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Who is White? Who is European?

A question that I hear often in the white positive and white identity politics sphere is: who is European? Who is white?

I think most people understand that Southern Europeans and Northern Europeans are not exactly the same race. You can tell them apart visually. Both groups have different mannerisms and looks and temperaments. Both groups have been in contact with foreign blood. The migration of Anatolian farmers (from the Near East) starting about 7000 years ago left a clear genetic imprint on the southern  parts of Europe. Add to that Moorish rule and the Jewish sephardic element – who are themselves so mixed up that it is hard to tell them apart genetically from native Spaniards, and you have a people that are objectively a mixed race people.

Foreign blood into Northern European communities both at home and in the diaspora has happened much later because of racial separation and historical cultural prohibitions against race mixing (such as the one drop rule in America that meant anyone with one drop of foreign blood is not accepted in the community) but I think everyone understands the amount of foreign blood and mixing in Northern Europe and the new world these days. Quite a few white identifying Americans are castizos. Many Afrikaaners in South Africa are not strictly Dutch genetically. Even in Finland one of the louder voices in the white nationalist sphere is the mixed race Junes Lokka and his wife Tiina Wiik who has partial Sami ancestry . I am not particularly interested in arguing endlessly about race purity. There is some foreign blood among us. There’s not much we can do about it.

The picture below is of the Orania community in South Africa. You can see that even among these two race-conscious Dutch there is some foreign blood.

My position is that Southern Europeans and Northern Europeans – both of which have some amount of foreign blood – are all Europeans. They have a shared cultural and tribal history. Southern Europe had a huge influence culturally on Northern Europe. They are a part of a shared civilization and are deeply intertwined.

My last essay was an argument in favor of the creation by whites of an ethno-religious movement similar to Judaism.

The first big question if you want to create an ethno-religious movement for Europeans is: who is a European? Who is white?

To answer that question we should look at the Jewish example.

How do Jews tackle the problem of racial difference within their ethno-religious movement?

They identify the different races as “tribes” and unite them under the umbrella of their religion.

They basically say that the Jews that never left the Middle East are called Mizrahis. The youtuber Avi Yemini would be an example of a Mizrahi and we know that because his surname means “Yemeni” – meaning someone from Yemen – which is in the middle east. You can tell from his appearance that he is very middle eastern looking.

Jews that migrated into Southern Europe and took on the coloration of Southern Europeans came to be known as Sephardim. Alexandra Occasio-Cortez is an example of a Sephardic Jewess.

And, then the Jews that migrated further into Northern Europe and took on the coloration of Northern Europeans are the Ashkenazim. There are debates that some ashkenazim are descended from kazar converts in Eastern Europe (Henry Makow for example believes he is a Kazar) but that’s not a debate I will get into in this essay.

Bernie Sanders is an example of an Ashkenazi Jew.

You can see from the image that Bernie and AOC are objectively different races. The Jews solve the race problem ideologically by saying that they are different tribes (sephardi and ashkenazi) that branched off from a common ancestral group and are under the umbrella of their larger ethno-religious movement Judaism through which they have a shared culture, history, and religion.

Below is a screenshot from a livestream discussion between the British white nationalist Mark Collett who has a Southern European appearance and the American white nationalist David Duke who has a Northern European appearance.

You can see that they are objectively members of very different ethnic groups (if not race), as different as Bernie Sanders is from AOC.

When people argue about who is a European or who is white – can we not just do what Jews do and say that Northern Europeans and Southern Europeans are two different tribes of Europeans but those that choose to come on board can be united under the umbrella of a larger pan-European ethno-religious movement of the same sort as Judaism – which is able to unite what are objectively different races under the an ethno-religious identity?

My answer is “yes”. We simply have to create the philosophical justification in writing that will become part of the basis of our movement.

What about converts? Jews are a tribal people. The story goes that Jews are descended from a middle eastern tribe of merchant-moneylenders. They did not spread their religion by going to other lands and trying to convince other peoples to follow their god in the same way that Christians do. The religion was made for a specific tribal, racial group and their descendants which have gone on to migrate around the world and split into their own ethnic groups (mizrahi, sephardi, ashkenazi).

With a strong racial core present they do not proselytize but they will allow some people to convert. You can go to the synagogue and say “I want to convert” and they will choose whether or not they will indoctrinate you so that you can be brought into the fold. Meaning, they don’t take everyone that wants to convert and they don’t look for converts. They only take the people that they believe will be loyal to the Jewish people.

So, my question is if we create an ethno-religious movement, should we allow entry to people that are objectively not European in any way? This is not a decision that we can not make right now because we don’t have a community built that we can bring people into. It’s just brainstorming but I think it’s something that we should be thinking about.

My answer is “yes”. Some people that have proven loyalty should be brought into the fold.

The image above is Frank Raymond. He’s an Indian that grew up in England. He loves European people and is an outspoken advocate of the interests of European people. I first found out about the guy when he was on the white nationalist radio show Red Ice Radio.

