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The Sneak Rulers Revealed

Editor’s Note: This is a passage from the book Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells by Frank Raymond, in which an intellectual luminary of the New World Order, reveals the thinking of the Sneak Rulers. Professor David Butler lays out the qualities of the white peoples that pose a threat to the oppressors who are working towards a future that shall be defined by a “boot stamping on a human face — forever.”

The mellow elements in the champagne were irrigating the thousands of narrow channels and brooks in the body and brain of the great man, and he was in generous, expansive mood. He prepared to launch into another exposition, and as was often his wont he “got into character.”Like a large ship entering a still and placid sea, the senior statesman moved into the calm, neutral and thoughtful mode of a scholar surveying a large field of facts and patterns and drawing insightful conclusions as to key trends and end results. He walked over to the window and gazed out upon the rooftops of the panorama before him, with the sad air of a man who has seen it all, and was contemplating the futility of it all. Then, with the air of decision of a professor who has resolved upon the sequencing of his disquisition, he turned and addressed the young Jonathan.

“Different races and regional groups have different attitudes to personal freedom and vary in their readiness to assert that freedom, to speak truth to power, to stand up to the rulers and to rebel or revolt. We look at the peoples who developed in the context of river valleys. Some scholars call them ‘hydraulic civilizations.’ The premier example is the ancient Egypt of the pharaohs, nourished by the Nile. But it was no different in the freedom aspect from the Babylonian civilization based on the irrigation of soil fed by the Tigris and Euphrates, and the Chinese civilizations that grew up in the basins of the Hwang-Ho and Yangtze-Kiang rivers. It is possible that the people of the Indus valley civilization, that of Harappa and Mohenjodaro, were similarly infected, or shaped. In all these hydraulic societies, people lived close to each other, cheek by jowl, in the small areas watered by the river.”

“They could not be individualistic, and submitted to the rulings of the neighborhood or village council. They had to cooperate very closely to build dams, embankments and irrigation canals. Thus they submitted to organizers and commanders. They drifted towards surrendering the rights and inclinations of the individual to the needs and goals of the collective. It became a virtue to become a conformist, to blend in, to be civic-minded in the extreme. The man who wanted to be different, to wear trousers when everyone else was wearing a kilt, was regarded as a freak and mocked. Subconsciously the individual was cleaving to the need to conform, to be part of a regimented and cooperative society. The maverick was dangerous to the close cooperation that was essential to living so closely together, to not fighting amongst each other despite the shortages of food and water.”

“It was natural that people who had surrendered their individual self-reliance and sense of self would surrender also to rulers and total control. In all of these hydraulic societies, the kings and governments — national and local — controlled every aspect of the lives of the people. The kings instituted religions that made them gods, and the priesthood instilled into people a sense of being slaves to both gods and kings. It was in the Middle East, the region dominated by the cultures of the Nile and Tigris-Euphrates civilizations, where people became the most slavish. The religions developed by these peoples reflected that slavishness and acted as a vehicle for inculcating it. The ancient Egyptians worshipped their Pharaoh as a god-king. The Hebrew god was a sky-god who watched over each individual, saw every little thing, and punished or rewarded it. The god of Islam demanded — and still demands — that people bow, hands and knees on the ground, with foreheads touching the earth in submission. Indeed, the very word ‘Islam’ means ‘submission.’ The Chinese, influenced by this river-valley culture and close social organization, believed the emperor to be the ‘Son of Heaven.'”

“People, races and nations can be infected by this kind of close-knit society where the individual is overwhelmed by the collective, and is prone to slavish submission. A case study is the Persian people. They are Aryans, not Arabs. But once they settled in the Middle East and were washed by these cultural influences, they became a conformist, obedient people. Maybe that was helped along by their long travail as subjects of the Mongols, whose kings called themselves the Ilkhans of Persia. The end result is visible in little snapshots; it is common for young men to flog themselves on the back with chains and whips, in compliance with some ramification of the Shia variant of Islam. After living lives of compliance and conformity, obeying a higher power, the habit of submission enters the genes of a people. It is a sort of mutation that is not unlike the mutation of humans to adapt to a very cold or very hot climate that they have settled into.”

