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Center for Jewish Affairs Lobbying To Impose “Hate Speech” Laws Upon White Canadians Who Question Their Replacement By Foreign Immigrants

There is a group in Canada attempting to change our laws by repeatedly lobbying our elected officials.

And no, it is not Muslims, or an Islamic group. This is CIJA, the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs. Consider it the Canadian version of AIPAC, trying to buy influence in Canada.

It is trying to enact hate speech laws, and criminalize criticism of their group, change immigration laws to make it easier to bring masses of foreigners into Canada. Not Israel, just Canada. In 2017, CIJA headed a Press Release announcing that “CIJA and more than 50 Diverse Community Organizations Unite Against Hate“. They never define what constitutes a “hate crime” but it is obvious that by “hate crimes” they mean primarily Whites who question mass immigration and the forced diversification of Canada.  They propose “policy recommendations for all levels of government”, including:

  • Establishing uniform guidelines for the collection and publication of hate crime and hate incident data
  • Creating training programs for public, police, and prosecutors that allow for more consistent and effective enforcement of hate speech laws;
  • The creation of dedicated hate crime units for all sizeable police agencies; and
  • New measures to monitor and counter the spread of hate propaganda, which often serves as a precursor to violent radicalization.

They have also argued that “Holocaust Education is More Important Than Ever“. They want more “Holocaust education” while pushing to make any questioning of their version to be viewed as an act of violence. The goal of this intensification of Holocaust education, they want us to believe, is “to prevent future genocide”. But in truth the goal is to create a climate in which Whites are disallowed from questioning their genocidal replacement across the Western world. After all, the diversity establishment admits (and welcomes) the fact that Whites will be replaced in most Western countries.

In short, the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs wants European style censorship and hate speech laws coming to Canada.

Members of Parliament, the Senate, Privy Council, and high level bureaucrats have been lobbied for decades. This cuts across party lines, and implicates the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, Greens, and Bloc Quebecois. John Baird, the ex-CPC Cabinet Minister, is a Director of the group.

Current members of the group include

  • Dan-Michael AbĂ©cassis, Director, Government Relations (Quebec)
  • David Cooper, Vice President, Government Relations
  • SHIMON FOGEL, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Sophie Helpard, Associate Director, Government Relations (Ontario)
  • Richard Marceau, Vice President, External Affairs and General Counsel
  • Martin Sampson, Vice President, Communications and Marketing
  • Jonathan Schneiderman, Vice President, Development and Public Affairs

  • Noah Shack, Vice President, GTA
  • Nico Slobinsky, Director, Pacific Region
  • Eta Yudin, Vice President, Quebec

What government departments or agencies are being impacted by the work that CIJA is doing? Well, here is the list that THEY provide. And it’s an extensive one. Does this seem like something harmless or innocuous?
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)
  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
  • Canadian Heritage (PCH)
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC)
  • Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT)
  • Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)
  • Competition Tribunal (CT)
  • Correctional Service of Canada (CSC)
  • Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC)
  • Elections Canada
  • Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)
  • Finance Canada (FIN)
  • Global Affairs Canada (GAC)
  • Health Canada (HC)
  • House of Commons
  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
  • Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB)
  • Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)
  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED)
  • International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
  • Justice Canada (JC)
  • National Defence (DND)
  • National Research Council (NRC)
  • Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)
  • Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada (OIC)
  • Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC)
  • Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)
  • Privy Council Office (PCO)
  • Public Safety Canada (PS)
  • Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC)
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
  • Senate of Canada
  • Shared Services Canada (SSC)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
  • Statistics Canada (StatCan)
  • Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB)
  • Transport Canada (TC)
  • Treasury Board Of Canada Secretariat (TBS)
  • Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)

While the public at large is appalled at the efforts by Islamists to change our laws (think Iqra Khalid and M103), CIJA is attempting much the same thing, only they are much more subtle about it.

For those of you who care about animal well being, CIJA is also trying to get a market for kosher food. No different (really) than the halal food that Muslims always demand.

I suspect (but cannot prove), that CIJA is behind recent efforts by the government to make it mandatory to be licensed to be in the media. It is one of the items they list in their lobbying information.

CIJA also lobbies on behalf of business and trade interests, and promotes increased trade with Israel. If that was all that it engaged in, I would see little issue with it.

Canadians should be shocked at what has been going on, and just how their politicians have kept it secret from them. This is only a short review. Please visit the links below for more information.

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