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Every White Nation a Holocaust

I have gone on record as saying that the specific details regarding the Holocaust are not something I take much interest or concern in. This is not an admission of denial or even revisionism, only that one can recognize the Holocaust for what it was without resorting to atrocity fetishism. In the case of the Holocaust, it has been mythologized and used as the justification for any number of political persecutions and restrictions on thought and speech. I do not intend to make light of the Holocaust, but as a mythology and ideological hermeneutic, the Holocaust has the potential to be more harmful and deadly than the happenings in German controlled regions of Europe from 1939-1945.

This should not be a surprise, since mythologies provide the foundation for both culture and ideology, and as a mythology the Holocaust remains as real and lived today in the Western psyche as though it were still ongoing. Holocaust remembrance is foisted upon us, not to remember the victims of Nazi Germany, but to illicit feelings of shame and guilt in Western Europeans and those descended from them. The Holocaust is not taught as a German crime but as a Western one, one that all Europeans should feel guilt for and seek to atone for. 

There are two countries where it most makes sense to house Holocaust museums: Germany and Israel. A case could also be argued for Poland and Austria. But does Canada require a Holocaust museum? Does the United States? For Canada, a Holocaust museum would makes as much sense a Rwandan Genocide museum. We are neither the victims nor the perpetrators of said genocides, so although I do not think such museums should be banned, I question the prudence and purpose of building them in the first place. Why do they need to exist and what interests of the average Canadian do they serve?

The Holocaust is presented as the natural end of European identity and nationalism. If ever whites protest their position in society in reference to their racial identity, then the media will inform us that another genocide will soon be visited upon the world. It is silly to say these things in such a way, but it is true. The Holocaust and accusation of Nazism have been used to bludgeon nationalist movements for decades, alas the Holocaust as a hermeneutic has its limitations. After all, it was primarily nationalist Europeans who ended the Holocaust, so calling their descendants Nazis soon becomes laughable, once the initial shock of the accusation fades.

It is difficult to feel guilt for something your people did not do and died to stop. Also, with the Holocaust being a German endeavour, the Canadian, British, and French peoples are less inclined to internalize guilt for this action. Yet, our Canadian government affirms the existence of white privilege and by extension white guilt for the sins of all white people, not just those of our own nation. Alas, to really affirm the shared guilt of all white people, all white nations must be shown to be guilty of their own personal “holocausts”. This affirms that deep down, all white people are the same, possessing the same innate defects; even though a given people may not be responsible for the Holocaust enacted by Germans, since they have their own they share in the common guilt of being a genocidal race.

The Canadian Residential School Holocaust

Every white nation has thus been given a Holocaust narrative. The Americans have slavery. The French and English have colonialism. The Belgians have the Congo, the Spanish have their civil war and Franco. Canada has the residential school system. Every predominantly white country has its own atrocity myth to perpetuate a local and universalized white guilt. Since Canada, America and so on have sinned, we therefore cannot criticize Germany for the Holocaust because in the end, all white people are the same and are naturally predisposed to oppressing and exterminating nonwhites, and thus we all stand guilty and must atone. Yet, the people who decry said holocausts are silent regarding the history of non-whites engaging in similarly acts. When one looks at a history of peoples, we can see that “holocausts” are not infrequent and neither are they perpetrated exclusively by a single racial group.

Recently, Canadian media has been pontificating about the alleged discovery of 215 buried children found at a former residential school in British Columbia. Firstly, such a discovery is horrific, but again what is equally horrific is how the media uses such a discovery. They are literally standing on the graves of children to reiterate the anti-white and anti-Canadian narrative to condemn Canada collectively for the supposed crimes of specific individuals that have not even been investigated yet. However, whenever given the opportunity to attack Canadians, our media, state-funded and private, never miss the opportunity. 

Personally, I have nothing against the idea of the residential school system. The Canadian government believed that it would be in the best interest of the natives if they were assimilated into broader Euro-Canadian culture. If left to their own devices, it was believed that they would remain an underachieving and impoverished minority, which the reserve system seems to have proven. It could even be argued that the residential school system represents an idealistic and liberal view on human races, meaning that given the right environment and education, all people are equally capable of achieving within a European society. 

Alas, the utter failure of the residential schooling system, as either a means to facilitate assimilation or even to be remembered in a positive light, would seem to indicate how errant such liberal views on race are. The supposed sin of the residential school system is not the fault of nationalists, but the liberals who believed in the objective equality of all peoples. It is the sins of their own intellectual peers that they foist on us to justify a collective Canadian and white guilt.

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