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Teaching “Anti-Racism” Becomes “Core Mission” of The University of Western Ontario

We thought universities could not get any more extreme in their hostility to conservative views, the complete domination of leftist academics, the unquestioned acceptance of feminism, the LGBTQ pride flags plastered everywhere, the implementation of black studies, gender studies, women’s studies, Islamic studies — all backed up by the official commitment of the administration to “diversity and equity” along with numerous well paid hirelings working full time “developing and monitoring” the promotion of “inclusiveness”.

But this was just the beginning. University presidents across Canada are now claiming that some 40 years of mandated political correctness have not altered the “blatant xenophobia” of students, the “anti-black biases” of many courses and programs, and the “anti-black racism that continues to inform the country’s institutions, laws, and policies”.

Welcome to the new BLM Western world. It would be too time consuming, and rather repetitive, to go over the ways in which universities across Canada are in a veritable state of hysteria in response to the George Floyd riots, the Trump presidency, and the BLM summer protests across American cities. I am going to focus on the University of Western Ontario, or Western University, where the decision “to create an anti-racism and anti-oppression strategy” actually began in the fall of 2019, before the BLM riots. It is important to understand that these political events in themselves are not producing this hysteria. They have intensified changes that were already ongoing.

Therefore, as you read the details I am about to reveal, keep in mind that this is part of a long term movement to destroy the Euro-Canadian roots of our universities to make them fully compatible with the making of a multiracial Canada. Because all the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities were invented by whites, and all the universities were built by white men, and this “Eurocentric” reality still permeates the university atmosphere, starting with the architecture, and the fact that almost all the great liberal arts books were written by whites, and the ideas in the textbooks were overwhelmingly articulated by white men, the globalist elites have come to the conclusion that it is not enough for universities to be totally leftist: this “Eurocentric” legacy must be utterly destroyed. And the best way to destroy this legacy is to identify it, its origins and its very nature, with “systematic racism”. This gives the ethnocide of Euro-Canadian culture a moral justification.

Chizoba Oriuwa

It all began in the fall of 2019 at Western University in a seemingly anodyne way when a young white male leftist instructor, Andrew Wenaus, said in a class (about black popular culture) that during the pre-emancipation era in the US house slaves were referred to as “House Niggers”. This triggered a student with a Nigerian name, Chizoba Oriuwa, who loves rap music, to post on social media that she experienced the worst imaginable form of racist oppression: “I was frozen and shocked because I couldn’t believe that he could say the word so carelessly and nonchalantly.”

My name is Chizoba Oriuwa. I love living in clean White created nations, not dirty African  nations

The leftist instructor issued an apology explaining that his aim was to “inform the students of the disturbing terminology that was used during slavery.” He wanted to show how the writing of the first episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was “haunted by a history of exploitation, violence, and terror.” He thought he would get a nice reaction from the students as a potential rapper. Chizoba Oriuwa repudiated his apology as “inadequate and insincere”. She then started remonstrating about “hateful and racist emails from anonymous email accounts”. From here many other blacks joined in with stories about how racism was a daily experience at Western University. The media latched on to these stories as if they were a major scandal all the way to the United States.

Oriuwa’s friend, Dairo (left) didn’t buy an explanation from Andrew Wenaus (right) that he didn’t know how others would feel when he used the N-word in class.

The new president of Western, Alan Shepard, immediately announced to the media how aggrieved he was about the plight of Oriuwa, launching at the end of October 2019 “a working group to better understand and target issues of racism on campus“. He wanted a university-wide hearing from “student members of racialized groups on campus.” In January 2020 the president announced the establishment of the “Anti-Racism Working Group” (ARWG) comprised of 20 students, faculty, and staff.

Anti-Racism Working Group

In May 2020, after many “listening sessions,” numerous written submissions, a university-wide online campus survey, this group came up with a Final Report. Be assured that this was not an investigation to determine if there was systemic racism; the aim was to find evidence in support of this pre-established conclusion. The “mandate” of ARWG was to listen about racism “in all its forms (e.g., anti-Black, anti-Indigenous, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, etc.)”. The aim was to “collect information” to “counter racism” and “recommend initiatives that aim to enact systemic change against racism at Western”.

