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Vancouver Mayor Stewart’s Cowardly Komagata Maru Apology

Passangers aboard the Komagata Maru, 1914

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart has issued a hysterical apology for an event which took place 107 years ago. He would have us believe that all these years later he still feels the pangs of hurt and sorrow over the denial of entry to the 376 illegal immigrant passengers aboard the Komagata Maru in 1914.

Speaking virtually, Mayor Stewart declared that the “Vancouver City Council and I, on behalf of the City of Vancouver, sincerely apologize for the role the City played in the incident, especially supporting laws that prevented passengers from disembarking”. He also approved the Council’s motion to designate May 23rd as “Komagata Maru Remembrance Day” from now on.

This all began with Councillor Jean Swanson’s motion that since Vancouver is “committed to protecting British Columbians from hate, racism, and discrimination through legislation, education, and example”, the city must apologize for the Komagata Maru incident.

The motion was carried unanimously. The problem is that the official version of the Komagata Maru incident is completely misrepresented to Canadian students and citizens today in a deliberate attempt by cultural marxists in academia, media, and government to portray the Canada of the past as an evil and racist country. On the contrary, even a cursory investigation of the incident will reveal that the 376 passengers aboard the Komagata Maru were used by spiritual and political leader Gurdit Singh as a battering ram to eventually admit as many as 25,000 Indians into the city. The Vancouver of 1914 had between 60,000 and 70,000 citizens and as such would have been completely economically and demographically overwhelmed by this threatened invasion.

Mayor Stewart apologizes over Zoom

Furthermore, Gurdit Singh was the leader of the militant anticolonial Punjabi Ghadar organization and Ghadarite literature was handed out to the passengers of the ship, adding a clear security dimension to the decision by federal and municipal authorities to prevent the settlement of the passengers. Have we forgotten already that the supposedly peaceful and harmless refugees aboard the Komagata Maru pelted Canadian policemen with “lumps of coal and bricks” when they tried to push the ship back out to sea?

I suppose Mayor Kennedy Stewart and the Vancouver City Council think that it’s too politically incorrect to mention that the passengers of the Komagata Maru had no legal standing whatsoever to be on Canadian soil given that they 1) lacked the required funds and 2) had not come on a continuous voyage from India, violating the 1908 ‘continuous voyage’ immigration regulation.

Canadians interested in the truth about the Komagata Maru incident can read the articles on the subject by Dan Murray and Thomas Jones on the patriot website Council of European Canadians. But for the sake of argument, let’s say that the passengers aboard the Komagata Maru were non-violent, had the required funds, had come on a continuous voyage, weren’t sympathetic to the Ghadarite cause, and weren’t being led by a militant spiritual leader who wanted to pave the way for massive immigration from his home country to ours. The Canadian government still had the moral right to exclude them from immigrating here.

The Canadian government had the moral right to exclude the Komagata Maru ship for the same reason it has the right to exclude any class of prospective immigrants to our country. Would the Vancouver City Council and Mayor Kennedy Stewart be opposed to a law mandating the exclusion of gangsters, money launderers, people who are likely to rely on welfare or people involved in corruption in their home countries?

Well, says the Vancouver City Council, this act of exclusion was particularly morally wrong because it was based on race and culture. The motion laments that then Vancouver Mayor Truman Baxter held a rally with politician H.H Stevens where Stevens proclaimed that “I have no ill-feeling against people coming from Asia personally, but I reaffirm that the national life of Canada will not permit any large degree of immigration from Asia…I intend to stand up absolutely on all occasions on this one great principle—of a white country and a white British Columbia”.

This is the grand piece of evidence held up the Vancouver Council to designate our Canadian ancestors as hateful, fascist, intolerant, evil, white supremacist Nazis. Kennedy Stewart would interject here, saying that he is only criticizing the politicians of the time, not our hardworking forefathers. I checked the source of the quote, and what the Vancouver Council left out is that the speech was met with “thunderous applause” by the crowd of citizens present. When Stewart and the Vancouver Council criticize this quote, they are not only criticizing H.H Stevens, but every single Canadian who cheered. As the Councillors and Mayor sit in their air-conditioned home offices sipping their morning coffee, they claim the moral superiority to stand in judgement over and against the Vancouverites who built and cared for and truly loved the once great city. As the saying goes: “men in denim built this country, men in suits destroyed it”.

H.H Stevens (1878-1973); men in suits used to be patriots

The globalist Vancouver City Council is not only spitting on the memory of Vancouverites, they are callously criticizing the hardworking settlers who established all of Canada, who defended it and by the sweat of their brow built up the cities, the towns, the farms, the roads, the factories, and the churches. Almost every one of them would be declared a white supremacist by Kennedy Stewart for their view that Canada should remain a country with a European ethnic and cultural character and a Christian moral compass.

