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The Coming Second Civil War: Part Two

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Multicultural Brazil has failed…America not Far Behind

The United States and Canada have obviously not reached this stage yet, but our futures can be seen in other nations that are further evolved in multiculturalism. One example, on this hemisphere, is Brazil. While the United States will not become majority-minority until 2042-45, and Canada around the same time, Brazil reached that milestone in 2010. For much of the 20th Century, Brazil presented itself as a harmonious racial democracy and a model for the rest of the world. Fat chance.

Brazil’s changing demographics demonstrated their power with the election of Lula da Silva in 2002 and his hand-picked successor, Dilma Rousseff, in 2010. Support for these two presidents – both members of the leftist Workers Party – was concentrated in the largely black northern half of the country, while opposition was concentrated in the mostly white south. Their victories depended on the nation’s changing demographics. Once elected, they rewarded their black supporters with substantial expansions of affirmative action and a new cash transfer system, called Bolsa Família, which disproportionately benefited Afro-Brazilians.[1] Not surprising.

Since then Brazil’s fortunes took a turn for the worse. Rousseff was impeached after a massive corruption scandal in 2016. Crime has exploded. Black activists now deride the notion of “racial democracy” and have become more militant on racial issues. An explicitly black political party has also appeared. Uh…oh…

This has corresponded with a similar backlash in the white population. The recently elected President, Jair Bolsonaro, is often referred to as the Trump of the Tropics. A white separatist movement called the South is My Country is drawing substantial support. Brazilians are losing faith in democracy and are becoming more receptive to military rule, if you can imagine.

In the southeastern Brazilian city of Juiz de Fora, Bolsonaro—also described as “the most misogynistic, hateful elected official in the democratic world” and “the world’s most repulsive politician,” so he must be OK, was nearly stabbed to death while campaigning. The Trump of the Tropics was down but not out. The perp was beaten to a pulp but alarmingly, in 2016 alone, 28 Brazilian political candidates were killed.[2]

Brazil is a nation scarred by over 60,000 homicides yearly for the past two years. One of every nine murders on Earth happens in Brazil and it currently has the world’s 16th-highest murder rate. Of the 25 nations with the planet’s highest homicide rates, all share something in common with Brazil—they are all either predominantly black or “Hispanic.”[3] Why would Americans want to import this dystopian nightmare into their nation?

The point, of course, is to describe the incredible division in the United States. Arguably, more so now than at any time in 150 years. The fundamental cause of this division is demographic change caused by illegal and legal mass immigration, and subsequent chain migration. If America is at war with itself over race, religion, the lady’s room, culture and therefore politics, how will they lead or unite the world and around what? As it stands now, without a house-cleaning, the American Century is over.[4] The United States will be required to launch their own Operation Condor. In Canada, we smugly assume we are superior to our southern neighbours but we’re not far behind. Canada is irrevocably entangled in this mess and it will bleed across our border.

In her book, The Demographic Struggle for Power, Professor Milica Bookman argues that whenever ethnic groups, races, nationalities or tribes live in the same territory there will be competition. Its usual form is to try to increase the numbers of one’s own group at the expense of others with the eventual goal, of displacing them and taking their territory. Each member of one’s ethnic group is a natural ally, and greater numbers mean political, economic, and military power. In a perversely maladaptive way, America is inviting these alien out-groups into their homeland.

Every group understands this, except whites obviously, and act accordingly and often violently. “The war of numbers may precede, accompany or follow the war of militias.” Bookman quotes a United Nations study to the effect that between 1989 and 1992 there were 82 separate wars (defined as organized violence that caused at least 1,000 deaths). Of these 82, 79 or 96% “took place within borders and among different ethnic or religious groups.”[5] Now that’s something for our kids to look forward too.

America is no longer a nation state and neither is Canada. We are more akin to consumer zones. We used to be white. Our histories are white and our identities are white but you dare not mention these things in the post-nation state. We have both been overrun with foreigners and any possible unifying identity other than “diversity is our strength” is now impossible. We have become a nightmarish shot-gun marriage between incompatible peoples with completely conflicting world views and teeming, third world tribes are now roaming free in our heartlands.[6] The population is now far too diverse to share any ideas about anything. America (and Canada) is now a “secular theocracy” of anti-racism.[7] Be careful or you, too, will get “Cherried.”

