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Who Dominates? Useful Leftist Idiots Or Capitalist Cuckservatives?

Except for the mentally impaired academics in charge of our universities, everyone knows that both the Socialist Left and the Capitalist Right support mass immigration and the complete diversification of the Western world. While there are some important differences worth noticing in the way these two sides go about justifying immigrant diversity, both sides have come to agree on the essential goal of bringing about the elimination of national white identities. But which side holds the upper hand? Does Capitalism require immigration and diversity?

It does not. Capitalist nationalism prevails outside the West. Diversity has become the official ideology in the West because the Left controls the culture of the West, and the elites in charge of capitalism are hostile to any form of national identity among whites.

The Left

The Left believes that diversity is crucial to the elimination of racism and that racial diversity, the co-existence of many races within Western nations, will bring an end to human conflict and launch a new epoch of social harmony. The Left believes that the very existence of Western nations with white majorities is a form of “white supremacy”. Bigoted whites are the only roadblock to the creation of beautiful nations where diverse races dance, eat, and study in a state of permanent happiness.

The Left has no problems whatsoever with the existence of nations that are racially homogeneous as long as these nations are not majority white. Only whites are inherently racist. The Left has an adoring view of non-white immigrants as naturally benevolent individuals, and it has decided that immigrants are the most important agent to bring about racial diversity and create a future utopia.

The Left also claims to be fighting for the human rights of everyone, the right of refugees and poor immigrants to escape the ecological degradation, poverty, and violence whites created in the Third World. It believes that it is immoral for whites to inhabit the wealthier nations of the world without sharing their wealth with the non-whites exploited by imperialism. Immigration is a great tool to balance per capita incomes across the world by releasing population pressures in the Third World and encouraging otherwise greedy whites to share their economic pie with non-whites. The Left views immigrants as a new voting block that can ensure the realization of their socialist dreams for a race-mixed world inside all white nations. It also believes that whites who are attached to Western culture are xenophobic and parochially minded. Whites must become “global citizens” who care as much for what is happening in Africa as what is happening in their own neighborhoods.

The Right

The Right focuses more on the economic benefit immigrants bring to their shareholder earnings in terms of lower wages, increases in the total market value of goods and services generated from a growing population, increases in real estate development, shopping malls, highways, and dollar stores. It cherishes docile leftist consumers and workers without a strong national identity who can identify with any generic global brand. It knows that immigrants prefer to shop in COSTCO and Walmart than in small stores rooted in the history of white nations. Corporate heads and bank managers love academic ideas about inclusiveness and diversity, a universal-ingroup identity in which humans from all races and sexual orientations become equally attached to their banks, FB pages, Google searches, and Twitter accounts.

The Right also claims that a “looming demographic disaster” is awaiting the West if the borders are not set wide open to mass immigration. The West is facing diminishing levels of economic growth due to declining proportions in the working age population as a result of fertility rates persistently below replacement levels. The current average fertility rate in the West of about 1.3-1.5 children per couple, in combination with an aging population and rising life expectancy, are creating an unsustainable “dependency ratio” in which an expanding retired population (65 years and over) is becoming tenuously dependent on a shrinking working age population that will find it ever more difficult to generate the taxable income necessary to the expenditures of the government.

Unless Western nations continue to accept masses of immigrants at continuously higher levels, the West will face a shortage of skills in high tech companies. Immigrants are also willing to do jobs in the low skill sectors that whites are “unwilling to do”. Immigrants bring entrepreneurship, eagerness to work, and overall economic well being. Without immigrants, the Right warns us, the West will be unable to compete in a world market that is increasingly dominated by the Asian nations. The Right estimates that 100 million immigrants will have to be brought into Europe by 2050 in order to avoid a “population disaster.” In the case of Canada, it has called for an annual intake of about 450,000-500,000 to produce a population of 100 million by the end of this century in order to keep Canada “prosperous”.

The Left/Right Convergence

But just as the Right has come to love diversity, the Left has come to love the argument that immigrants are essential to the economic well-being of Western peoples. No long ago the Left cared about the plight of Canadian workers and about foreign ownership of Canada’s resources. But now it has embraced the corporate argument about declining fertility rates while tweaking it in a slightly socialist direction to argue that without incessant immigration the welfare state will be threatened. Immigrants are essential to sustain day care centers for working mothers, pensions for the retired, and senior homes.

The Right is afraid to call for increasing fertility rates among its own national population. It fears the moral wrath of a Left that hates the very image of white heterosexual couples with happy children. It views white families as a continuation of “heteronormativity” or the belief that the preferred form of sexual and marital relation is between a man and woman. Teaching children that heteronormativity “is a bad thing” is now a key principle of the Left. The Right may quibble about challenges to the traditional conception of the family, but in the end the Left and the Right have joined hands in calling for mass immigration to ensure the economic well being of Western nations. They have come to agree that diversity is the most important objective and that a white national identity is a horrible thing that must be “rooted out” permanently.

Who has the Upper Hand — the Left or the Right?

Some will say it is definitely the Right: The raison d’etre of globalization is the expansion of capitalism, not the expansion of diversity. Transnational corporations, the WTO, Asia Pacific, INGOs, huge financial networks and rootless elites, are the ones in the driver’s seat pushing for open borders and a highly mobile and docile labor force. The Right may have embraced all the leftist talk about the plight of refugees and “good global citizenship,” but what matters to the Right is the economic mobility of capital and the maximization of profits. The “humanitarian ideals” of the Left are merely a “façade”, a way to enhance the attractiveness of global capitalism. Leftists are “useful idiots.”

But can anyone deny that the Left is in charge of culture, and that whichever side controls culture, ultimately controls politics and economics? The Left is behind new definitions of the family, gay rights, black civil rights, diversity in education, right inside every institution, in charge of the “the hearts and minds” of millions of young whites, always pushing traditionalists on the defensive even within conservative parties. The Left controls the moral terms of the debate, the key questions in the media, almost all the cultural organizations, the universities, primary and secondary schools, churches, journals and publishing houses. The Right fears the moral outrage of the Left. There are more cuckservatives in the capitalist Right than useful idiots in the Left.

Is it not obvious that capitalist globalization is happening across the non-Western world, Japan, South Korea, China, India, Mexico, where ethnocultural identities are taken as normal facts of the nation’s existence? Many advanced Asian nations are facing the same low fertility rates as Western nations but none of them are calling for massive immigration. The international mobility of capital and maximization of profits in the non-white world has not necessitated the miscegenation of its peoples. Capitalist growth in the non-Western world, and still in Eastern Europe, has come along with “anti-migrant populism” and “far right nationalism.”

The Left dominates the Right.

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