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Notes From The Black Lives Matter Protest In Vancouver

I attended the black lives matter protest in Vancouver about a week ago. What I found most interesting was the way that they tied together aboriginal liberation, black liberation, and third world liberation movements.

The protest started near Waterfront Station. I arrived thirty minutes early. I’d say twenty-five percent of people were wearing masks. Volunteers walked around handing out masks I guess because they have to continue the illusion that the official narrative about COVID is correct. It wasn’t very long ago that we were told that if we left our house we would put our entire family at risk and even if we didn’t have symptoms we could pass the disease around. Last week the WHO quietly mentioned that they were mistaken and that if you don’t have symptoms you probably don’t have COVID.

I think we were given masks because pictures of thousands of people marching down the street without masks would delegitimize the COVID lockdown and make people believe in COVID “conspiracy theories”.

The demographics were mixed and skewed on the young side. It was mostly black, white, and Hispanic as far as I could tell. There was a smaller number of Asians and very few Indians. The only Indians that I saw were a group of confused youngsters wearing Khalistan shirts.

When the protest started there was a group of black women in the back of a truck with a megaphone. At that point there were several thousand people crowded around with signs. Volunteers walked around handing out BLM shirts.

I didn’t take one.

The main speaker was a very militant fist in the air aggrieved Sudanese woman. Her story was that many members of her family were child soldiers in the war for the liberation of South Sudan. For anyone that doesn’t know South Sudan is where the oil is and the Sudanese war was an internationally funded liberation movement to sponsor rebels that would take control of the oil rich South.

She gave a long diatribe about colonization and imperialism. It really felt like a Kenyan Mau Mau rally. That’s really the vibe that I got. We white Canadians are imperialists but Sudanese immigrants are not. We are settlers but Sudanese immigrants are not. We are colonists. They are not.

What was interesting to me is that she gave a long speech about how Canada belongs to the First Nations people and nobody else and that Canada needs to be decolonized. I thought – this is an immigrant from Africa – why is she saying that nobody but First Nations people belong here?

The answer is that they don’t see themselves as immigrants or even Canadians. They see themselves as part of a global racial revolution and she is here to liberate blacks and aboriginals.

She shouted “our skin used to be currency, never again!”

The subtext: black Africans that never experienced slavery are victimized by slavery and we as Canadians (a country that never had slavery) are guilty of her slavery trauma. It’s the globalization of black grievance. She is a victim of slavery even though her ancestors never left Africa. And, we white Canadians are perpetrators of slavery even though Canada never had slaves.

It should be obvious why this kind of thinking is extremely dangerous.

Then she went off about the police. There was several back and forths with the audience yelling “fuck the police”.

As a Canadian I thought “why are women like her not considered colonists? She is a first generation immigrant that came into a civilization that she did not build and is immediately trying to take it down.”

The answer, I guess, is that you cannot colonize a civilization built by Europeans. All Europeans are evil, their civilization is evil, and the black-brown masses of the world MUST unite and wage a revolutionary struggle to free the world of white oppression. They are taking down our civilization to make the black-brown world safe from us.

They are here to liberate Canada from whites in the same way that the US military was in Iraq to liberate the Iraqi people from Saddam.

This is very dangerous.

The other speaker was an “indigenous” woman from Gary Indiana with a tri-racial Puerto-Rican mom and black dad. She looked kind of like Oprah Winfrey. Her job was to tie black liberation together with aboriginal liberation. She gave a long speech about missing and murdered women, police killings of aboriginals, aboriginal victims of Willie Pikton (subtext: white police AND regular whites are solely responsible for violence against aboriginal women).

The next group was a group of aboriginal allies that gave short speeches and then did an aboriginal style drum circle. What was interesting about the aboriginals is that none of them were purebred. Half of them were white-mixed and the other half were mulattoes. All of them had a strong aboriginal identity. They were dressed in aboriginal clothes – one looked like Elizabeth Warren, one looked like a cast member from FRIENDS, three were mulattoes, and a couple of them looked like the kind of Hapas that you see in Seoul or Tokyo.

They all talked about their friends that had been killed by police, and aboriginal women that had gone missing, and the immense racism against aboriginals in Canada.

The most moving speech was from a woman that looked like Courtney Cox.

You could really see the way that the organizers are trying to bring aboriginals and blacks together as a revolutionary tool that is united in their oppression by white western civilization.

When they started drumming in the aboriginal style I was thinking about the absurdity of it all and I glanced to my left and made eye contact with a young mulatto fellow and he immediately burst out laughing.

When the drumming was finally over one of the Elizabeth Warren types took the mic and said “in my womb is an afro-indigenous baby”. Subtext: the only way to not be racist is to have a mulatto child. Even aboriginals have to get blacked to prove that they are not racist.

The audience roared with applause.

After that they gave the microphone back to the Sudanese woman that stood in the back of a truck. She told the blacks to get in front and the white cucks to stand in the back of the line and we would walk down Thurlow from Coal Harbour to Sunset Beach.

I like to think of myself as a Rosa Parks type, so I stood in the front with the fist-in-the-air aggrieved negros. I tried to make eye contact with the cucked whites that stood at the side of the road waiting for the blacks to get ahead so they could rejoin the line at the back.