As a consequence of the rapidly changing demographics, I contend that America is spiralling into, and in fact, already engaged in a Second Civil War (CW2). It will be this Second Civil War that will trigger William Straus and Neil Hall’s “Fourth Turning”[8] and ultimately, secessionist movements and partition in America.

Survival Instinct

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 31% of Americans believe that they are likely to see a Civil War within the next five years, while 59% are concerned that Trump’s opponents will resort to violence (33% “very concerned”).[9]

There is no question that the level of polarization today in the United States, but not exclusively in America, is worse than it has been in 150 years. America is no longer united by culture, race, or language. Leftist students hate the Founders, officials destroy monuments to white men, and even the flag is controversial. Many American citizens believe it would have been better if whites never came to North America.

There seems no common or middle ground. There is nothing that President Donald Trump can do that would be approved by the left. Nothing. I was delighted by the weeping and screeching in November 2016 but it has turned into more than anger at Trump, and his family. Peter Fonda wanted to “rip Barron Trump from his mother’ and put him in a ‘cage with pedophiles’.[10] But Hunter Biden is off limits?

Left-wing thugs have been engaging in violence and threats of violence with impunity. They shut down speakers at colleges; block highways, bridges, and airport terminals; take over college buildings and offices; occupy state capitols; and terrorize individuals in restaurants and at their homes.[11] A 67 year-old Antifascist recently attacked an ICE facility and effectively committed suicide. Like the recent Dayton OH mass shooting, the perps were both “Leftists” so there was radio silence.

Antifa are almost never stopped, arrested, or punished. Police are reduced to spectators as they watch these mobs loot stores, smash windows, and occupy state capitols. Mayors, police chiefs, and college presidents seem to have no interest in stopping the violence. They are collaborating with ANTIFA and sympathize with the lawbreakers. The police, who never sympathize with thugs, are ordered to stand down by their chiefs. But the Left is doing what it has always done for more than 100 years since Lenin: blame others while they organize violence.

The larger issue, however, is the cost of America’s competitive and pathological altruism. In the U.S. there exists a very large sub-group who cannot and will not survive without being supported by welfare: Medicaid, food stamps, Section 8 subsidized housing, the dysgenic “WIC” program for women with infant children, “HEAP” emergency heating payments, (any idea how much it will cost to keep Somali, Nigerian and Syrian refugees warm in Toronto over the next 10 winters when they aren’t returning home for vacations, to marry an uncle or for FGM?), the earned income tax credit, “SNAP” supplemental nutrition, “TANF” temporary food assistance, supplemental security income, “AFDC” for families with dependent children, subsidized daycare, affirmative action, set-aside programs and subsidized public transportation.[12]

All these programs are largely paid for by working white people; average Americans. Largely heterosexual married white men with families; deplorables as they are commonly known. It shouldn’t surprise us that Kamala Harris and “Fauxcahontas” Elizabeth Warren, AOC, the Muslim Mafia, Cory Booker and others are now calling for race-based reparations for slavery. This could easily soar into the trillions of dollars. There are various formulae floating around but 40 acres and a donkey in 1860 times roughly 30 million eligible blacks could easily reach from $500 billion to over $2.5 trillion.[13] Thankfully, former President Obama would not be eligible. Keep in mind this is money that the U.S. doesn’t have. They’ll have to borrow more from China. Americans are becoming increasing resistant to these clarion calls for ever more handouts. They are approaching an inflection point.

The millions of third-worlder’s invading America have no choice; they can’t survive or barely survive without white people; without the aforementioned “affirmative action” programs, without agriculture, science and medicine. They have no meaningful work apart from jobs created by various levels of government to support themselves and their babies’ mommas and their drug habits.[14]

When you consider the taxes paid versus the consumption of government services of all kinds, those groups that are givers and those that are takers are clear to see. White people, per capita, contribute by the payment of taxes an average of +$2,795 per year. Blacks and Hispanics per capita contribute <$17,314>. This means that Blacks and Hispanics take out of the economy $17, 314 more per capita than they put in with taxes paid. This creates a short-fall that has to be made up by other people or corporations; the “givers,” who pay more taxes than they might otherwise owe because of the deficit generated by the takers. A stark way to word this is as a counterfactual: but for the presence of Blacks and Hispanics, the U.S. would have a budget surplus each year.[15] If you are a white American, over the course of your lifetime the federal government will, on average and on your behalf, “transfer $384,109 of your wealth and income to a single black individual. America is pursuing an illusion: the impossible, illogical and insane goal of equality, at any cost.”[16] Guilt will only go so far.

