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Don’t trust the mainstream reviews of Africa addio. We will quote the following words from an online comment to encourage you to watch this film and Duchesne’s review for the Decameron 2021 Film Festival.

This is a fantastic documentary. Personally never seen anything like it, so beautiful and so repulsive and brutal at the same time. The accounts of violence are incredibly real and chilling – because they indeed are real. This is what was happening in Africa post 1960, and what in many parts of Africa continues by this day. It is harsh, naturalistic, but also in its strange way beautiful and profound. The cinematography, music make for an incredible and fascinating viewing. The documentary is certainly not political, it’s simply realistic. As a matter of fact, its creators were seconds from being executed by the revolutionary guards, during the making of the movie.

The interview with Fróði Midjord (Scandza Forum) has been archived on Bitchute and Odysee. Here’s the link to Odysee. The Bitchute link is below. Topics in this interview include:

  • The controversial nature of this “shockumentary”
  • Are blacks the biggest threat to White civilization?
  • Roger Ebert’s 1966 review of Africa addio, calls it “disgusting” and “racist”
  • The naivete of British colonials
  • The “swarming” nature of black violence (comparison to ancient Roman violence)
  • The highest number of genocides in history occurred in post colonial Africa
  • Africa lost up to 60% of lions, giraffes, and other large animals, between 1970 and 2005
  • We should have supported Rhodesians and South African whites
  • White Mercenaries
  • British white children should be taught to be proud of their empire
  • “For the Africans, the horse is the symbol of the white man”. “Like the white man, the horse is noble”.
  • The “miracle” and “beauty” of white South Africa
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