bad guy, but the record of our decline shows he isn’t doing us much good. Just because “China Joe” Biden says “poor kids” are just as smart as White kids, which sounds racist to the prog, doesn’t mean he works for White kids. Biden is gaffe prone, but clearly on board with heritage haters. Trump, on the other hand, is dangerous because he is “normalizing hatred.” The fear of the prog is of the “bad ideas” and license Trump’s “ugly words” give to young White men. No prog is afraid of how the old react to Trump, it is how the YSWM reacts that is his concern.

The crapulent Taker is a product of extreme indulgence. The “better element” of the Anglo island is so confident in his “culture” he doesn’t believe race matters anymore, and to him, removed from Reality, in his particular time in history, it hasn’t. The universe is only his own mental world; and conscience, whatever satisfies and suits him. Reality is history, future, and the real universalism of experienced life. As well as taking into consideration China, the West’s polar opposite, and its only serious challenger. As a personal matter he can make hyperbolic statements about what is right or wrong. He isn’t pulled back to Reality by bad experience. There is no stoic force, like the Chinese retain, to keep him a man. He is an emotional promoter of “muh values,” and conveniently a stooge to “monied-interests,” the ethnic interests of Others, and personal interests. The traditionalist works when things are easy to make sure weak men aren’t produced by the “good times.” This is what the dumb Leftist can’t comprehend: the necessity of tradition when it doesn’t appear to be necessary. It is better to understand our decline as due just as much to White negligence and greed as to deliberate intent.

Progressive personalities are produced in this soft Clown-Piss World; then these types produce more of the progressive world. Material success produces extreme individualism, or psychopathy. The so-called Right is characterized by avarice, unfeelingness, and a fear of limitations that restrict wants. On the Left side we have puerility, emotionalism, ethno-masochism, and feelings interfering with thinking. Morality is restricted to consciousness and is ultimately self-serving; a signal to others, but most importantly a pat on the progressive’s own shoulder, at present. A “moral choice” must be made on the “moral issue object,” that he is conscious of. Nothing outside what he is conscious of informs his position. He is only right at that time, minus a broad consciousness. He is “forethoughtless” and gullible. A cretin ideologue and a philistine. He is not acting to account for the true morality of Reality, nor is he making sacrifice which will save the group, but doing what is in his mind “the right thing to do.” Importantly, it is also what others perceive as the right thing. The late Dr. Wayne Dyer summarizes Western psychology: “When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” In Politico-rectopia, piece-of-shit-man (posman) never gets held to account in future for his “nice” choices now.

To continue, the prog believes that if he makes what appears a good decision now, that accumulates to a positive end. However, progressivism does not create progress; it is a destructive mindset that actually produces future-harm because it is not considering more now! A White woman pledging to not have children does not save the planet. The Ugandan woman with 38 babies will just have another one. The harm caused by an exploding African population in the future is the unseen horror far surpassing your guilt at saying no to refugees now. Emotion clouds mature thinking. House leader Nancy Pelosi is genuinely in thrall to the “beautiful” future of brown America and not just a calculating politician keeping wages down. She is not a member of a ruling pathocracy, rule by psychopaths; and not exactly a kleptocracy, rule by groups who steal from the governed; but a member of an emopathocracy: rule by emotion + psychopathy. Or better yet, a stupidoassholocracy: rule by stupid assholes.

It is important to understand that there are indeed nefarious individuals out to destroy Whites for Globalism, who are instigating, manipulating, deceiving, and “advising,” for their own reasons; but White death is enabled across the board at this individual level by large numbers of European people, who by “following their conscience” are killing the West. Only fools are fooled. If grandpa lets a venomous snake in the house and it eventually bites someone, who is to blame, the snake or grandpa? Individual morality, instead of connection to the group history-culture, allows self-deception, often at the expense of others in the group. Unfortunately, in an atomized world of the present, where a murder is news and the death of millions a statistic, it is not difficult for the prog to hold the moral high ground and signal his virtue. Grandpa came across as a considerate man at the time, but he is never reprimanded for the harm that is eventually the result.

White ethno-masochism is better understood as posman putting off difficult choices. They can avoid financial and emotional harm to themselves by thought-blocking, hypocrisy, compartmentalisation, or by just kicking the can down the road. For there is disconnect between what Whites choose in the present and what they really want. As long as he makes a “moral” choice in-the-now, and extends birthright citizenship “rights” to anyone who steps foot into his legal-mental space, satisfying conscience, it doesn’t really matter if future Whites are overrun.

