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The Menace of the Under-Man is Real

On Friday 29 November 2019 London police fatally shot a Muslim terrorist after he stabbed several people on London Bridge. Two people were killed, and several others were wounded in an incident that saw civilians tackle and subdue the assailant before police arrived. The perpetrator, Usman Khan, who had been released on probation last year after serving time for terrorism offences, was wearing a fake suicide vest when he carried out the attack.[1]

There are seventy-three other convicted terrorists that have been released early in Britain; one of whom was re-arrested shortly after the London Bridge attack for fear that he, too, would carry out his own outrage. Hundreds of foreign fighters have returned to Britain after stints with ISIS and Al-Qaeda, while tens of thousands of other radicalized jihadis roam the country with impunity.[2]

The very same day, in the Netherlands, five hours after the London incident, an unidentified man stabbed three people in one of The Hague’s shopping districts.[3] Dutch police arrested a 35-year-old homeless man but did not reveal his identity; the victims, one 13-year-old boy and two 15-year-old girls, were treated in hospital and released on Friday.[4]

Meanwhile, in Winnipeg, Canada, a suspect named Bai Farama Koroma stole a fire truck and led police on a chase that ended with officers deploying several tire-deflation devices to halt the pursuit. Ultimately, Koroma was tasered and taken into custody.[5] During his vehicular rampage, Koroma attempted to hit pedestrians in Winnipeg’s Central Park.[6]

In Stockholm, Sweden, a day after the attacks in Britain, the Netherlands, and Canada, a 29-year-old man crashed a vehicle through the wall of a gym hosting a youth handball match. Authorities later revealed that the accused had written a letter to Osama Bin Laden.[7]

And on December 6 a Saudi national training at the Pensacola Naval Air Station killed three and wounded eight. His manifesto decried U.S. violence against Muslims.[8]

The Under-Man

He loves diversity

It was once the first duty of sovereign states to secure their borders to keep enemies at bay, but now borders are anathema to a globalized West hell-bent on its own destruction. Now in the West, the Under-Man lives in our midst thanks to genocidal immigration intake and our authorities’ refusal to allow police forces to act with appropriate violence toward scoundrels.[9]

Importing a dependency class that does nothing but reap the benefits of our generous welfare and refugee systems is bad enough; but what happens when foreigners decide to rise up and attack the very society that welcomed them? The result is internecine conflict, civil war. It began with a constant spate of “low-level” street crime and will inevitably escalate into full-blown conflict. Theodore Lothrop Stoddard spoke presciently about the Under-Man’s impact on civilization; and we are now seeing that impact on our televisions, in the news, and in our streets. We are at the point now where much of the West is in the midst of what some might call “low-intensity” conflict, asymmetrical warfare or even fourth generation warfare.

In his book The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under-Man, Stoddard contends that civilizations impose increasing levels of complexity on their constituent members, some of whom are unable to cope with the burden and become a drain on society. Contrary to a state of nature, where such individuals would be eliminated, civilization enables “many weak, stupid, and degenerate persons to live and beget children.” These individuals and their offspring, whom Stoddard labels Under-Men, are attracted to what Kevin MacDonald calls “revolutionary egalitarian palliatives” which are “aimed at destroying those who are more talented than they are and bringing society down to their level.”[10]

The Revolt Against Civilization is a dire warning, which is especially important to re-examine today because it analyses the destructive ideologies – those revolutionary egalitarian palliatives – of the time. Anarchism, Nihilism, Anarcho-Syndicalism, Marxism, Bolshevism, which Stoddard discusses, live on in present-day Islam, Anti-Fascism (Antifa), Black Lives Matter, Leftism, Multiculturalism, Cultural Marxism, Liberalism and Globalism. Stoddard would have recognized today’s Muslim terrorists, migrant gangs, and Antifa thugs for what they are: Under-Men foot soldiers envenomed by hostile ideologies. Not only did Stoddard identify the dire threats that were assailing the West during his time, but he offered up tangible defensive solutions for the Western world including the defensive use of eugenics.