And President Trump still has not brought an end to birthright citizenship with the executive order he promised. Today there are 4.5 million anchor babies in the U.S. exceeding the 4 million American babies born every year. The cost of this is a staggering $2.4 Billion/year just for hospital costs.[17] The Chamber of Commerce wants cheap labour; the Church wants “souls” to fill the empty pews and the Democrats need votes to seize power.

This is not “politics as usual.” In normal politics, there is equilibrium. A win for Republicans in one cycle is likely to herald victory for Democrats in the next, and vice versa. When the wins begin to appear permanent, however, the equilibrium is lost. In Canada, the Liberals hope to achieve the same objective. The desperation of the survival instinct — the survival of the party’s political power, and for the survival of Euro-Americans — may tip the scale and make “war” an option. In fact, war is already being waged.

Until the 1965 Immigration Act, Trumps’ “base” was America.

For the past 150 years, both dominant political parties were essentially appealing to “Americans.” There was some early religious friction, but on the whole, everyone spoke the same language, ate the same food, had the same mannerisms and heroes, worshiped the same God, and came from the same race. More recently, the Democrats began politically investing in racial, religious, and ethnic minorities generally, especially with blacks. This has subsequently expanded into LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP, religious minorities (Muslims), and Latino immigrants. Both legal and illegal.

At first glance, homosexuals and Muslims seem like odd bedfellows, given the Muslim predilection for throwing gay men off of buildings but from the perspective of the political powers that be, it’s perfectly sensible as a demographic coalition against the dominant power in the nation, which is white and Christian (Protestant) of Northern-European descent, especially, but European generally.

Unfortunately, this strategy crossed the ordinary boundaries of what people were historically willing to consider their “in-group,” based on self-identified nations. It’s a recipe for extreme civil instability. When the demographic blocs are genetic, rather than based upon intra-national issues, and when there are disparities in birth-rates between these groups, and then add massive waves of immigration, the political equilibrium is gone for good. The vacuum is filled by confusion, mistrust, resentment, and often by hatred. At the center of it all lies control over the most powerful military and economy in the world.

The Left’s investment in minorities united by their opposition to and increasing hatred of whites means that more immigration will lead to a permanent victory for the Left. If the Right manages to stem the flow of immigration, and reverses it, then it will win a permanent victory over the progressive Left. The permanence of victory and the high stakes of the game mean that no strategy will be off the table, including the possibility of war. 


“Invasion” Driving the Narrative

What do I mean by “war?” Will we recognize it if, or when, it happens? Is it really as likely as a third of Americans believe? It’s my view that war and invasion are no different and immigration and warfare are functionally identical.[18] Carl von Clausewitz described war as “the continuation of politics by other means,” which means that war can be waged without violence on a large scale.

Historically, war and migration were essentially the same, as in the great migration of peoples during the first few centuries after Christ; the Arab expansion after 632 AD; the Magyar invasion of Europe, the Mongol invasions of China, and the violent movements of many African tribes from one part of the continent to another. I have yet to hear an apology from any of those peoples. The treatment and sheer numbers of the African slave trade by Muslims dwarfs the North American experience and was absolutely horrific. It is stunning that there are no blacks in the Middle East today. Arab slave traders castrated, without anesthetic, virtually all young African male slaves.

It is also probable that our inability to detect warfare has to do with the disconnection between the images we associate with war and actual warfare. Imagine being invaded by hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people and having your hometown completely overwhelmed, but not realizing it was an invasion because the invaders were unarmed and on foot. We completely miss the war going on around us because we do not see tanks, helicopters, or uniformed men with guns. There won’t and hasn’t been, an official declaration. The actual outcome of a war is the change in the ruler. It’s a change in who governs whom.

The invaders, are being aided and abetted by various groups already inside the gates. There exists a caravan cartel of as many as 400 organizations and innumerable individuals that views sovereignty as an obstacle to the demographic transformation of the formerly “United” States. They include Christian and Jewish groups cloaking the destruction of America in humanitarian virtue.

The Catholic Church has been a significant funder of the recent caravans, paying for shelters along the route through Mexico. The parishioners are left in the dark, however. Their donations are facilitating human trafficking, violence, crime and the exploitation of cheap alien labour. It’s beyond comprehension that the Southern Poverty Law Centre joined the Catholic Church to file a brief with the Supreme Court arguing that all foreign Muslims have First Amendment rights to emigrate to America and practice their religion.[19] Before long it will be smug, arrogant non-whites telling Americans to get out of their new country. What are they (we) thinking?

Billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, his son Alex’s Jewish social justice non-profit “Bend the Arc,” Soros-backed “CREDO Action,” and the Soros-funded “Center for Popular Democracy,” “United We Dream” and “Make the Road New York” have all subsidized and stoked hatred of ICE and the Border Patrol.[20] They are funding the invasion and the war on ICE. Soros has set aside $18B of his $25B net worth to continue his legacy long after he is gone. This isn’t a conspiracy it’s a conspiracy fact, notes Michelle Malkin.[21]

Peter Brimelow calls it a “reign of terror” and it’s getting worse. Brimelow is of the opinion that the left is desperate that immigration not become a political issue. “Their intention is to elect a new people…and they want to prevent America from waking up and stopping it.”[22] It brings to mind G.K. Chesterton’s quip that “It’s terrible to contemplate how few politicians have been hanged.” The advocates of multiculturalism, diversity and globalism have hoodwinked their own people-the primary victims of diversity-to take the side against America’s founding culture and to side with their abusers and dispossessors. They are trying to win the loyalty of the people they want to dominate. Our minds are coming under siege.[23] It’s unbelievable when you stop and think about it but it’s coming to an end. We are past peak progressivism and globalism. Whites have reached the end of their tether. 


Loss of Trust in Government and the Police?

Since 1972, the General Social Survey has collected data on how many Americans think “most people can be trusted.” America started the 70s in a pretty good place. Not so now. Public trust in government has collapsed from almost 80% in 1958 to less than 20% today (Pew Research Center). It’s not surprising that Robert Putnam of Harvard University concluded that this lack of trust and civic and community engagement is a function of America’s increasing diversity.

“Trust” is a crucial concept when discussing the potential for civil warfare. Sinisa Malesevic, a professor who studies the sociology of civil wars notes that the breakdown of trust was one of the first traumatizing steps to war in Yugoslavia… in a very short period of time, there is a complete sense of fear, you do not know who is who, who is supporting which side … that fear spreads.”[24]

Sinisa points out that most civil wars start after a loss of trust in the government, particularly law enforcement: “One of the defining features of any state is a legitimate monopoly on the use of violence.” If we trust the police to manage criminals better than armed groups of vigilantes, we’ll trust the government more than armed groups of insurgents. If you undermine the moral authority that the government or the military or the police forces have, however, you’ve got trouble.[25]

It’s alarming that in areas like Berkeley, Charlottesville, and Portland, the police stood down when Antifa attacked peaceful “right-wing” protesters. However, this posture was decided at the top by local elected officials who are overwhelmingly on the left. In general, the police could be expected to favor the White/rural side. The largest police union, with around 333,000 members, endorsed Trump for president, including more than 2/3 rds. of their National Board.

Many pundits are worried that the FBI is nearing a legitimacy crisis among American conservatives. The obvious politicization of the FBI is very dangerous. People are now starting to see the FBI almost as a political secret police. The James Comey-FBI investigation has begun to look like a “deep state” conspiracy. I’m convinced that the FISA warrants used to justify spying on the Trump campaign were not only symptoms of incompetence but outright criminality. The discrediting of the Comey investigation has just started. There is a deep investigation being done by U.S Attorney General John Durham and Americans will be shocked by the conclusions that are expected to be tabled this coming summer. MSM will do everything they can to deflect but they are doomed to fail. It will be the political equivalent of thermonuclear bomb detonating. Trust will be vaporized. “It takes a village to raise a police snitch.”[26]

George W. Bush created the Department of Homeland Security in the wake of the bombing of the twin towers, to combat terrorism. The DHS has morphed into the largest and most secretive semi-autonomous security force in the world. It is armed with the latest personal defense weapons – armored troop carriers with bullet-proof tires to transport thousands of Kevlar-wrapped personnel; they monitor citizens emails and phone calls and watch their movement with drones—for what? An invasion by the Syrian, Somali or Afghan National Army?

Why wouldn’t Euro-Americans see this for what it is: a private army belonging to the “people;” those that are beneficiaries of the wealth transfer programs. The “Squad” and other anti-whites wouldn’t hesitate for a moment, to deploy their “tools” of the poverty and anti-racism war on average, white Americans. Deplorable or otherwise.

