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The Right Needs A New Elite Of Overmen

Our folks, undermined by a peace-ridden culture, are unable to contemplate the return of war shrouded by Churchill’s “blood, sweat, and tears” – and instead obey the categorical imperative: “peace at all costs.” Should Western peoples find themselves a strong leader, it would only be a brain grafted on an impotent body – for a coy and limp people can hardly implement bold policy. The new elite is still in limbo. It is today’s young couples’ mission to forge it. The transmission of civilizational patriotism is not enough, for the renaissance requires one other ingredient: that of physical courage. This heroic quality cannot be transmitted through word-of-mouth: it must be resurrected from within.

Western patriots must constitute themselves as a self-conscious transnational diaspora, practicing an entryism similar to that of Freemasonry. We must become the best and brightest, integrating within the best schools, and joining the main right-wing parties, all the while becoming white humanity’s schoolteachers and guides. It was with such entryism and a conquest of cultural hegemony that permitted the Left to acquire the dominant position. We must oppose their hedonistic children with a hardened, hardworking, ascetic, and imaginative youth of our own.

We are far from this achievement: from 1945 and onward, intellectual dominance has dramatically shifted in favour of the Left, who have silenced and shamed the Right. A certain degree of social separatism will be needed – yet not up to a counter-society – as we work towards a future renaissance and the preservation of the West.

It is fitting for this new world to be led by a new elite capable of chasing away the old and treacherous one. In accord with Pareto’s theory of the circulation of elites, a ruler can only be overthrown by one other more vigorous and dynamic in make-up. The role of the mass is simply to act as foot soldiers, supporting this new ruler. Let us note that for Pareto, one of the symptoms of the elite’s degeneration is the increasing apathy towards goals and interests: today’s Western elites do not realize that they cannot escape the consequences of the Great Replacement.

We must stop thinking of multiculturalist leftists as the globalists’ useful idiots. For it may be the contrary: the capitalists being the leftists’ useful idiots. Leftists’ fanaticism is not based on a misjudgment; proving to them that they are working for the triumph of international finance would not cause them to rethink their policy. They place their mixed-race world above everything, including “social justice” and that of their own children’s survival. The fact that immigrants benefit the capitalists by driving down salary incomes, and that cultural uprooting upholds stateless capitalism, does not matter – for it still translates to the triumph of their utopian world.

As Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri put it, global governance (“the deterritorialized Empire”) will ultimately benefit anti-capitalist forces. These far-left writers consider that a globalized and cosmopolitan capitalism is working to their benefit – just like Marx considered that capitalism was building the materialistic base necessary for the communist society. We must remember that Marx wanted to bring about a full revolution, and not merely transform the capitalist order from within.

Hardt and Negri enjoy the adaptability our conservatives lack so much, enabling them to attempt to take the reins of an inescapable historical movement – globalization. Of course, Hardt and Negri may simply disguise their defeat – the advent of capitalist globalization – in victory, but they honestly hope that the agenda of the cosmopolitan elites would triumph, dislocating all identities. These elites are taking a considerable risk: would the White hyper-class survive in a mixed, Islamized West? Their money and all their chatter about being “world citizens” will not prevent their enclaves from falling in the end.

Western patriots must overcome their pitiful internecine fightings and form a global network, virtually – on social networks – and in the real world. Once power established and a foothold achieved, the focus should be on ensuring the proper education of the new generations – and not only on fighting off immigration. The problem of education is central. Should Western opinion shift to the right, teachers will probably remain predominantly left-wing; and a purge would be necessary.

Many nationalists, despairing of Westerners, believe secession and White communitarianism to be the solution. It is important however to avoid cutting ourselves off from society: the will to build European enclaves is a defeatist notion, giving up political power to our enemies – the leftists and the invaders. The weakness of the secessionist, by definition, is that he holds no vocation of becoming a model for society. Secession is only a first step toward the conquest of power.

When an internal war (not a “civil” war, for it is a misnomer) takes place and brings some Western state to collapse, we should be ready to fill in the void. Such prospects may seem far fetched, even delusional, but we must remind ourselves of the unpredictable nature of history and the salutary benefits of maintaining a high degree of mobility. Just like the Bolsheviks in 1917 who took advantage of the general chaos by being prepared and disciplined exemplified the effectiveness of this strategy.

Similar to the Italian fascist’s paramilitary squads whom immediately following the war, crushed the communist insurgents – as the impotence of the Italian State left them the only force capable of strong action. On July 31, 1922, the communists, socialists and left-wing trade union alliance proclaimed a general strike and issued an ultimatum to the government. After the demands were served – 48 hours to restore order – Mussolini commanded his Blackshirts to “rescue the State”. The red cities (Milan, Parma, Turin…) were soon reconquered and the workers compelled to return to work.

Western patriots must follow suit and become the only force capable of stemming a potential Islamismo-leftist takeover – in order to save the State and a frightened bourgeoisie. It is not about forming underground organizations, but about unifying and reacting as one man in the event of collapse. Such a breakdown may herald the dawn of a new order.

Romain d’Aspremont is the author of The Promethean Right: Why the Right is Losing the Battle of Ideas and What its Revitalization Must Look Like

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