Butler paused to pour himself a glass of cold water from the mini-fridge in his chamber. Seeing that his nephew was not yet fidgety he made no query but continued his exposition on the individual-versus-collective characters of races.

“Now that is one pole of the spectrum, the extreme servility and close social organization of the river valley descendants and those that they infect. On the other extreme stand the Caucasians. There is little point in uncovering the roots of their freedom streak, or self-reliance streak. It may be a negative. In their wanderings and treks, they traveled in little bands, free from the close supervision of overlord kings, choosing and changing their band leaders. For a long time they did not settle down into dense farming communities wherein a person had to adjust to his fellows and neighbors. They did not need to organize into large collectives, and to be commanded, in order to build dams and waterworks. Whatever the reason, we know that from an early time the Caucasians had this instinct for individual freedom. They had an inclination towards living aloof from their neighbors in large farmsteads and out-of-the-way homesteads that allowed them their own space and a splendid isolation from their fellows. The genes for independence, self-reliance and personal space were grown and reinforced. Thus even when they had, eventually, to live in more dense and close-quarter communities, they had an inborn and well-formed tendency for freedom and for determining their own destinies.”

“This trait manifested itself in their pagan religions, which were democratic religions with many gods, each of whom had human characteristics, lusts and weaknesses. Look at the pantheons of gods of the Indian Aryans, the Greeks, the Celts, and the Germanic and Nordic peoples. A strong contrast to the autocratic, superhuman and controlling god of the Semitic peoples — a reflection of a mind that desires a dictator rather than democracy. And that includes the Semitic Christian god that tamed the Caucasians, even the Caucasians of the far north, in Scandinavia. The Semitic god was in a way the beginning of the surveillance state; he was a surveillance god who observed every small theft, every private and secret act of masturbation.”

“The Caucasian characteristic was of the individual wanting to determine his own destiny, even in a collective. This quality pushed its way to the social surface in most Caucasian societies, but most notably in the societies of the ancient Greeks. I’m speaking of the ancient Greeks, not today’s Greeks, who are — in my opinion — more Turkic than Caucasian. The Greek city-states formed some of the first democracies in recorded history, with votes and secret ballots. The Nordic peoples exhibited the same trait, until Christianity tamed and subdued them. They chose a man to be chieftain for his courage and leadership ability, but often shied away from making the office a hereditary one. There is a famous story relating to a battle between the Vikings and the French, under their king, Charles the Simple. It took place, if my memory is good, in the year 898 AD, on the banks of the River Eure. The herald of the king asked the Vikings, “Who is your king or leader?” The Vikings informed him that “We have no king, no chief, and no master. But Rolf the Walker leads us in war and on the day of battle.” Later, the descendants of these Vikings confronted their king at Runnymede in England and formulated the Magna Carta, the written code of a prototype of today’s parliamentary democracy. Well, these—”

“Uncle David, I’m beginning to think that you admire the white masses as much as I do, in some respects. So I wonder that—”

The modern term “pissed off” described Butler’s reaction perfectly, though he would have died rather than utter the vulgar words. His expostulation was testy and explosive. “It really is most irritating when you interrupt thoughtlessly when I’m taking the time to explain to you things that I should not have to!”

However, he had his own inner reasons for reviewing this field in the panorama of the human condition, so he let pass the mistimed interjection of his muddling nephew, and his ire subsided.

He collected his thoughts. Now where had he been? It was terrible to lose the thread and line of one’s progression through a chain of ideas, or of historical events. His mind was jangled and jolted, and a few centuries fell from the orbit of his pearly thoughts like so many planets, to be lost.

“I needn’t remind you of the parliament formed by the yeoman farmers and rough fishermen who settled Iceland. But to return to England, with the rise of Cromwell the English formed an effective parliamentary democracy, with elected representatives, which was fairly workable. I suppose they drew inspiration from the strong councils to kings that were prevalent in the kingdoms of pre-Norman England, such as Mercia, Wessex, Sussex and East Anglia. However the democracy of the Western nations was not and, we should remember, is still not based upon a set of rules, but sprang from the imperative for freedom that is strong in the breasts of white men and women. In about 1763 the statesman William Pitt reiterated the ‘castle doctrine,’ the doctrine that ‘An Englishman’s home is his castle.’ In a famous passage he declared that ‘The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown. It may be frail, its roof may shake; the wind may blow through it; the storms may enter; the rain may enter — but the King of England cannot enter. All his forces dare not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement.'”

