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Council of European Canadians: Plans For The Future

The Council of European Canadians was founded six years ago. Our readers have expanded steadily and substantially since. We have plans to expand our metapolitical activities. The funding you have sent us over the years has been used effectively to cover expenses associated with running the blog, fees and technical assistance, as well as financing meetings and lecture talks in major cities across Canada.

Last January we asked for donations after we were notified by our internet provider that they were giving us one month to find another provider to register our domain name. We did not want to be pushed into the dark web so I paid someone to transfer to a new domain platform. This was done successfully.

However, I did promise our readers this past February that would be undergoing some major renovations. Unfortunately the person who agreed to do this never completed the work. Since I am not qualified for web development and designing, I decided to leave as it is for the time being. To the persons who sent us donations for the purpose of upgrading our blog, be assured that these donations have not been spent. I will eventually upgrade the Eurocanadian website once I find someone I can totally trust with this kind of job.

Unlike most members of the dissident right who have websites, I don’t live off I don’t need to be financed to write, edit, and keep this website running. Therefore, the money sent to CEC goes directly into the activities of CEC.

Still, we need a lot more funding to expand our activities. The globohomo establishment wants CEC dead. Paypal cut us off last summer, then Amazon and Facebook. I have been personally attacked in numerous ways. The amount of financial support we are getting  is very low. If the dissident right in Canada is to become a real political player it needs your support.

I have some plans in mind, but would also like to hear from you guys what actions you would like to see done.

I am seriously considering a documentary on the plight of EuroCanadians, how they feel about their replacement, the constant attacks on their history, living in cities overwhelmed by diversity propaganda. I am particularly interested in bringing out how EuroCanadians express their racial identity in ways that are implicit, without being overtly conscious about it, in their day to day activities. The goal is to portray EuroCanadians as a real people with their own character, concerns, and outlooks — against the parodies, the hatred, the defamation you hear in the mainstream media.

I would also like to have a number of small, face to face, private meetings, for the purpose of considering the creation of an ADL-type organization for EuroCanadians. We dearly need an organization to fight the incessant hatred against Whites, counter misinformation against “White privilege”, fight online defamation of Whites as a race, bring out the incredible role Whites played in the creation of Canada, give EuroCanadians a sense of pride and dignity, expose anti-White lies in the media, in CBC, in our corporations, universities, schools, everywhere.

I would also like to start paying an honorarium to our writers for every article that is accepted in CEC. We need to start creating an atmosphere where dissident writers feel that there are opportunities on our side. The left has a massive infrastructure of donations and payouts.

We have an e-Transfer donation button.

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To individuals who prefer donating in other ways, please contact our CEC email:

We do need your support if we are to protect and enhance the ethnic interests of EuroCanadians!


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