I have a message for globalist Kennedy Stewart: I would have cheered for H.H Stevens too. And what’s more, there are countless Vancouverites and British Columbians who, in the privacy of their homes, are outraged at the harm that globalists have done to their once great city through massive immigration from the Third World.

In Stewart’s statement, he condemns the fact that the patriotic Vancouver City Council of 1914 stated that the admittance of “Hindus and other Asiatic races” would “prove a serious menace to our civilization, both economically and socially”. Surely Stewart knows full well, but is unwilling to admit, that this prediction from a century ago has turned out to be completely accurate.

Can he really say with a straight face that mass non-European immigration has not proved to be an economic and social menace? I’m not talking about the admittance of a few thousand non-European immigrants here and there – in fact, I personally know patriots from immigrant backgrounds who are completely against the white guilt narrative that Mayor Stewart pushes. What I’m talking about is mass non-European immigration numbering in the millions.

Economically, mass immigration has flooded the Canadian labour market to the point that workers are now competing for corporations rather than corporations competing for workers. The current immigration level of 400,000 per year means that 1.2 million people will become citizens in the next 3 years. This only benefits two groups of people: corporations who can pay their workers less, and globalist politicians like Kennedy Stewart who seek to gain votes from the swelling immigrant enclaves in the big cities.

The GDP grows but wages stay the same

Here’s a lesson in everyday economics for the globalist Vancouver City Council. Adding people to a country raises the GDP because the people buy items and homes. Corporate revenue also rises because corporations don’t have to spend as much on workers in a labour-saturated environment (think wage increases, benefits, training opportunities, pensions, vacation time, working conditions, night school offers). Prices on some (not all) store items also go somewhat down because corporations are making more money since they can spend less on wages and benefits.

But a higher GDP, bigger corporate profits, good stock price indexes and slightly cheaper consumer goods are not all there is to an economy. A good economy must mean more than that. If we define the worth of an economy as living standards, wages, pensions, benefits, and even the general well-being of workers, then large-scale immigration is an unmitigated economic disaster. Mass immigration is the reason that wages have been stagnant for decades. An interesting new analysis in the Financial Post has revealed that Canada’s high immigration rate is why our GDP is so high but our GDP per capita is so low.

The other reason that the 1914 Vancouver City Council was against immigration from Asia was social. This too is an eminently defensible position. Robert Putnam is an American academic who was firmly of the belief that “diversity is our strength”. But, as a truly empirically minded man, he put this 1984-esque slogan to the test. After 30,000 interviews and a painstaking analysis of communities across his country, he was shocked at the results: ethnic diversity destroys the social fabric of communities.

People living in ethnically diverse areas tend to “withdraw even from close friends, to expect the worst from their community and its leaders, to volunteer less, give less to charity and work on community projects less often, to register to vote less, to agitate for social reform more but have less faith they can actually make a difference, and to huddle unhappily in front of the television”, says Putnam. I suppose that for today’s Vancouver City Council, the politically progressive Robert Putnam is some sort of fascist.

It really goes to show the absurdity of the diversity mantra that Canadians are expected to believe in. We are told that all the problems in our society can be solved with more, more, more immigration from increasingly “diverse” areas of the world. But the negative effects of diversity needn’t be discovered academically, people just need to look around.

Take a look at Richmond, for instance, a once homogeneously white and very prototypically Canadian community. Today, due to the mass immigration policies of the federal and provincial governments, it is a mostly Chinese area. When I walk or take the bus through Richmond, I can’t relate to anything I see. Chinese signs, Chinese music and foreign foods have replaced the English Canadian town of the past. Old Richmond has been demographically replaced and is now only a memory in the minds of those who have long since moved out. Is it any wonder that there are Facebook pages with names like “Vanishing Richmond”?

Chinese signs in Richmond

It’s the same with Burnaby, Surrey and downtown. Even West Vancouver is now becoming ‘diversified’: the British Properties aren’t so British anymore. How does Mayor Stewart respond to the demographic replacement that is lowering our wages and changing our communities? He makes trite videos celebrating how “rich in diversity” Vancouver is. How does the Vancouver City Council respond to the ongoing persecution of patriotic Canadians who speak the truth? They denounce our ancestors as racist for not accepting a ship full of violent passengers who clearly broke immigration rules.

To the globalist Mayor and Council: your hysterical condemnations and theatrical displays of virtue signaling will not persuade my fellow patriots and I to accept the brave new world of economic ruin and demographic replacement that you have so glibly signed onto. We will not go along with your agenda of selling our future out and condemning Canada’s past.

To fellow patriots, please register your thoughts on the Komagata Maru apology with the Vancouver City Council and Mayor. Here are emails to contact:

Mayor Kennedy Stewart:


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