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Micro-Schooling: An Interim Strategy Before The Final Exodus

The current elementary and secondary school system in Canada is predominantly tied to a Cultural Marxist agenda. This agenda aims to indoctrinate Canadian youth towards blatantly anti-white ideologies. Traditional white families who wish to have their children educated alongside wholesome family values are becoming more and more disadvantaged. And every year the demographic enrollment trends change. White students are fast becoming visible minorities in public schools who only fifty years ago were all white.

Furthermore, due to recent Orwellian health scares, school boards are mandating liability measures. Children are required to wear masks and limit their proximity around closed or restricted areas. The trauma of inducing a bubble boy mentality will do irreparable damage to a child’s psychology. Children will be programmed to obey future “Simon Says” interventions by their globalist overlords. Schools could arbitrarily shut down and reopen repeatedly over a course of years creating long-term uncertainty and anxiety. Virtual learning from home could be an intermittent if not permanent regiment during the school year depending on the whims set forth by the government and World Health Organization. Nothing is certain. The precedent has been set.

Now is the moment to re-evaluate whether the public school system remains a viable option for white families. So much has changed both socially and politically that reverting back to a one-room schoolhouse doesn’t seem that antiquated. By regaining control of our children’s education we can preserve the values that are important to us and at the same time immerse our youth in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable associating with their own kind. A community-involved micro-school would not need to abide by the unelected mandates of the government. And families could agree to their own measured response on how best to address health and safety concerns. It is after all their children.

If herd immunity is practiced as was the case in Sweden, our children would not be forced to live like this

The micro-school system is not a new phenomenon. It has been widely adopted in various western countries for nearly a decade. It usually consists of one teacher and approximately fifteen or less students ranging in age between six and fourteen at the elementary level. The high cost of tutors and the inconvenience of home schooling created a need for an alternative option in lieu of more expensive private schooling. The benefit of individualizing the criteria upon what a child learns offers many advantages over other school systems.

Teaching can be more hands on rather than lecture based. The micro-school can create a hub for young and old alike to form bonds. This may reduce discipline issues that might otherwise stem from a child’s desire to seek attention. The school can be more connected to the real world and be ready to adapt to better and more advanced learning curriculums that are accessible online. This would work in contrast to the public school system, which is burdened with their slow moving bureaucracies.

The logistics of putting together a micro-school would have to be on a case-by-case basis. However, the licensing requirements are as simple as creating a corporation at the federal level. This through an online fee of $200 with no accreditation required. One could optionally accredit the school later by applying online to an international accrediting agency. For lower overhead costs, the school administrator might reach out to rural or local churches to rent space. Choosing a location near a predominately white suburb might make it easier to draw in more students.

For inner city whites, car-pooling or bus transportation might need to be considered and this could be something to arrange as an added cooperative expense. The cost of tuition would obviously be a concern, however it would be a lot more affordable than an independent school which on average costs at least $12,000 per year. Since these private and independent schools work on high profit margins, a micro-school could bring the cost down by at least seventy-five per cent. This would make it more affordable for a family with two children, paying at most $5000 per year rather than paying over double that amount for one child in an independent school. Moreover, this would be an excellent family business for a white ethnocentric couple and their young children. A four year debt ridden teaching degree from a Canadian Marxist university would not be required.

Above is an ‘enriched’ class of diversity and below is an unenriched class of ‘colonial oppressors’

The outlying challenge of this micro-school over any other is the uniqueness of its necessity to select for white student applicants. Fifty years ago, there would never have been a need to adopt exclusive policies on tuition. The cultural Marxist establishment went to war on whites to undermine the will of the people and inundate our communities with an unending stream of non-white foreigners. They continue to engage in both overt and covert ways to select for opportunities against the upward mobility of whites. Although the current charter of rights prohibits a business to “discriminate” on the basis of race, other ethnic schools circumvent this through a loophole in religious affinity. Since whites have varying religious beliefs, they are not able to use religion as an excuse. In this regard, the administrative vetting of student enrollment would have to be inconspicuous. Obviously it could never be spoken that the school is looking to only enroll white students. Just like it would never be spoken to let loose a state secret during times of war. And we are at war, a cultural and racial one. The riots speak to this.

A good strategy in vetting for exclusion would be to incorporate a “waiting” list measure. Student enrollment would always have to be on a waiting list basis regardless of the applicant. In this way a family of non-whites could apply to the school (potential Antifa sting operation) and they like everyone else would be told they are on the waiting list. It does not need to be disclosed what the maximum class size is for that year. It could be flexible and the application for enrollment would not need to be dated. A one-to-one preliminary orientation with each interested family would help to determine candidacy. Euro-Canadian families would later receive notice of a new opening.

Demo of a micro-school class image:
Micro-Schooling is currently being practiced in large Canadian urban centres. I wonder why?

On the promotional front it would be important to incorporate advertising that also aims to be ethno pluralistic. Having advertising imagery showing only white children would send a clear message of what type of applicant the school is looking for. Using literature that employs words like heritage, tradition, morality, mother, father and drug-free would seek to define the underlying culture the school aims to encourage. Handing out advertising brochures to white parents in majority non-white schools during parent teacher nights might help a parent to consider a new path for their child’s upbringing. We do need to be creative.

In conclusion, it is very clear that one of the greatest obstacles to forming our own white communities is the schooling system. If it is currently designed to racially work against us, it will be encouraging a multicultural attitude in our children that will make it difficult for them to later collectivize towards a separate space. They will not have the experiences of growing up in a unified ethnic or racial environment and therefore will have less of an incentive to preserve their identity that was formed around those experiences. By taking a smaller intermediate step of segregating our children’s schooling we are preparing them for the final exodus. This can either be a disorganized white-flight panic or an organized movement championed by a racially exclusive micro-school system

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