Everyone in the university was clearly made to feel that the very claim that there was no systemic racism was itself a demonstration of systemic racism.

One would think that if Western was the victim of “systemic racism” this Anti-Racist Working Group would have experienced great difficulties getting so many student groups, university associations, administrators, and academics on board with this mandate. There was no instance of obstruction, counter-argument, or reflective questioning through the entire hearings and endless meetings. All they had to do was set in motion an already existing massive infrastructure of anti-racism at Western.

The members of ARWG included Razan Abdellatif Mohamed, President, Black Students’ Association; Larissa Bartlett, Director, Equity & Human Rights Services; Candace Brunette-Debassige, (Mushkego Cree) Acting Vice-Provost & Associate Vice-President (Indigenous Initiatives); Mohammad Sharifi, Racial Equity & Inclusivity Commissioner, Society of Graduate Students (PhD Candidate, English & Writing Studies); and Raine Williams, President, Caribbean Students’ Organization.

Support also came from the Ethnocultural Support Services, the African Students’ Association, the Black Students’ Association, the University Students’ Council, and the Society of Graduate Students. They all “released a joint statement in solidarity with the student whose efforts to counter racism had been verbally threatened.”

Presidents Alan Shepard and Amit Chakma

Before I elaborate on the conclusions reached by ARWG, don’t forget that one of the supreme mandates in the job descriptions of the presidents of our universities is to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in every campus. The formation of ARWG in Western is nothing out of the ordinary. Presidents are no longer hired to deal with administrative matters pertaining to education alone: they are hired to make our universities serve the wider objective of transforming Canada into a multiracial nation. Many universities now have programs to facilitate and fast tract foreign students into citizens with guaranteed jobs. Alan Shepard is getting a hefty salary to implement this mission: $440K a year, plus a car, a house and a 10 per cent bonus based on job performance.

Alan Shepard has a non-existing academic record. He is particularly proud that as a student he was the president of the Lesbian and Gay Student Union. He became president of Concordia University in 2012 before going to Western in 2019. While in Concordia, it was rumored that he was an avid fan of Montreal’s bathhouses.


The former president, Amit Chakma, is an immigrant from Bangladesh. Was he part of the “institutional racism” prevailing at Western before Shepard began to set things aright? One thing is certain, Chakma’s entire career has been about what a great immigrant he is, receiving in 2014 the “Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award”. Take away his endless whining about being a poor immigrant, and there is very little in his academic career meriting any attention.

In fact, Chakma is a cheat. Google his name. In 2014 he was accused of collecting “almost double his $479,600 annual salary, with earnings of $924,000, plus $43,244 in taxable benefits.”

So how did Chakma manage to double his salary? Well, he took a one year of paid administrative leave, and then opted to stay and work (collecting his usual salary and his paid administrative leave in one shot). Chakma has exploited the good-will of whites, and I mean exploitation as in appropriation of unjust income from Canadian taxpayers by way of deception.

Chirag Shah, another Asian in Western’s board of governors, defended Chakma’s double salary on the grounds that he is “one of the most influential academic leaders in Canada” and that given his “reputation” it was “fair compensation”. Chakma was thus saved at the last minute from a non-confidence vote in the Board of Governors.

Amazingly, Western’s new engineering building was named the “Amit Chakma Engineering Building”. I am not joking, check it out. As if this was not enough, Chakma was hired last July 2020 as president of the University of Western Australia. His key mandate is to promote “international students” against the founding peoples of Australia.

Chakma the thief relaxing in Australia

Findings of the ARWG Report

Let’s get back to the ARWG Report administered by the new president. It concluded that non-white students at Western felt “exhausted,” “patronized,” “unappreciated,”, “angry,” “sad,”, “disgusted,”, “confused,” “powerless,” “shocked,” “disrespected,”, “depressed,” and “scared.”

