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Secession Is The Only Answer For Canada, And Why PEI Is The Best Option


When considering possible strategies for securing a white majority in Canada, whites are left with few options. However, one option — and one option alone — will allow for a realistic, effective, and legal pathway which will enable us to secure a future for white Canadians. In this article, I will provide three main arguments for why secession is the only reasonable way to secure a white majority in the great white North. Additionally, I will provide strong reasoning for why Prince Edward Island ought to be the prime destination of choice over any other province in the nation for pro-white separatists. But first, let us quickly go over why secession is to be considered in the first place.

Why the Need for Secession?

As I’m sure the reader is well aware, whites are becoming a minority in Canada, and soon we will represent but a small fraction of the overall demographics. Canada has gone from being comprised of a 96.3% white population in 1971, to only 72.9% as of 2016, and is projected to drop to 59.6% by 2036. As well, according to statistics Canada, 30% of all residents will be foreign born by the year 2036, as currently less than 10% of all immigrants who come to Canada originate from Europe, the US, and Australia — meaning that over 90% of Canada’s immigration is comprised of non-whites.

Furthermore, whites in Canada are projected to become a minority by around the year 2050. However, with respect to the major cities, the future is already here (see below). White erasure via population replacement is a very real threat, and secession allows us the opportunity to create a homeland for ourselves — one that can enable us to properly secure a future for our people. This is the prime motivation behind the push for secession.

How the Demographics of Major Cities Have Changed Over Time




Other Minority White Cities (2016 stats)

  • Mississauga – 42.3% white, total pop: 715,475
  • Scarborough – 27.5% white, total pop: 632,098
  • Vancouver – 48% white, total pop: 631,486
  • Brampton – 26.7% white, total pop: 433,230
  • Markham – 22% white, total pop: 328,966
  • Richmond Hill – 40% white, total pop 195,022
Massive Festival in Brampton Celebrating Diversity” = Genocide of whites

Contributing Factors to White Erasure

  • Immigration – Canada receives over 320,000 immigrants annually, 90% of which are not white.
  • Low white birthrates – continue to decrease, currently at 1.4 per woman, well below replacement levels.
  • Anti-white policies – makes it difficult for whites to succeed in the workplace and ultimately support a family.
  • Poor economic conditions in white rural areas – leads to depopulation and lower birthrates.
  • Fewer people are getting married and divorce rates are increasing – less likely people/couples will have children
  • Growing LGBT community – reduces the amount of hetero breeders per capita and ultimately lowers the birthrates
  • Abortions – (requires no explanation)
  • Miscegenation – (requires no explanation)

Observing both the severity and variety of these contributing factors to white erasure in Canada — combined with statistics regarding the demographic transformation of our major cities — it becomes quite apparent that the clock is indeed winding down, and it is only a matter of time before we see whites become all but extinct in Canada. Unless, we act soon.

Three Arguments Why Secession is Our Best Option

1. It is Legal and Realistic

Secession involves only the task of motivating red-pilled pro-whites to take action as opposed to convincing ‘normies’ and minorities to agree with us in the millions — which is what is needed to win a federal election. However, winning a provincial election in Prince Edward Island would require only the accumulation of 35,000-60,000 votes total, as the previous provincial election was captured with just 34,000 votes. Regarding legalities, the Canadian constitution permits provinces to secede so long as the Premier tables a formal request and the Canadian government sees the request is legitimate. The citizens of the province then have the opportunity to vote on whether they would like to separate or remain part of Canada. Additionally, ‘freedom of mobility’ permits Canadians to travel from province-to-province freely — so no roadblocks (pun intended) insofar as being able to migrate thousands to the Island province to assist in the push for secession.

Furthermore, we can point to the Quebec referendum of 95′ as historical and legal precedent to separate, which saw one of Canada’s largest and economically strong province of over 5 million fall just 10,000 votes shy of gaining their independence. Surely, the small Island province of PEI is less of a potential loss for Canada than Quebec, and surely the idea of separation is not “fantasy” — as some might like to claim. Despite separation perhaps seeming a tad extreme to some readers, given the facts, secession is truly a realistic option with respect to securing a white majority in the North.

2. Other Options Are Not Realistic

a. Winning a Federal Election? There is no realistic way for a truly ethnocentric party to win an election and do what’s necessary, in 2020. Restoring the demographics to allow for an 85%+ white majority would entail shutting down the border, deporting all illegals and many Canadian born minorities, imposing policies which would increase the white birthrate only, banning abortions and restoring the family unit — all within the next 10 years.

There is simply no realistic way to restore the demographics of the major cities because virtually all of them have already become white minorities. If we don’t have control of the cities, we don’t have control of the nation.

