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Means & Ends: Setting the Record Straight on Toxic Femininity

Toxic Femininity & Male Disposability

Toxic femininity occurs when women treat husbands, fathers, and children, not as a sacred ends whose needs are worth serving in of themselves, but rather, as potentially disposable means to an ends. This reduces men and children to nothing more than dehumanized tools at best and disposable nonentities at worst. Toxic femininity can only be conquered once women are trained to use their sexual, economic, spiritual, and familial powers to serve men and children’s best interests.

But do Western women know how to use their feminine powers to improve the lives of men and children? And are they capable of fulfilling such responsibilities? Perhaps it’s time for a crash course in *tonic* femininity. 

Tonic Femininity

Tonic femininity (toxic femininity’s arch nemesis) is best defined by the virtues of premarital chastity, lifelong monogamy, and the sanctity of the unborn. These three feminine virtues are empirically proven to strengthen families and raise social standards, thereby increasing rates of social flourishing while decreasing rates of social dysfunction and diseases of despair. Kindness, patience, tenderness, good hygiene, and the capacity to do a few basic domestic chores for husbands and children are also necessary elements of tonic femininity.

If all women practiced these few simple virtues (all of which require less than a high school education), we could effectively reduce rates of fatherlessness, illegitimacy, abortion, poverty, familial atomization, divorce, loneliness, delinquency, homelessness, imprisonment, homicide, suicide, and drug overdose deaths. Such ideals effectively provide a woman for every man and a father for every child. And as anyone with any shred of common sense knows, providing a woman for every man and a father for every child makes a better world.

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