It pronounced that Western University does not belong to the whites who built it because it is “located on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabek, Haudenosaunee, Lūnaapéewak, and Attawandaron peoples”. Western will now be working at “correcting the miseducation” and “renewing respectful relationships with Indigenous communities.”

The history of Western, the ARWG Report went on, included “a history of exploiting enslaved African peoples whose labour was used for the profit of others, who were bought and sold as property, and who engaged in widespread resistance and protests to reclaim their freedom, dignity and humanity.”

This is all a lie, of course. Blacks were barely present in Canada until recent decades, and they were never enslaved. White settlers and whites born in Canada built this nation from the ground up under the most difficult circumstances without begging other races to give them handouts.

The Report’s additional claim that “anti-Black racism continues to inform the country’s institutions, laws, and policies” is another blatant act of misinformation for which no evidence is provided. Millions of blacks are continually coming to white nations knowing that they stand to gain a lot from whites who have been socialized to worship them and promote them despite their far lower qualifications.

The image conveyed by the Report is not of a university but of a concentration camp ruled by racist white males against Jews, Muslims, Indigenous peoples, blacks, homosexuals, and women. We are informed that the ARWG “heard from hundreds of community members about the insidious, often violent, nature of racism at Western and its devastating impact on their mental and physical health, and on their sense of well-being and belonging.”

We have paragraphs on “Islamophobia,” “Anti-Semitism,” “Anti-Indigenous Racism,” “Xenophobia,” “Fear, Ignorance & Racial Microaggression”.

How could an entire university dedicated for decades to diversity and equity produced this Report? How could all the members of the ARWG, the students, administrators, and professors, without one single voice of dissent, reached the conclusion that “passive racism, racial microaggressions and perpetuation of stereotypes are normalized on campus?”

Oppressed medicine and dentistry graduates at Western

Because the aim is to utterly destroy the “Eurocentric” character of Western University, which is still evident in the fact that whites are still the majority in the administration, faculties, and student body. The aim is to create truly multiracial universities across Canada, and this means that the Eurocentric legacy that still permeates the curriculum, and that is inescapably present in the fact that white men invented all the disciplinary fields and produced almost all the knowledge in human history, must be discarded and replaced with the moral grievances of resentful non-whites.

It should be emphasized that the surveys conducted were specifically directed to “racialized minorities”. The intention was to encourage non-whites to complain as much as possible. This was not an honest, scientifically based investigation about the existence or not of racism. From the onset the atmosphere was overwhelmingly set against any form of questioning.

It is from this angle that we can make sense of the claim that minorities generally did not feel “safe on campus,” that they felt an “exclusion and lack of belonging due to their race,” that they “fear reporting acts of racism because [they felt] as though the university will not respond effectively,” that “the Asian staff [felt they] were often scheduled to do the most difficult jobs…afraid to talk.”

ARWG Recommendations

 Among the recommendations proposed by the ARWG Report are the following:
  • The creation of a “zero tolerance” promotional campaign “that raises the profile of anti-racism on campus to a similar level accorded to concerns with sexual violence, anti-smoking, etc.”
  • “Facilitate the admission” of nonwhites and “support their success” as well as “the recruitment and retention of more racialized students, faculty and staff.”
  • Fund “the expansion of cultural and religious spaces for international students, staff and faculty.”
  • “Hire more support services to help faculty integrate anti-racist content and pedagogies into their teaching.”
  • “Increase the number of courses and programs focused on the study of and by racialized groups (e.g., Black studies, Indigenous studies, Jewish studies, Islamic studies, etc.).”
  • Hire more academics “who study race related subject areas and are able to provide more opportunities for students to study race and decolonization.”
  • “Mandate…interactive/experiential training for all faculty, staff and students” to “focus on teaching anti-racism and decolonization, antidiscrimination, anti-bullying, cultural competency, equity, diversity and inclusion.”
  • “Expansion of anti-oppression training to include topics related to understanding power/privilege, intersectionality, racial microaggressions, how to have difficult conversations, how to intervene and respond to incidents of racism.”
  • “Introduce specific bursaries and scholarships for racialized students to make it more accessible for them to attend Western.”
  • “Create research initiatives that advance anti-racism, equity and inclusion and intersectional analysis in research across disciplines.”
  • “Create an annual Anti-Racism & Social Justice Award to recognize students who distinguish themselves academically or otherwise in areas of social justice, anti-racism and community leadership.”

