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Manifesto for a Canadian Renaissance

1. Foster European culture.

2. Ban violent religions and cults.

3. Promote Christian values.

4. Eliminate welfare fraud, remove most social workers.

5. Replace all banks with localized credit unions.

6. Encourage localized agriculture and businesses.

7. Tighten laws regarding marriage, divorce, and abortion.

8. Discourage Marxism and fraudulent social science.

9. Raise academic standards, tighten university admissions.

10. Prohibit use of non-medical mind-altering drugs.

11. Develop strong anti-trust laws.

12. Reverse the decline in European immigration.

13. Reduce immigration levels in general.

14. Repeal the Official Languages (bilingualism) Act.

15. Replace Indian status with full citizenship rights and obligations.

16. Conserve natural resources (e.g., oil) instead of just selling them off.

17. Protect freedom of speech, press, and assembly.

18. Repeal the fraudulent Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

19. Gradually reduce the federal deficit to zero (taxes rob us of half our income).

20. Enlighten the public that Liberalism has always equaled Marxism.

21. End speculation on housing (put a ceiling on house prices).

22. Reduce foreign ownership of Canadian businesses.

23. End all relations with China (political, economic, and academic).

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