Call him two-faced, the crime of the Taker is ultimately a childish cowardice which produces future negatives, not easily measured in the present. For example, the White parent with a child in private school will be enthusiastic for the admittance of privileged, Chinese “communist” children because he must keep to the “equal playing field” “principle,” and not, in his mind, because Mr. Wong has money. This same White parent will have to make other plans when a breaking point is reached on the number of aliens, a consequence of his own choices! The issue of the poor White kid, who at one time in history was one of “our boys,” who might need and deserve a good education, is not even a passing thought to the “global” do-gooder. In another example from history, Canadians had a Chinese “head tax” as a way to discourage Chinese immigration, because they couldn’t just say so and do effectively what it takes to keep them out! Young Canadians will just have to deal with being swamped, and apologizing into perpetuity, because their grandparents didn’t have the courage to say that a global meritocracy is a bad idea.

When the parent is finally confronted with Reality, when the school is almost entirely Chinese, he’ll turn over the house to find ways to get what he wants and still look like a saint. Rather than just saying no, he’ll increase costs, create increasingly difficult language proficiency tests, and personality tests! to make it more difficult for the Chinese! Anything under the sun will be done to avoid his looking like the racist who doesn’t want more Chinese in his school. If he had simply said no in the beginning, he would not be struggling now, and turning these problems over to future generations! The politically correct answer, the personal-signaling answer, the “principled” answer, does not produce more morality in the long term, when Reality catches up, but often in the present it appears to. Tomorrow, the YSWM will not have the White flight options grandpa had.

Hell and injustice are all around; morality is produced, or not, if you respond “correctly” when conscious of the issue. No question, no immorality. In the last 10 years over a hundred monks have immolated themselves in Tibet in protest at Chinese occupation: this horrific practice is not a moral problem for North Americans who are now locked in an economic relationship with China. This tragedy has done absolutely nothing to turn Americans into critics of China. There is not a media promoted reaction as there was during the Vietnam War, when a similar spectacle occurred and seemed to galvanize the population into an effective anti-war stance, due to one iconic picture. It only becomes a moral quandary if you make it one. NOTICING a monk lighting himself on fire is the issue and whether it becomes a moral-issue-object or not, not the Reality of where, when, why, and how often, etc, this type of incident happens.

And you notice what is PUT IN FRONT OF YOU to notice, what you CAN notice, and what you WANT to notice. If you don’t notice it, there is no moral problem. And the Karen princesses keep noticing how guilty they are, nothing else.

Whites have a problem connecting cause and effect. Even when they know of a great outcome, what it will require them to do in the present is inconceivable. As an example, many North Americans have a soft spot for the Japanese: the demure quaintness of Japanese women, the proficiency of Japanese factory workers, and soldiery, but never for a moment would they consider doing the same for themselves to produce the same ends. No one is going to accept a patriarchal society in order to produce submissive women (or women who have this feminine appearance). In North America, “principles” trump positive outcomes. America dies, not because of foreign gangsters, but because “good men” think they are doing something good! What man doesn’t stick to the “principle” that a woman should have a career, regardless of the impact of that on the family?! The current meme “It’s Okay To Be White,” isn’t wrong, and many Whites will acknowledge that! But is it okay to do what it takes to stay White?

This “morality as perception” has resulted in the, what I will call, muddled thinking, or double-consciousness, of the White individualist, where signals are made in the present that make no real sense. There is a long history of it in Puritan America, where the “Chosen People” are forever trying to make the world a better place. But it is common all over with Whites. In the Dutch East Indies, the Dutch authorities had an “ethical policy” to try and educate the indigenous people. One of the young students was Sukarno, who went on to lead the anti-Dutch independence movement. Why did the Dutch create their own enemy? What did they think was going to happen? The cumulative total is White decline in YOUR time!

As pointed out by Kevin Macdonald in his book, Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition, what sense does it make to replace your own people—in an act of Puritan “morality”—if the people moving in are replacing you precisely because they are not acting as you are?

It’s who you think you are and how you think that counts. It doesn’t matter if the communists killed 100 million people, what excuses it is that their hearts were in the right place! “World Revolution.” In truth, Hell is not reduced, the prog just uses mental gymnastics to deceive himself into believing he is increasing good. And he is only as guilty as he feels.

George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” was an allegory of the Communist Revolution in Russia. Napoleon the pig is perceived by the animals as intending well. Whether it is only pigs that benefit down the road, and whether he makes life MORE miserable for the other animals, doesn’t seem to occur to anyone. No animal can find the words to make himself heard, and what was originally stated as the goal is forgotten, to point out the bigger picture of increased harm, anyway.