Philip Rushton

Keep in mind that these recommendations were made in early May 2020, a few weeks before the drugged out George Floyd died in May 26. When the looting by BLM spread in June, the President Alan Shepard glowingly portrayed himself as a man who understood that “the world is at a turning point” and that Western University was at the forefront in having already developed “a sustained strategy for tackling racism on campus and in the world.”

A barrage of announcements and declarations against “systemic racism” soon followed, including an official declaration disparaging the work of IQ scholar Philip Rushton, a faculty member at Western from 1977 until 2012, signed by the entire Psychology Department. All the 49 full time psychology professors accused Ruston’s work linking race and intelligence as “racist and flawed…from a scientific standpoint…based on an incorrect assumption that fuels systemic racism.” Races are social constructs. The only reason blacks exist is because racist whites “racialized” them.


This was followed by a university wide “Virtual Town Hall” on June 24, 2020, and by the appointments of Nicole Kaniki and Bertha Garcia as “special advisors on anti-racism”. Garcia is from Peru, and Kaniki is a black academic, a “specialist” in charge of “the equity, diversity and inclusion at BrainsCAN, Western’s $66-million neuroscience research initiative supported by the Canada First Research Excellence“. Kaniki and Garcia have less than mediocre publication records, in contrast to which Rushton stands as a supreme scholar who would have won major prizes for his book, Race, Evolution, and Behavior, in a fair and just society.

Black Alumni Want More Than ARWG Recommendations

But soon blacks from the past, that is, “a group of Black alumni, mostly first-generation university students, having attended Western in the 1980s-90s,” responded that the recommendations and the denunciation of Rushton “fail to mitigate the harm caused” by Western’s allowance of Ruston’s research. “The trauma some of us experienced while at Western [when Rushton was teaching] continues to negatively impact our lives to this day.”

In response to the “trauma” they suffered the black alumni went on to demand “Thirteen (13) Actions” “in addition to the recommendations set out in the ARWG Final Report”. What makes these additional demands different from the ARWG recommendations is that they call in a more direct for blacks to be in charge of the transformation of the curriculum at Western in the Arts and the Sciences.  They call for black personnel, academics, students, and BLM to be at the center of the research and the curriculum. They call for “endowed multi-disciplinary research chairs” dedicated to blacks and anti-racism. They want “critical Black scholarship” to be at the forefront of the research objectives of the university. Here are the key demands:

  • “Recruitment committees to be held accountable to increase the hiring of more Black faculty as well as faculty from underrepresented groups”
  • “An endowed multi-disciplinary research chair that focuses on the study of systemic, scientific racism and anti-Black racism”.
  • “The establishment of a robust first-generation curriculum for Black Students with resources and networks to support students through the college experience and beyond.”
  • “A mandated clause in Western’s ethics approval review system to prevent the acceptance” in the future of any racist research “across myriad disciplines”.
  • “Establish a process to review and redesign curriculum to be more inclusive of critical Black scholarship and Black studies particularly in the Department of Psychology.
  • “Develop pedagogical workshops for faculty to support practices of responding to and challenging the ways in which anti-Black racism operates within classrooms.”
  • “More diverse representation in your marketing and alumni communications highlighting the achievements of black alumni around the world”
  • “Black Presence on both the Senior Management Team and the Board of Directors”.

There you have it. The future of all Canadian universities, and we are moving at full speed towards this future. Expect the complete marginalization of white culture across all the universities in Canada. Expect the names of many buildings to be changed into names celebrating mediocre blacks and immigrants. Expect the history of Europe to be wiped out and replaced by the vastly inferior history of nonwhites.

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