“This lets me segue neatly into another principle. The poor man has the same rights in his home as the noble has in his castle. Here is an element in the broader principle that ‘All are equal before the law.'”

“Now, if you consider the matter objectively, all these ideas of freedom, equal rights and of self-determination within society that the world enjoys have been pioneered by white people, in the main if not in the entirety, from the ancient Greeks to the Europeans of the Enlightenment. You, Jonathan, know little of the works of Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau, and a host of other social scientists. Some day you should educate yourself in these matters, because challenges will arise from future Locke’s and Rousseau’s who will build upon the ideas of these ancestors of theirs. If we cannot finish the job in time. These social scientists labored to find a balance between a strong individual and a cooperative, functional society. It is another manifestation of that spirit of personal freedom and of self-determined destiny that is strongest in the white race.”

“Naturally that does not fit in with in our destiny and mission as an elite, and as such this spirit must be bred out. We have a higher purpose, and it is incumbent that the Caucasian genes that contain and transmit this spirit must be bred out, eliminated. The gene mass of the white peoples is the seed-bed from which freedom germinates.”

“No. The mixed-breed colored mass that is now being fostered and grown is ideal for our purpose. They will be good worker bees, consumer animals who will consume what we let them consume and will have them consume, even in the entertainment and so-called ‘cultural’ realm.”

So he expounded, this unabashed and pure-strain racialist, this intellectual who was one of the architects of the New World Order, who nursed his glass of sparkling champagne and coined catch-phrases such as “There are no races, only racial misperception frames.”

The freshly chastised Jonathan did not dare perk up with a question or observation, but the question was there and his uncle could see it in the upward tilt of his head and the gleam of intelligence in his eyes. He addressed the unspoken query.

“After 60 years of tranquility it is easy to hold the mistaken notion that the whites have been tamed. After all, they have surrendered their lands and their freedoms, and will not as much as come out to the streets to demonstrate or protest. However, times are changing and we see that the threat is there. It is the whites and only the whites who will today put a monkey wrench into our works, and tomorrow revolt, when the system is vulnerable.”

“Look at the troublemakers of the past few years. Julian Assange and his Wikileaks, a wound that continues to bleed. Bradley Manning, the army soldier who betrayed his trust and leaked damaging information. Why, only the other day I was reading an article by a left-wing magazine that ecstatically praised this transgendered fairy as having ‘exposed the killing of unarmed civilians by the thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan, the official condoning of torture in Guantanamo and Iraq, the deliberate murder of journalists, and the role of corporate interests in US foreign policy.’ We’re having to watch, with our own boys, the quiet and apparently docile gnomes who work in the NSA, the FBI, the armed forces and the entire intelligence apparatus. We have an eye on this fellow that came up in last week’s meeting, the NSA man, or contractor’s man, the technician—”

“Edward Snowden. Yes, but there are thousands of others, and it is imposs—”

“Quite so. Then there’s all the people we damn as ‘conspiracy theorists.’ It’s astonishing how intelligent and persistent they are, on everything from 9/11 and the Oklahoma Bombing to the fact that PNAC was a screen for the real people and the real goals of the present initiative. There is not one aspect of 9/11 that these people have not uncovered and posted on the internet.”

“In case you’ve not noticed, these rebels and thorns in the side are all white. We have injected millions of non-whites and mestizos into this country, and done everything possible to burgeon the black population while diminishing the whites, and guess what?”


“We, I mean the persons of my ranking, have been right all along. These non-whites do not pose a threat to us. They never question a false flag attack. Few if any do the detailed research that uncovers the truth of 9/11. When it comes to the will for freedom, the determination to make a stink, and the intelligence that they will deploy, their quantum is substantially lower. The only real opposition to our empire is the whites, with their spirit of freedom and fair play, and the courage they mobilize when they have a cause. Of course, it is at present a muted opposition, so low-key that I consider it potential opposition. That threat will vanish completely when the white masses have gone gently into that good night.”