If you have an ethno-religious movement that you have created to unify and strengthen the European people so that they can compete effectively as a group against other ethnic groups in our struggle for survival – should we say “no” to guys like Frank Raymond that want to be on your side?

My answer is we should say “yes”. We want to create something for Europeans that can aid us in our struggle for survival. That means that we are not interested in creating a movement that can absorb the entire population of India. But, I think if we have a strong European core it is okay to have a small periphery of “converts” that you have accepted under the umbrella of your larger tribal identity group.

Another example is Bechir Rabani. Like Frank Raymond, I learned about him when I heard him on the Swedish white nationalist radio show Red Ice.

He is an interesting character. He was a Palestinian that migrated into Sweden. He said when he got to Sweden he felt like he was back in Palestine because he believed the Swedish elite were largely Jewish and the Swedish people had lost political control of their country, had been beaten to submission, were largely demoralized, and were constantly being slandered by the mass media.

He said that he was expected to Join the POC coalition of the oppressed against their Swedish oppressor and his advocates were Jewish media executives and intellectuals. He said as a Palestinian it was too unbelievable to believe that Jews were leading a coalition against racism and against Islamophobia because coming from Palestine he knew that Jews hated them. There’s no POC coalition of the oppressed in Palestine. Jewish anti-racism groups like the ADL are not fighting for POC rights of the Palestines and the anti-racists aren’t fighting against Islamophobia in Israel, or the Israeli border wall. Nobody calls Netanyahu a white supremacist.

He became obsessed with the topic of Jewish influence in Sweden. He knew that Jews were the group primarily pushing for immigration into Sweden and that the pro-migration propaganda was created largely by Jewish journalists. He also believed that the anti-racism groups that were harassing Swedes for being critics of their own replacement were largely Jewish.

He became very frustrated. The image below is him at the house of a Jewish journalist that was known for pro-migration propaganda. The journalist would go to the homes of Swedes that had made comments critical of immigration so that he could harass them, and call them racist, and humiliate them.


Bechir said: why don’t we do the same thing. We can go to their homes and harass them and show the Swedish people “these are the people that are calling you racist and demanding you open your borders to people that hate you”.

Through his research he became obsessed with Olaf Ashberg – a Jewish-Swedish media oligarch in Sweden that was one of the biggest purveyors of “anti-racism” and pro-migration propaganda.

Bechir said that the Ashberg family made their fortune during the Bolshevik revolution by  being a conduit through which gold looted from Russia was laundered. He said “it looks like those grand humanitarians created a revolution in Russia by allying with the underclass and then after the revolution when they seized political control they looted the country”.

He believed that guys like Ashberg were attempting the same game in Sweden using race instead of class. By bringing in foreigners and uniting them as a coalition of the oppressed they could be used as a wedge against the Swedish people and the Swedish state.

He made a documentary about the Ashberg family that you can find on youtube. He died of “natural causes” shortly after the documentary was released at age 34.

I bring up guys like Frank Raymond and Bechir Rabani because my question is: can people that are objectively not Europeans be brought into the fold if they show loyalty?

As I said before, my answer is “yes”. The core of a European ethno-religious movement should be European but I don’t think it is dangerous if a smaller element at the periphery is non-European.

One of the fascinating parts about Jews is the way in which the different Jewish races will work together and use crypsis to achieve their goals.

White-passing ashkenazi Jews will often talk about their white privilege, white racism, and why Europe needs to keep its borders open. Tim Wise and Noel Ignatiev are two examples of “anti-racist” Jews that speak “as whites” against white racism and oppression of other groups. They will create intellectual justifications for why whites and white civilization is evil and should be overthrown. The Image below is of tweets of Jews speaking “as whites” against white racism and oppression. (note to the editor: you can find a higher resolution image in google images by searching “fellow white people”).

So, you have white-passing ashkenazi Jews saying “we whites are evil, we whites are oppressors, we whites are racist, and overthrowing white power and white civilization is morally good.”

Then you have brown Jews like AOC saying America is racist, white Americans are oppressors, we POC need to come together so that we can achieve power and true equality by overthrowing the racist system that oppresses us. You’ll notice that she frames herself as an underprivileged POC fighting against a racist power structure. She’ll say stuff like  “America is not ready for a poor brown girl from the Bronx to be president”. She doesn’t say she’s a rich and privileged New York Jew – she frames her identity as being an underprivileged brown woman of color fighting against a racist and oppressive system. So, she speaks “as a brown person” to the POC coalition in the same way that white-passing Jews will speak to whites as “fellow whites” against a racist system of oppression.

It’s very interesting how their strategy works and how they are able to use their racial differences for strategic political purposes.

For us, if we are able to integrate, for example, Southern Europeans and Northern Europeans we can do the same thing. Southern Europeans can speak as “fellow brown people” (or even fellow Muslims) about how they always thought white Europeans were oppressors but when they started researching the topic they learned that it wasn’t true. So, they can help to break the victim ideology as “fellow brown people” and “POC”.

Right now we are obviously a very atomized and disunited people. We don’t really have the ability to work as a unified group but it is important that we start thinking about how we can come together and how we can begin to exert our unified vision on the world.

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