Thankfully, whites remain overrepresented in local U.S. police departments compared to their share of the local population, often because demographic change has happened so rapidly.[27]

Trip Wires

What types of events could precipitate a civil war? An assassination? A deep state coup d’état’ by removing President Trump or a conservative successor via impeachment? An Antifa protest that spirals out of control? It’s also possible that an exogenous or black swan event like a convulsion in Europe. Many are of the view that it is almost a certainty that Europe will convulse with a savage and intense civil war that will be religious and racial. A credit collapse in China could also trigger a global debt implosion and a second credit crisis that spirals out-of-control. Total credit in China’s banking and shadow banking system, on balance sheet and off-balance sheet, is $40 trillion. $40 trillion on a $12T economy. That’s at 6.7 to the U.S. dollar and up 1000% in a decade. (America had $17 T of debt and $17T of GDP in ’08-09 and they detonated their banking system). Their credit has grown recklessly and according to $15 T of this credit is non-performing. We’re in the late stages of the greatest global imbalance the world has ever seen.

Another possibility would be events like attacking and shutting down of ICE offices in large cities. On July 12, in Colorado, anti-ICE protestors mobbed a detention centre, desecrated the American flag and raised a Mexican Flag. In Portland, leftist protesters shut down an ICE office for over a week, with the city and state doing nothing to stop it. As a result, Department of Homeland Security officers were sent in to restore access to the building, with eight arrests.

One could easily imagine this sort of thing getting out of control, with the protesters bringing guns and the federal government responding in kind. Then the same thing happens in other urban areas, leading to large-scale deployments of troops but with fracturing and infighting along ethnic/racial lines within the deployed units. Americans will ultimately become fed-up with Federal government workers coming under attack for enforcing the laws.

Once white Americans come to the full realization that the Democrats will shortly seize political power and America becomes a one-party state, they will rise up from the brink and push back. Free healthcare for illegals is just salt in the wound and the cost of that healthcare might be as much as $800 Billion or more. Keep in mind that America has no money, they have a mountain of debt, by some measures as much as $150 Trillion including all Federal, State and Municipal debt and unfunded contingent liabilities in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. They will have to borrow more from China and again, throw the debt service onto the backs of the deplorables.

We are at an inflection point and it’s this great awakening that Euro-Americans will cede political and cultural hegemony forever as they are displaced by aliens that will finally trigger Civil War II.

What Will the Second Civil War be like?

Given what has been successful at achieving the aims of war in the last few years, expect a lot of propaganda, lawfare, doxxing, boycotting, and disruption that are harmful without being illegal. Any violence will likely be low intensity, at least initially, and come in two primary forms. First, riots that will likely be framed as “demonstrations” and expressions of free speech. The second, will be anonymous bombings. The violence will probably be intermittent and more a subject of internet-anger than reality for most Americans. The real fear will not be from the violence, but from the threat of harassment for being on the wrong side.

“Harassment” is a 4th-Generation-War tactic. It is designed to get you to lose your job; to separate you from your family, and to make life unlivable. The coming 2nd Civil War will be characterized by street skirmishes, acts of arson and bombings, and the occasional Dayton and San Antonio-style spree shooting, but most of all, by a culture of law-fare and “legal” warfare that threatens to severely punish anyone who can be identified as a leader or even a member of the opposing group.

The left doesn’t want dialogue; dialogue implies a to-and-fro, a willingness to grant that the other side may have a point about something. What they want is total victory and political power. Civility won’t work. 

Urban vs. Rural/Pro-White vs. Anti-White?

The dividing lines go much deeper than Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative. The 2nd Civil War will also be defined by race. I believe the sides will precipitate into pro-white and anti-white and rural vs. urban.

In America, unfortunately, race is the only historically major identity left, and Euro-Americans cannot trade their skin for something different. Skin colour might be considered a uniform in the coming conflict.

“Pro-white” and “anti-white” are critically different than “white” and “non-white.” An Asian woman cannot be white, but she can be pro-white. I know many. An immigrant from Barbados or the Caribbean, for example, might be completely assimilated to his or her host culture and pro-white. A white woman cannot be non-white, but she can be anti-white. I know many of these women, too, as I’m sure you do. Many of these “maladapteds” are hopeful that the future of North America will look like the ancient cappuccino-coloured Egyptians. Needless to say, the majority of whites will decide, sooner or later and preferably sooner, that they are pro-themselves, and the majority of non-whites will see where their bread is buttered and simply join the rest of the “minority” groups against whites. As noted, we are well down this road already.