Jonathan considered. “I hope you’re right, and like I said, in a way I hope you’re not.”

Butler consulted his gold watch, embossed with tiny jewels. He did not care to check the time with a cellphone. In many respects he did not like electronic technology, useful though he recognized it to be in such matters as NSA surveillance of everyone’s phone and email conversations. His amiable glance played over his nephew like the red light beam of the dot sighting-and-aiming device of his sports rifle, a weapon that he did not use, though he liked the sight and the feel of it in his hands. Even academics feel their oats sometimes.

“You hope not, dear Jonathan, but while you enjoy lap dances from those blonde strippers, so shapely, their blue and green eyes so riveting, remember the threat that their little and big brothers might pose. And the big sisters who finance their university education by way of working in an upscale gentleman’s club when daddy and the student loan do not come through. They can be quite deadly, too, once they’re roused to action.”

“Is that threat so real? Now, today?”

“Consider this. We appear to be invincible, but we walk the razor’s edge, in many dimensions — political, financial and military. If we did not have The Base, I would be a very worried man, a council member who was forever warning of doom. You little realize how vulnerable we are, and how exposed we shall be if just a few of the white proles should smell the coffee. Consider.”

For the second time Jonathan considered, or made an effort to wear the face of a man who was considering. He was beginning to get irked at being treated like a rather slow student or inept apprentice. Butler eased his way into the full flow of another mini-lecture.

“Right now, there are Arabs in the occupied territories of Israel and in places such as Syria, Iraq and Yemen who are at the receiving end of munitions and missiles that rain down on them with laser-like precision. These precision devices, and that includes the satellites that do the spotting and target-fixing, are so costly that we take an immense political risk in draining the economy of the US so as to manufacture, maintain and operate them. Guns and butter. The people have less butter because we are putting labor and resources into guns, including the guns, police and electronic spies that keep them under control here in the US. For the prole masses, real income falls every year. We’ve had to plunge the US into historic debt just to keep the masses quiescent, to avert their discontent and an uprising.”

“But all these satellites and precision devices are supremely vulnerable. They depend on many hundreds of sub-systems, and if an enemy disrupts one, the whole shebang becomes useless scrap iron. An electronic pulse emitted by a $ 20 device assembled from scrapped parts can disrupt the link between the satellite and the missile that it guides. A smart computer geek can take control of a satellite’s communications, or make its brain go haywire, with a simple computer and a simple transmitting device, or by pirating the services of an existing transmitter. If just thirty white malcontents, technically competent, were to join up with a genuine and determined Arab resistance group, none of our drones and missiles would find their targets. I never underestimate the techno ability of the Caucasian brain, and I keep in mind that the Germans developed the V-1, the world’s first cruise missile, and the V-2, the world’s first effective rocket, in the face of a sea blockade and massive bombing.”

Jonathan finally considered, meaning that he had finally heeded the exhortations of his uncle, and was giving serious consideration to the points covered in his uncle’s lecture. He had never given his attention to this aspect of the war, the silent war on a global theater. He reflected for a minute, but then he recalled something that seemed to go against the general trend of his uncle’s ruminations.

“Thanks for the talk, uncle. There was a lot there that I had never thought about. But it all reminds me of something one of the women in the office said.”

“And what’s that?”

“She was harking back to 9/11 and saying that anyone who believed the official story was so stupid they should be euthanized. The non-appearance of any plane or plane parts at the Pentagon and Shanksville crash sites is enough to make even an idiot know the authorities are lying. It doesn’t take a genius. But the masses believe it, which is amazing since the white people of today have the best education that any people have had, in history. I suppose you would agree that a people so stupid deserves to go extinct. And certainly cannot present any real threat to us.”

Butler shook his head and sat up in his seat. Something had roused him. He spoke with animation and a slight degree of annoyance.

