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Living in the Shadow of the Indigenous Rights Agenda

“Native Land Map Helps You Recognize Which Indigenous Territory You Live On”

The purpose of this article is to give readers some insight into what it is like to live as a EuroCanadian in a community where the indigenous rights agenda has taken hold. By this I mean a community near an Indian reserve where the natives are politically active. I lived near a particularly politically active Indian reserve for a decade and saw a lot of changes over those years, especially after Trudeau was elected and implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples (UNDRIP). 

There are many communities in rural Canada facing similar challenges as native communities assert themselves politically, but not much is heard about it due to geographic isolation and political correctness. As we hear a lot about EuroCanadians becoming minorities in larger cities, I feel it is important to shed light on the situation of rural EuroCanadians living in the shadow of the indigenous rights agenda. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it is unfair that so many honest hard-working people are being subjected to a reduced standard of living and their plight deserves to be recognized. Secondly, and more importantly, we need to be aware that many rural areas will not be good places to live as a EuroCanadian due to the indigenous rights agenda. Many of us that are aware of how are cities are becoming increasingly unlivable due to the “vibrancy” of ethnic diversification in the cities think that we will be able to escape these travails by moving out to the country. While I agree that this is a good plan, EuroCanadians need to choose their new homelands wisely. Otherwise, it can be a case of out of the pot and into the frying pan.

I will begin by illustrating some of the inequities that EuroCanadians have to live with in the shadow of the indigenous rights agenda. Some of the scenarios I convey will be vague because I need to maintain anonymity. Then I will go into some predictions about how rural life will change in Canada by following the trajectory of our current situation where EuroCanadian dis-possession is taking place, the advent of indigenous supremacy takes hold, and bad governments are perpetually voted in by third-world migrants. Lastly, I will give some recommendations to EuroCanadians on how we can move forward in the new reality that we will soon be living in.

I moved into a small, fairly isolated Canadian town about ten years ago. After living there for a few years I decided I wanted to be a contributing member of the community so I bought a small business. Immediately the inequities revealed themselves. The same month I bought my business the nearby reserve received a grant of well over a million dollars to start a similar business. I was very worried. I spent all my savings and borrowed a lot of money to buy my business and there was definitely not enough cash flow in the community to support my business and theirs. Luckily, thanks to typical native band mismanagement, their business never got off the ground and over five years later is just an empty building. Otherwise I probably would have lost everything. It must be noted over two million in taxpayer money has gone into that venture so far. Overall, I would estimate that I observed approximately seven million dollars of government grant money go into business ventures that went nowhere. I am certain 

I only observed a small portion of the wasteful spending that went on. I only saw some of the business side, but there is also the education, healthcare, addictions, resource management, and construction spending initiatives, so the overall numbers must be incredible. It was quite the farce watching the native band constructing all these new buildings that would look like crap in a couple of years from lack of maintenance and poor planning, while the non-native population made do with old buildings left over from the boom years. Considering the size of the native population there, I would hazard to guess that well over one hundred thousand dollars per person went into a monetary black hole.

Of course, no one is allowed to bring this up. This is where we get to the saddest part of living in the shadow of the indigenous rights agenda, not being allowed to speak up. Any mention of the wasteful spending would be met with accusations of racism. The natives would coordinate themselves on social media and tarnish the names of any EuroCanadian who stepped out of line, sometimes costing people their livelihoods. In the schools and hospital many natives would be exceptionally rude and pushy. If they were confronted about their rudeness or just felt they weren’t being treated nicely enough, they would complain about the injustices they suffered at the hands of our institutions and then file human rights complaints. Inevitably, a groveling apology would be issued and whoever the complaints was filed against would be reprimanded or be forced to resign. About a dozen people were run out town in this way.

RCMP officers were treated like servants by the natives. They were expected to be called in over the most trivial matters and when they did, they were expected to act like butlers. Even when a police officer had some drunk guy spitting in his face, if the officer didn’t act like a servant, the natives would complain to the chief who would then demand that the offending officer be removed from the community for being a racist. 

RCMP officer dances at powow Waterhen First Nation in Saskatchewan

It was very typical for natives to openly make fun of white people, or say negative things about them, even in the schools and hospitals. They never had to worry about being reprimanded because if anyone confronted them about what they were saying racist things against white people they would just bring up “white fragility” and tell them that they are being racist.