I was honestly kind of scared. A lot of the men were big. They were built like NFL linebackers. Some of them had ski masks on. I kept having recurring visions of Reginald Denny getting ripped out of his car and brutalized during the LA riots. I worried that I didn’t bring a gun. What happens if I get sucker punched?

We walked down the street while the Sudanese woman shouted at us.

Why are we here?




I was in maybe the third row of people. Surrounded on all sides by aggrieved negros in ski masks. In front of me was a good looking young black girl in yoga pants. She had the kind of body one no longer sees among overweight black women.

The Sudanese woman shouted:


I didn’t say anything. I don’t love black culture.

The Sudanese woman shouted:


I didn’t say anything. I don’t like rap music.

I worried briefly that the people around me could notice that I wasn’t saying anything. Do they know that I don’t like rap? Am I going to get shanked? I wondered briefly if I should have shoved a couple of magazines into the waistband of my pants before I left home in case someone tried to shank me.

The Sudanese woman shouted:


I looked ahead at the young black girl in yoga pants. She had the best body I have seen in a while.

I put my fist in the air. “I LOVE BLACK WOMAN”.

The Sudanese woman shouted:


BLM Protest Vancouver

I looked ahead at the young black girl in Yoga pants. I wondered what kind of sports she plays and whether or not she has had butt implants. Maybe she was wearing butt pads. I couldn’t see any underwear lines.

My fist already in the air, I shouted: “I LOVE BLACK BODIES”.

The white cucks in the back – mostly women – were the loudest.

The signs people were carrying had to do with BLM, defunding police, ending white supremacy, and ending capitalism. One of the signs said “end racism and capitalism”. To me that sign was the most honest representation of the movement’s agenda.

When we got to Sunset Beach in the westernmost corner of downtown there was a stage set up and the protestors were funneled in front of the stage. By then there were way more protestors than when the protest started and I was able to get a good look at the demographics of the protestors.

What was most striking to me was how scantily clad the women were. They were all wearing short shorts, yoga pants, or spandex shorts, and the vast majority were wearing cutoff shirts revealing their midriff.

I could tell very easily that the women were presenting for their black gods.

The black men were mostly big and muscular. Lots of them looked like NFL linebackers. They contrasted markedly with the skimpily dressed women. I swear if had recruiters there they could have signed up a thousand women easily.

The non-black men were mostly effeminate soyboy types. I think that marching in the street on behalf of revolutionary blacks that want to behead us is pretty weak and “cuckish” behavior and you could make that observation visually very easily.

I didn’t stick around for the concert. I just wanted to see what the general atmosphere looked like.

My conclusions:

Black and Native American aboriginals are both fluid ethnic groups that take mixed race people into their community. They are both open identity groups that will take in anyone with ANY black or Native American DNA.

This in my opinion is something that we should learn from. If we can build a strong identity group we can pull mixed race people with European DNA into our own identity group so that they cannot be used against us as revolutionary tools by our enemies.

My second conclusion is that we should all understand that black and native liberation have been fused and the fight against “white supremacy” and “police brutality” in Canada has taken on a joint identity of aboriginal and black liberation. The powers that be have decided on those two groups as ideal revolutionary tools.

East-Asians and South-Asians will not be used as revolutionary tools in this way because they mostly get on fine in western civilization and are able to educate themselves and get good jobs. Convincing them that they are oppressed by the system that has afforded them a middle class life is a fool’s errand.

I saw some Asians watching from the side of the road and from their expressions you could tell that they thought the whole thing was a big joke.

The POC revolutionary coalition against white supremacy and against white racism is going to shrink a little bit and it’s going to become the black-aboriginal coalition against white supremacy. The mind behind black and Aboriginal liberation will be Jewish. They will produce the slogans, and organize protest movements, and give positive media coverage. They will also choose the Patron Saints of police brutality and make their names famous in the media.

This means that it is easy for us to pull East-Asians and South-Asians to our side because they are not being targeted with revolutionary propaganda and are not seen by the system as adequate revolutionary tools. It should be easy for us to make a case to them that they should not aid in overthrowing a civilization that all of us are well integrated into.

To blacks and aboriginals we simply have to ask: do you want the revolution that is being offered to you.

Do you know what it entails?

If the other side is offering them rap, drugs, endless excuses, handouts that are designed to get them dependent on the government, and an identity that is based around racial liberation so that they can overthrow our society and set up some sort of Orwellian Cuba scenario – we have to say – we can offer you something better. We can give you a free country, without drugs and crime, with free enterprise where you can get rich if you are smart and work hard, and where you are free to be more than either a rapper (the modern version of a noble savage) or a house negro of the revolutionary left.

If the “anti-racists” and “anti-fascists” are offering a Cuba scenario, I want to offer a Singapore scenario where all of the races live together in peace and are free to run business enterprises, with a government that is not obsessed with getting everyone dependent on government handouts.

To do that we have to say: white supremacy isn’t real. We did not engineer a society where only whites, Jews, Indians, and East-Asians can succeed. Whites are not trying to take over the world. Racism is a libel against whites.

And, ultimately, we whites are all good people and we just want to get along.

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