Shifting gears slightly, we can note that Maxime Bernier was the furthest to the right out of all the previous candidates in the last federal election, yet despite not going as far as suggesting ideas such as deportations and total border shut down, he didn’t manage to win a single seat and his People’s Party finished miserably overall. Bernier was the closest thing Canadians had to a true nationalist leader, and he failed. If we should learn anything from the previous federal election, it is that Canadians are not willing to vote for anything significantly right of center — certainly not in large enough numbers.

b. Small Communities? We cannot simply rely on building small pro-white communities across Canada while not assuming control of our own state. The state will forever seek to culturally enrich these communities so long as they control us. The multiculturalism act of 88′ ensures this. The liberal media, education systems, and diversity hiring practices, will inevitably reach and affect us. Furthermore, if we are limited to existing in detached towns or villages of pro-whites, we will not be able to regain control of our nations policy making, its foreign affairs, and overall role on this planet. We will still lack the ability to control or influence the country (border, economy, entertainment, media, social activities) if we don’t control our own state. Although building “communities” are needed in order to work towards a solution, cultivating scattered communes around the nation will not bring us to salvation in and of itself. We must secure a significant portion of land for ourselves and form our own state.

c. Civil War? It is absurd to believe that Canadian citizens will ever declare war on the government or initiate a violent or forceful revolution in today’s age. We’ve witnessed enough crap from the current Trudeau Liberal government and previous governments (including his father’s), yet despite the expedited deterioration of our once great nation, no one has done anything insofar as forming a physical revolt. Ziltch, nadda, nothing.

Moreover, the majority of veterans, military officers and gun owners (people most likely to initiate a revolution) will not fight along racial lines, so a civil war would not and could not bring about a state built upon the idea of securing a white majority. Furthermore, even if somehow a civil war did break out, and that’s highly unlikely, the odds of defeating the government would be dismal at best if we consider the military capabilities and resources that they have at their disposal. This is 2020, rifles and shotguns cannot win you a war against a state funded military.

Lastly, pushing for civil war is very dangerous and is a sure way to get our movement extinguished before it even has a chance to act. We live in a world of censorship and fear, so the last thing we want to do is get ourselves banned from all social media platforms and perhaps investigated by authorities. So let’s be smart and cautious about this and not wish for others to initiate what we would not be wishing to start ourselves.

3. Secession Benefits Everyone

Liberals, SJWs, LGBT, feminists, and minorities, will all be happy to expel the white nationalists from their communities so they can enjoy their multicultural, leftist “paradise”. It’s illogical for them to want us around and have us potentially affecting policy and/or the society in which they live while claiming to hate us so much. Furthermore, The Liberal Party of Canada and the NDP will be happy to get rid of so many right leaning voters — which would make winning elections easier for them. Secession would also allow for whites who prefer multiculturalism to remain in Canada if they so choose. It’s literally a win/win for everyone and this strategy does not force extreme policy onto any Canadian citizen. Every citizen maintains their liberties and democratic rights afforded to them by the state. Few, if any, would have a legitimate reason for opposing this idea — to claim otherwise is simply ignorant.

Why P.E.I?

Charlottetown, PEI

Let’s now explore the reasons for why Prince Edward Island should be considered the best location in which to secede. First, it is the most racially homogeneous province in Canada. PEI is comprised of a 98.6% white population, making it the most homogeneously white province in Canada. The importance of this goes without saying. (The number of minorities in the province is so low that Wikipedia lists the number of minorities in the hundreds; ex. 225 Chinese, 165 Jews.) Additionally, Prince Edward Island receives only 2,000-3,000 immigrants annually, which allows us to avoid the burden of needing to implement extreme policy in order to correct the demographics. Simply put, the demographics in PEI are already perfect.

Minimal Loss for Canada, Maximal Chances of Winning

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada geographically and has the lowest population of any province with only 156,000 people. PEI represents just 0.31% of Canadian GDP; only Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories are ranked lower. For these reasons, the state stands little to nothing to lose from letting go of PEI. As well, because of its small population, we have a realistic chance at winning a provincial election and referendum. This task involves only needing to persuade tens of thousands, as opposed to the millions that would be required on a federal level.

Growing Economy

Despite not exactly being an economic powerhouse, the island’s economy has grown significantly over the last decade in Aerospace, bio-science, information and communications technology, and renewable energy. Aerospace alone now accounts for over 25% of the province’s international exports at $355 million in annual sales. The bio-science industry employs over 1,300 people and generates over $150 million in sales. The backbone of the island economy is farming; it produces 25% of Canada’s potatoes. In other words, Prince Edward Island is ready for business!

A Wonderful Place to Live!

Citizens of PEI enjoy clean cities, fresh air, and access to beautiful ocean beaches. The province has a strong culture rooted in European identity which is cherished by the wonderful people of the Island. PEI also has the lowest crime rate in the nation and the lowest violent crime rate in Canada, as well. Overall, Prince Edward Island is simply a safe, clean, and beautiful place to live! Where else would whites rather call their new home?


Given the dire nature of the demographic transformation taking place across Canada, secession provides pro-white Canadians with the best chance at securing a white majority in the North because it’s realistic, effective, and can be legally done — while no other perceivable option evenly remotely comes close to fitting this criteria. Carrying this thought forward, because of it’s small homogeneous population and relatively low economic and geographical importance to the state — in conjunction with many other factors — Prince Edward Island appears to be the best location for us to form our “new Canada”, and I truly believe we can make it happen!


Many people see secession as a form of surrender — as if we’ve lost the war. But secession should not be viewed as a form of “giving up” or a sign of defeatism; secession simply allows us the chance to regroup and create a new prosperous world of our own. Although soil is important to me, and I’m sure it is to the reader, it’s not nearly as important as blood. Therefore, if we can sacrifice a bit of soil to save our blood, I’ll take that deal every time.

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