So white people became trained to vent their frustrations in hushed whispers. What a pathetic way to live. EuroCanadians in the community would confess their true feeling to me because it became well-known that I didn’t buy into the native BS. A few social media witch hunts were conducted against me, but I didn’t care and thought it was funny. But I felt really bad for all these other white people who truly had nothing against native people at all but were burdened by the notion their very existence was oppressive to native people. Not one iota of racial animosity towards natives did most of these whites possess, but the hypocrisy and censorship of the natives made them feel small. One could see how their souls were being diminished because they were good people that were constantly being told they are inherently bad because of the whiteness.

However, these nice white EuroCanadians made a crucial mistake: they didn’t stick up for themselves enough. Every time white people give in to accusations of “white privilege” and the like, they weaken themselves and empower those who seek their demise. And they do seek our demise. They want us to either go away or exist in a perpetual state of white guilt. Native people know they have us on the run. The entitled behaviour I described above has increased over the years, especially after Trudeau and his commitment to implement UNDRIP. Hence, all over the nation we experience unprecedented road and rail blockades, defacing and removal of John. A. MacDonald statues and native protest camps in Toronto’s city center.

The nature of my former business gave me exposure to a rotation of native activists and politicians who regularly visit the community. They usually put on a feast at one of the local halls when they come. I have been to a couple and they are stomach turning events. Before and after the meal there is a seemingly endless series of maudlin speeches given that almost exclusively revolve around what whites have done to their “people” and how their “people” are going to get it all back. They really whip themselves up into quite the frenzy. Its pretty comedic to watch them do these heartfelt speeches where they complain about how white people have destroyed their environment while they feast off Styrofoam plates and toss recyclables directly into the trash, but I digress.

Back to my point, I am certain that natives all over Canada are attending similar feasts where the purpose is to instill a religious fervour in their mission to take back what they see as their land. From my observations there is no end game to their machinations. I have never encountered a discussion where politicized natives talk about what will be a reasonable outcome where we can peacefully coexist. I think the only outcome they can accept is indigenous supremacy.

Their drive for indigenous supremacy as an answer to all their social ills is rooted in their inability to take responsibility for and solve difficult situations. I worked with many native people and many of them were good workers and great people. However, as a white man of Western heritage I was always struck by how time and again small problems that could easily be solved would snowball into terrible life altering situations. An obvious example would be where industrious good-natured natives would live on the reserve and be surrounded by loud party houses. They would come into work having barely slept day after day and complain about how all the late-night parties were keeping them up to the point where it was dramatically affecting the health of them and their families. Yet it never occurred to them to call the police or move away from the reserve. Mostly, they never brought up any solutions. They just went about their business in a fatalistic stupor until things got so bad that they would end up in the hospital from some stress-induced illness or start drinking themselves. After having lived and worked in close quarters with natives for over ten years, there is no doubt in my mind that all their social afflictions are their own fault. If Europeans never came to this land they would be living the same way, only it wouldn’t bother them as much because they wouldn’t see how well we live in comparison.


Our activist supreme court will almost always side with natives. Following the trajectory of past court decisions since the Delgamuukw case in northern British Columbia any land in Canada not covered by a treaty will come under aboriginal title. The coast and large swaths of interior British Columbia will be become official native territory and be renamed. This will set the precedent for other small areas across Canada not covered by treaty, and those areas will achieve a similar status (Caledonia, Ontario for example.) This will probably occur in our lifetimes. Furthermore, thanks to the articles laid out in UNDRIP, which will soon become Canadian law. The extinguishment of native sovereignty over their land as per the Treaties will be reversed and there will be a shared- government plan put in its place. I think that our children will live in a Canada that is no longer under the sovereignty of the Crown. Basically, we will be living a very South African situation. We will be surrounded by hostiles that resent us for our greatness.

As a father of a few children, I don’t plan to take this lying down. Right now I feel the best way to secure a future for our children is to find ways to claim our own territories using peaceful political and legal means. We must find ways to bring like minded EuroCanadians together into cohesive political communities in areas where natives have the weakest chance of claiming sovereignty over them. We should learn from the Mennonites, Hutterites, Amish, patriotic Quebecois and even natives themselves on how to bring our people together and maintain political unity. From there we can follow Prof. Duchesne’s suggestion of using the official multiculturalism act and get ourselves recognized as an official ethnicity under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. From here we can get legal protections to live the glorious way of life our ancestors bequeathed to us, albeit in a reduced form. This process will take years of hard-work, scholarship and court battles, but we will prevail if we want to. The time to save old Canada has slipped through our fingers. We need to work on something new.

I believe I have lived our future if we don’t get our act together and put the work in. I never wanted to write articles like this, I just wanted to raise my family. But it is what it is, I won’t let us go down without a fight. I won’t cower in the shadows.


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