You will note that pushing “freedom” does not quite have the same transformative effect on the Chinese, who know the game. Black basketball players that spring from the West will give some lip service to Hong Kong democracy activists but soon follow the money to Beijing, as readily as any Dutch ambassador or American CEO. The Chinese simply dismiss all these people as baizuo – naïve people, polluted with “Western Values.” The Chinese know as well as anyone that kowtowing for profit and then lecturing about how bad something is, is the true mark of the White liberal supremacist. There is a long list of “Jane Fondas” and “John Cenas.”

White “morality” consists of immense unconscious biases that satisfy conscience. Let me use another story with pigs in it: in the novel Charlotte’s Web, by E. B. White, the young girl, Fern, is a test case of the shitlib who makes the exception the rule. She insists it would be an injustice to kill Wilbur, the runt pig. This pig is saved by Charlotte the spider who realizes the power of words over people, spinning “TERRIFIC” into her web. Zuckerman the farmer also realizes this. Meanwhile all the normal pigs live rotten lives and are soon turned into Christmas hams. The consequence: a dysgenic society. Nowhere does the good-natured father intervene to put his foot down, explaining that Wilbur wouldn’t even exist if he hadn’t been bred for food! Saving Wilbur does not improve anything! It only satisfies Fern, in her own mind.

Non-Whites are attracted to the success of the West and benefit from our ethno-masochism, or more precisely, the Taker’s “putting-offism.” They are not attracted to Western values. Why would they want a culture which has kept the naive “morality” of Christianity, but none of its stronger precepts? For Other peoples it isn’t so easy to get rid of your own ancestors and drop the tradition that IS their culture. Traditionalism, which kept us grounded, no longer defends us from the moral questions the prog and hostile parasite put before us. Why would Others want to expose themselves in such a way?

Is kindness a cultural value? Canadians seem to think so. But where does the culture go when events turn people into meanies? If niceness is a Canadian value, does that mean the rest of the world is not nice? Non-Whites interpret this “kindness” as stupidity, weakness, and with contempt because, as traditionalists, they can see how disgusting it is for Whites to betray their own young (of course, none of this stops them from seeking citizenship in the West, where life is far superior.) Progs are using material success, created by a people-culture, against the children of the nation’s founders.

Indeed, progs have no “concept of the political,” as Ricardo Duchesne points out in his article “Carl Schmitt Is Right: Liberal Nations Have Open Borders Because They Have No Concept of the Political”. If they did they would know that who appears the friend today, may be an enemy tomorrow. Understanding “friend-enemy” would solve that problem and so would a “concept of Reality.” Instead shitlibs just exasperate the problem by believing borders and distinctions are not necessary. In any case, the posman Taker may not be around to be proven wrong.

Guilt-tripping is an effective weapon used by non-Whites and active progressives—as distinguished from the more passive herd, who DO understand this defect in Whites. When Marianne Williamson, a U.S. Democrat candidate, says “love” is the answer; or a Liberal campaign slogan in Canada says “Choose Forward;” it is the “moral cornering” of Whites into positions where they cannot defend themselves. In another example, the problem is not that “someone” is putting Black men in every advertisement, or that there is drag queen story hour at the library; the problem is that cowards can’t stop it once the idea is put forward! No one can see how stopping it is moral strength, not immorality. Like the animals in “Animal Farm,” no one can put into words with confidence an argument against what is put forward as the “moral choice” you are supposed to make.

Non-Whites don’t have a guilt problem. One way the Japanese accomplish no-guilt is by avoiding the question. First they rely on your stupidity; then they play stupid, pretending to not understand. After that they can change the subject to an unrelated matter. The next day they seem to not know what you are talking about. Trying to nail down a decision on refugees is like trying to hug mist. This is not simply the inscrutable Asian tricking the foolish gaijin, but a real cultural technique that slows down and allows time for other considered information to reveal itself and present Reality, which is not easily relatable or understandable in a short period. Similarly, the Chinese moral character is nebulous and careful, not black and white, probing to find what best suits the group. This is better than the juvenile Westerner who is trying to just signal his own personal virtue.

For the rash Western individual it is impossible to slow down and grasp Reality. Beaten over the head for Black slavery, given time, maybe he could visualize White slavery, the rotten chattel conditions of many Whites in those times, the even more brutal conditions for Blacks in Africa, and the fact that Whites fought to end Black slavery! And if he thought hard enough about that time in history maybe he could see White women and children burned at the stake for witchcraft, and with an imagination, Black slavery wouldn’t seem like such a surprising big deal. If he were an adult, maybe he would have some perspective.