Our cities across the Western world have been overrun: the migrant populace that have taken up residence in Canada, The United States, Britain, and throughout the West are a menace. Stoddard, writing in the 1920s noted that

many a promising civilization has been ravaged and ruined by barbarians without the wit to rebuild what they had destroyed. Today, the progress of science may have freed our own civilization from the peril of armed conquest by barbarian hordes; nevertheless, these peoples still threaten us with the subtler menace of “pacific penetration.” Usually highly prolific, often endowed with extraordinary physical vigor, and able to migrate easily, owing to modern facilities of transportation, the more backward peoples of the earth tend increasingly to seek the centres of civilization, attracted thither by the high wages and easier living conditions which there prevail. The influx of such lower elements into civilized societies is an unmitigated disaster.[11]

Migrants are not here to enrich our already overcrowded cities; it is for another nefarious reason. They are here to wage another front in the war on Western civilization. In all things the West has been deconstructed: from politics, history and academia to public bathrooms and police forces. Nothing escapes the damning eye of subversion.[12] So why compound an already unstable situation by importing an alien dependency class with a long history of psychopathic disorder and outright war against the West?[13] It must be for the simple fact that our elites responsible for making these unprecedented policies hate us.


Ricardo Duchesne makes the compelling argument that mass immigration has become the most effective means to destroy the Western world, in a far more effective way than any other past revolutionary agent:

Cultural Marxists are now fully aware that immigrants can outperform any former revolutionary agent, workers, peasants, Third World guerrillas, feminists. Immigrants are not only a political force, but a demographic-racial force that will transform white nations into mongrelized post national states without any common identity other than deracinated masses of consumers grasping for identities in shopping malls and university halls.[14]

Apart from military invasions, never before in the history of the world has an assault been conducted on this scale with this much coordinated effort against the wishes of the native population: “There is no example in history of a people or a nation promoting its own replacement by foreigners from other races, religions and cultures.”[15]

From a social cohesion point of view, it does not make any sense whatsoever to allow a parasitic underclass into one’s country or to allow a radical criminal underclass to go unpunished. We live in a time, however, that features constant Leftist moralizing and the vilification of the shrinking White majority is par for the course. Whites have become an enemy class.[16] We are in a state of warfare whether we acknowledge that fact or not.

Cities have turned into teeming Third World slums because of a twisted moral mandate from on high. A blind eye is turned when native White stocks are displaced in the traditional homelands of their ancestors so that our hostile elites can tell us just how good we have it, all under the banner that “Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength.” A mockery is made of our founding fathers, our ancestors, our heroes. Anything resembling the heroes of the past, any vestige of their greatness, is attacked relentlessly.

Stoddard warned of this weaponized use of criticism as an integral precursor to successful revolutionary action: “Before the revolutionary onslaught can have any chance of success, the social order must first have been undermined and morally discredited. This is accomplished primarily by the process of destructive criticism.”[17] Stoddard goes on to write:

Destructive criticism…inveighs against current defects in a bitter, carping, pessimistic spirit; tends to despair of the existing social order, and either asserts or implies that reform can come only through sweeping changes of a revolutionary character…Destructive criticism, in its initial aspect, is little more than a voicing of hitherto inarticulate emotions– a preliminary crystallization of waxing dissatisfactions and discontents. Its range is much wider than is commonly supposed, for it usually assails not merely political and social matters but also subjects like art and literature, even science and learning. Always there crops out the same spirit of morose pessimism and incipient revolt against things as they exist—whatever these may be.[18]

This critical propaganda floods our culture by way of a complicit media. Academics and reporters, politicians and advertising executives are all complicit in the widespread deconstruction and sundering of the West. Stoddard recognized the decisive role of persuasive revolutionary propaganda:

The modern social revolutionary movement dates from about the middle of the eighteenth century. Ever since that time there has been flowing a continuous stream of subversive agitation, assuming many forms but essentially the same, and ever broadening and deepening until it has become the veritable flood which has submerged Russia and which threatens to engulf our entire civilization. Its most noteworthy achievement has been the working out of a revolutionary philosophy and propaganda so insidiously persuasive as to weld together many innately diverse elements into a common league of discontent inspired by a fierce resolve to overthrow by violence the existing social order and to construct a wholly new “proletarian” order upon its ruins.[19]

There is no limit to the nihilism that besets our beleaguered culture. Monuments are torn down and replaced by meaningless abstraction. Transgenderism, homosexuality, childlessness, sterilization, abortion and insecurity have resulted in the catastrophic decline in white birthrates throughout the West. The convergence of all these seemingly disparate phenomena is for one purpose and one purpose alone: to destroy you. It is not right to be able to rape and pillage, extract and kill. It is not okay to deface, tear down and hector. It is not okay to replace us in our own countries. It is time to stand up and be counted. Stoddard admonishes the reader to oppose these sorts of destructive acts at every turn:

We must recognize once and for all that Bolshevism is not a peculiar Russian phenomenon, but that it is merely the Muscovite manifestation of a movement which had formulated its philosophy and infected the whole civilized world before the beginning of the late war. Thus, when in the next chapter we come to contemplate Russian Bolshevism in action, we shall view it, not as a purely Russian problem, but as a local phase of something which must be faced, fought, and mastered in every quarter of the earth.[20]


In addition to this opposition to Bolshevism in all its guises, wherever it becomes manifest, Stoddard offers up a more permanent solution to civilizational decay: the defensive use of eugenics. Eugenics is the science of race betterment.[21] Stoddard explains that eugenics “believes that heredity is the basic factor, and plans to improve the race from within, by determining which existing individuals shall, and shall not, produce succeeding generations.”[22] In short, it is the science of selectively breeding from the intellectually, morally, and physically fit. Stoddard quotes the work Applied Eugenics in order to outline an applicable eugenic program:

The problem of eugenics is to make such legal, social, and economic adjustments that (1) a larger proportion of superior persons will have children than at present; (2) that the average number of offspring of each superior person will be greater than at present; (3) that the most inferior persons will have no children; and (4) that other inferior persons will have fewer children than now.[23]

As Kevin MacDonald points out, Stoddard believed that eugenic policies were crucial: “To secure the future of the race, we must ensure that superior people have children and that “under-men” do not.”[24] A neo-aristocracy would be formed from this race improvement program. Stoddard writes:

The eugenic ideal is … an ever-perfecting super race. Not the “superman” of Nietzsche – that brilliant yet baleful vision of a master caste, blooming like a gorgeous but parasitic orchid on a rotting trunk of servile degradation, but a super race, cleansing itself throughout by the elimination of its defects, and raising itself throughout by the cultivation of its qualities.[25]

Eugenic reform was directly linked to racial improvement, which would in turn produce a government run by an elite devoted to “race betterment.”[26] The inevitable concomitant would be racial and civilizational survival and amelioration:

Such a race will imply a new civilization. Of course even under the most favorable circumstances, neither this race nor this civilization can come to-day or to-morrow – perhaps not for many generations; because, like all really enduring creations, they will be the products of a progressive, evolutionary process, not of flaming revolution or numbing reaction.

Yet this evolutionary process, however gradual, must ultimately produce changes almost beyond our dreams. Every phase of human existence will be transformed: laws and customs, arts and sciences, ideas and ideals, even man’s conception of the Infinite.[27]

We ought to heed Stoddard’s warnings in order to defend our embattled civilization in the here and now. There is a striking similarity between events occurring in the present that Stoddard predicted, albeit in slightly different form, in the 1920s. Alternative media, news, and scholarly websites, which allow for the discussion of white interests and defensive strategies, are integral to the formation of a metapolitical war of position against a globalised leftist system that seeks our dispossession and displacement.


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