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Dissident Whites Must Create Network Of Schools

I think there is a consensus that there is a high degree of subversion within our education system and mass media. Our next step should be to create an interlocking network of schools with a curriculum that is pro-White.

Part of the dispossession of Europeans both at home and in the diaspora has to do with brainwashing. We are taught that we are oppressors, that we are uniquely evil, that our history is something that we shouldn’t be proud of, that replacement of ourselves with foreigners is a good thing, that denying us opportunities in favor of “diversity” is a priority. These ideas are hegemonic. They are everywhere. And, separating ourselves from the hegemonic discourse and thinking clearly for ourselves is exceptionally difficult. Few people are able to separate themselves from the brainwashing of the mass media and education system and come to their own sensible conclusions.

This is all common knowledge.

The question is: how do we take control of our own minds if we know that brainwashing is used as part of the mechanics of our dispossession?

The answer is separation. We create our own parallel institutions where we can study history and create our own ideological counter-culture.

Ricardo Duchesne’s blog is an example of a parallel intellectual space where Euro-Canadians can talk about issues that concern us. It is a part of that ideological counter-culture. Likewise, in America Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents and Kevin MacDonald of The Occidental Observer run their own blogs centered around discussion of issues concerning European people.

I think these blogs are good. I’ve learned a lot from Ricardo Duchesne, and Kevin Macdonald, and Greg Johnson, but I think there is a point at which you are preaching to the choir. If only a tiny number of astute individuals “get it” – and really understand what is happening – nothing is going to change. You need the broader mass of people who are less intellectual by nature and are less able to come to sensible conclusions through self study to be brought into the fold.

You can only do that through an organized system of education.

My proposal is that we set up our own night schools and weekend classes where we can educate our young people with true history, and a positive sense of their own identity.

A lot of people that read blogs like this have learned a lot from guys like Ricardo Duchesne, Kevin MacDonald, Greg Johnson – and others.

What if we go beyond just reading the books ourselves and start teaching them to our own people in organized classes? Wouldn’t our kids be on firmer ground if they grew up reading the Uniqueness of Western Civilization, or the White Nationalist Manifesto, or the Culture of Critique Series as a teenager? A lot of us never learned this stuff until well into adulthood. Why not teach white positivity to people when they are in their formative years? Will that not give them a stronger sense of identity and a sense of strength and purpose that will allow them to successfully navigate an increasingly hostile world?

We all know that our education system and mass media are poisonous. We all come to blogs like this one because we want to reverse the effects of the brainwashing done to us growing up. Some of us will go further and read books. Some of us will go to conferences. And, many of us are able to successfully transcend the brainwashing.

The question is: how do you bring the broader mass of people to the same level of understanding? Going to conferences or reading books is meaningless if it’s only a small minority of people doing so. We need something that is very organized.

I saw a real life example of what I am talking about growing up in Winnipeg.

I grew up in Winnipeg in an area where fifty percent of the young people were Jews. Some of my Jewish friends went to history classes in the evenings and weekends at their local Jewish center. At the time I didn’t really understand why they did what they did. Why would they waste their time taking history classes that weren’t even necessary to graduate high-school? Now that I am racially conscious and wise to the shortcomings (and outright hostility) of our education system and mass media – I understand the logic of wanting to educate your own young people in an organized way so that they will have a positive sense of group identity and a deep understanding of their own history.

We can do the same thing.

My vision is an interlocking network of schools with a curriculum that you can teach a couple times a week in the evenings and weekends. Young people waste a lot of time growing up playing video-games, partying, smoking weed. It isn’t inconceivable that they could make time to read a few more books every year. Also, giving them something to do in the evening helps keep them out of trouble.

The question then is: how do you organize the funding of these schools? Where will they be? How do you solicit students? Who would be the centralized committee that decides the curriculum. From where do you choose teachers? How much do you charge?

These are all questions that need to be answered.

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