Altruistic and self-centered, and just plain stupid, Whites are rewarded in more ways than one by following the progressive. He is indulged by other Whites and non-Whites, and often he is financially better off. Land restricted from rich Chinese “communists” is “unfree,” authoritarian Chinese money is “free.” But the times don’t need just Orwell words to fool us. “Racism” wrecks the upside-down Ponzi scheme real estate bubble. The bulk of the White population, at the top of the Taker’s pyramid, are the beneficiaries. The smaller generations of Whites at the bottom, who join, never make it to the top. Give the “right answer” and not only do people think you’re a nice guy, but so does Wall Street. Canadians, who lack perhaps the history of other peoples, are proud of their ability to cuck, for it means the smoother running of “Peace, Order, and Good Government,” a motto of the country. Replacement is acceptable as long as no one gets hurt. In Europe, where there is more migrant violence, Whites have simply not learned to cuck enough. Cuckadian strength is through a lack of identity, where “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” is the strategy. A Chinese is racially Chinese, but a Canadian is the next “successful person.” If the Chinese succeed and become Canadian, well then, it’s “Canadians” who are winning!

Foreign opponents have in-group survival strategies, interpreting everything differently. They are TRYING to win, as opposed to the West which is rigged to lose. Non-Europeans have in many instances intentionally isolated themselves for centuries, improving group cohesiveness, during periods of “self-strengthening.” Japan isolated itself from the world for almost 300 years during the Tokugawa period. It may explain why today, although not exactly telepathic, the Japanese measure highest on the non-verbal communication scale. A Chinaman teaching a gweilo the language of the Middle Kingdom could be executed, so severe was the force of Great Han Supremacism. Not only are Whites, with an individual-universal morality, not acting as a group, but as navel gazing individuals, they are not even aware that Others ARE! Their own cowardice has a gullible and credulous product – a White death spiral. For the Other, the group, and survival, trump “morality.”

Many Western historians explain White dispossession as if it is just a natural cycle of decline which occurs in the West. “White consciousness” is simply played out and no longer wants to continue. But consider that there would be no “dark age” without the Taker who just found it convenient to ditch tradition because his generation of people could not see why it was necessary. He did not put himself out for the sake of future generations but preferred to signal his goodness and seek money. Young Whites live in HIS Clown World creation of greed and emotional weakness, a people left with no defenses against the psychopathic money-type man, the emotional witch, and the demon.

Indeed, the 20th century is the anti-White century. Non-White forces have maintained tradition and “group energy.” Instead of closing ranks against this rising tide of color, the West has become a punching bag because it concedes to guilt – it is not punished because it had Black slavery, but because it ended it! Now, you MUST accept you have guilt or you are on the “wrong side of history.” Outside the West, communism worked initially because it was an ideological force against Western imperialism (Whites), and which received Soviet largesse, but it quickly became entirely about national strength. Chinese communism with “Chinese characteristics” is Chinese national socialism. They don’t give a rat’s ass about labels. The “reds” only have a stranglehold on the Western mind.

It’s as if the West, so far ahead in every way, decided to give itself a giant handicap, holding us to a set of impossible, individual-emotional standards, that it believes somehow define it. When you insist everyone has Rights, you are creating obligations you have to try and stick to, even when it is destructive to your REAL end goals. The problem is made worse when conservatards actually say we aren’t observant enough! “It’s muh raight to help awt this here hard workin’ brown peple.” The more you are pulling up your bootstraps the more right you have to the West—the help you get from your ethno-group is the European’s blind spot. The Globaleftist uses our honest commitment to “values” and “principles,” aikido-like, back against us, when we make individual-good-person signals, even when there is no “wealth creation.” Can you win when your extinction is the moral and profitable thing to do?

We must remind ourselves that Whites are stuck with defeat whether that is what they want in their heart of hearts or not. Without group solidarity, and reference beyond the individual and present, it is impossible to put up a resistance. Individuals are just pebbles of sand against waves. The White individual, alone in a world that is emotionally blackmailing him, serves himself rather than something greater. And he’s an addict. Whites are now a soft people, afraid of their own guilt-shadow and the bad-person-stigma. They are missing a component they have always had before – ethno-group morality.

What is morality other than the evolution of conscience in order to allow for survival of the group? Things don’t work out too well for society when everyone just does whatever they want. But if the (European) group doesn’t exist, what does it matter what kind of choices you make? The Taker increases harm.

And if Whites have created the vast majority of good in the world—an argument which can be easily made, especially if you have a grasp of Reality—does reducing the number of Whites increase morality? Is the West and its “White guilt” culture therefore immoral?

If the Chinese want to rule the world, they should just continue to have patience, just as they have.

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