Opposition to whites has been tastefully disguised for the last 30-40 years but it is gradually becoming more common place and overt. “White privilege” was injected into academic discussions of politics decades ago and many whites were shockingly open to the concept. My daughter, currently studying at Western University in London, is convinced that we are marinated in privilege. For thirty grand a year academia is systematically teaching tomorrows leaders to despise their country and the heroes who created it. But it is much more difficult for even the most trusting and gullible of whites to get behind calls to “get rid of white people.”

Nevertheless, the left has gotten ahead of itself. They have turned their cards up too soon. Most observers expected the hatred toward Whites to be held in check until “they” are a minority and relatively powerless and it’s too late. But there’s a vanguard of white haters leading the charge and a large audience eager to plug into anti-White hatred. As noted in Part 1, the hatred we see now on Twitter and on media outlets like Salon, MSNBC and Huffington Post is getting more and more obvious.[28]

Where are the Guns?

If tensions and divisions do escalate into on-going violence, the white/rural side is well-positioned for Civil War II. Whites are still overrepresented in the main types of social control when and if violence becomes a reality. For starters, the White/rural side is relatively well armed. A Pew survey found that White men were the most likely group to own a gun.

Eighty-two percent of American gun owners are white, according to a 2013 Pew study. A recent Gallup poll found 61 percent of Republicans live in a household with firearms; just 28 percent of Democrats do. Fifty-three percent of conservatives live in a gun household; 29 percent of liberals do. Half of whites live in a gun household, compared to fewer than a third of blacks or Hispanics. In 2014, Pew asked whether it was more important to “[protect] the right of Americans to own guns or [control] gun ownership.” Hispanics favored gun control by 62 percent to 36 percent and blacks by 71 percent to 26 percent. Whites supported gun rights by 59 percent to 39 percent.[29]

Across all regions, gun ownership varies considerably between those who live in rural and urban areas, with rural dwellers far more likely than those who live in urban areas to say they own a gun. Overall, 46% of Americans who live in rural parts of the country own a gun, compared with 28% of those who live in the suburbs and 19% of those in urban area.[30]

Republicans are far more likely to own a gun or live in a household where someone owns a gun. There can be little question that the White/rural side would have an advantage both in terms of gun ownership and in being able to use a gun “effectively.”[31] Nevertheless, there is a movement centered in San Francisco that has declared the NRA as a domestic terrorist organization. Will the left deconstruct the 2nd Amendment and disarm white conservative Americans before push comes to shove? That’s the plan, trust me. New Zealand will be cited as the template.

The U.S. Armed Forces

Civilians, however, no matter how well armed, are no match for a trained military equipped with bleeding-edge weapons tech. Whose side would the U.S. military be on? Given that there are large percentages of non-Whites in the military, there would likely be conflict between different factions. Nevertheless, White males have a clear majority (60% overall), especially in the Marines and Air Force, and especially in the officer corps.[32]

In general, the higher ranks of the officer corps are increasingly White (Air Force). In 2016, 72% of Army officers were White. Moreover, military personnel appear to have voted overwhelmingly (>2 to 1) for Trump; an exit poll favored Trump 61%-34%.[33] They are patriots by definition.

Nevertheless, I’ll never forgive these two American generals: First, Wesley Clark, discussing Serbia, a nation that has never done America any harm. Clark stated on CNN on April 24, 1999: “Let’s not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a nineteenth-century idea, and we are trying to transition into the twenty-first century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”[34] To Clark I would ask, what the hell for?

Even worse, in light of the recent Pensacola shooting by a Saudi national in pilot training, General George Casey, Chief of Staff of the United States Army, went on Meet the Press and told Americans, after the Fort Hood shooting, “The military benefits from diversity…Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”[35]

I’m appalled and angered by both of these statements. It was Thucydides’ that noted “a nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its laws made by cowards and its wars fought by fools.”

In Part 3 we will discuss the potential for the intensification of violence, whether a counter-insurgency is plausible, red team/blue team planning and the most probable outcomes.


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[35] Derbyshire, John. After Pensacola: How Ruling class Sent Fort Hood Shooting Down the Memory Hole? Dec. 16th, 2019.

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