“I don’t know about ‘deserves.’ The Nuremberg tribunal charged that the Nazis were working on a ‘final solution to the Jewish problem.’ That is, to kill off the Jewish nation once and for all. Think about today. The ideology that we propagate is this. ‘There is this problem called racism. And the solution to it is to flood the white countries and only the white countries with foreigners and alien peoples. There is, however, no question of Taiwan taking in millions of poor people from Africa, or of asking Japan to go multicultural. Only white countries will be flooded and colonized.'”

“Surely the most stupid white dumbass can see that someone has figured out ‘the final solution to the white problem.’ No matter how much propaganda is pumped into him, he should see it. After all, the people of Egypt don’t believe the propaganda of the government-controlled media, their fully controlled media. But the AAA, the Average American Asshole, doesn’t see it. He believes everything. Some, including you, say that a people so stupid deserves to die out.”

“A more objective way of looking at it is that the struggle for life is merciless, and the species or race that does not have the will to fight for survival, and does not have the weapons — tooth and fang — to wage the fight will die out. In today’s world, we have new forms of warfare and seizure of territory, such as immigration, refugee flows and subtle disablement of the natural defenses in the mind. Today, a race requires mental vigor, intellectual alertness, skepticism and a readiness to challenge obvious absurdities and assault weapons such as ‘Diversity is our strength’ and ‘We have always been a nation of immigrants.’ I prefer to put it this way: A race that does not possess the mental vigor to see reality through the fogs of deception, and the emotional strength to preserve its healthy self-defense instincts, does not have the psycho-intellectual requisites for survival in the modern age. It will go the way of the dinosaurs.”

“As for ‘deserves’: No. The Average American Asshole is doomed to die, but he and she do not “deserve” to die. Let us be clear, precise and logical in our thinking, or we too will lose our grasp of reality, and we shall fall from the dizzy height of the razor’s edge.”

It was a measure of Butler’s inebriation that this grammar Nazi and word-choice fascist was now using words such as “dumbass” and “asshole.”

Jonathan ignored his uncle’s egregious slide into vulgar vocabulary. “My point. They’re intelligent people who pose a threat. Yet they are also dumbasses. Is there something just a little bit wrong with this picture?”

“A single individual is a split personality. An engineer in Iran is on the job, overviewing the electricity grid. He questions every assumption and draws inferences from every little anomaly. Skeptical and alert. Yet he swallows whole his religion, is on his knees in the mosque praying to an invisible being, and never questions the implausible claims and many contradictions of his god and religion. A vast population of individuals has the same split multiplied by a factor of a billion. You will get wolves and sheep, and be grateful that the wolves are a minority among the white bulk.”

“However, the point is this: The whites have a greater instinct for rugged self-reliance and individual strength, with the skepticism and spirit of inquiry that goes with it, than the coloreds. Hence their populations contain a larger proportion of cells of the wolf strain.”

“Fortunately, we have been able to target that compassion and sense of fair play that they have, and play on it, to paralyze their natural reactions for self-defense, for protection of their self-interests and group-interest. We have scrambled their order of priorities. For the educated and ‘enlightened’ white man and woman, the first instinct is not the interest of the self-group, the in-group, but instead the urge to be compassionate to the alien, colored or Jewish. To be fair to him, indeed to give priority to this Other’s point of view and interests. That is what makes them sheep; that is what makes them ‘social justice warriors,’ SJWs. But never forget, young Jonathan, that they are sheep only so long as the social regime bombards them relentlessly with our mind-implants, ‘intellectual’ and emotional. Let up for a month, lose the media and the movies for a month, and they will revert to type, to genetic type.”

“And the genetic type is weighted towards wolf. Thus the white masses are indeed a potential threat, a terrible giant if once awakened. But, for the Caucasian mass-person, our regime has suppressed their wolf instincts by controlling the very air around them, the air that they breathe from every movie, newscast, and statement such as ‘We are all the human race.’ Thus, for now and for the foreseeable future, the vast majority are functioning as sheep, their inherent nature suppressed, and are munching contentedly, heads down. Hence the giant sleeps. And will continue to do so, till there is nothing left of its great body — that is, once-great body.”

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