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The Coming Second Civil War: Part Three

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Is a Counter-Insurgency in America Plausible or Even Possible?

In Part 3 I will discuss the potential for the intensification of violence in the Western world, whether a counter-insurgency is plausible, red team/blue team planning, what is the likely scenario in Sweden, and Europe generally, as Muslims began to assert their will and the violence continues to mount, and whether the United States is bound to be partitioned into race-based territories.

Decades of military spending might bite the U.S. in the ass in the Second Civil War. Up to two million Americans have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many were cooks, mechanics and logistics personnel but the Special Forces guys are very dangerous. A half dozen could take down a banana republic after lunch. What happens if a few of them are America First Nationalists or just sick and tired of political correctness and the direction the country is heading?

To complicate matters, inner-city gangs have sent members into the military to get combat experience, combat training and logistical training, and then they go back home and incorporate those methods in their gangs. In 2011, the FBI noted that at least 53 different gangs had placed members in every branch of the U.S. military [1].

It’s also possible that we could witness a “boomerang effect,” where techniques pioneered in Iraq and Afghanistan are brought to the United States. Roadside bombs are particularly troubling. Tannerite is legal to purchase over the internet. Violence could escalate with rural farms (whites) strangling urban areas. A roadside bombing campaign could literally starve many American cities. In the U.S. 90% of food is transported by truck. America’s highway system is a key vulnerability in any potential civil war. America is about a dozen meals from total chaos and anarchy.

Daryl Johnson, a former Homeland Security analyst, noted that many rural police departments would be unable to effectively suppress their militia because “… a lot of these rural police departments are outmanned and outgunned by the militia … you have a small department, in some areas there may be twice or three times as many militia members” [2].

The Jihadi blueprint and guidebook, “Management of Savagery” may serve as a civil war blueprint: jihadi tactics would be immediately familiar to the disaffected veterans training America’s hypothetical insurgency. It’s another potential example of the boomerang effect. Even without direct training, anyone with Internet access can pull up the full text of the Marine Corps Counter-Insurgency manual just as easily as the Army’s guidelines for digging a proper poop hole.

The United States military is forbidden from directly engaging in law enforcement within the boundaries of the United States. It’s a rule called posse comitatus. But if people were starving you can bet the military would get called out. During the riots in LA, in the middle nineties, they called the marines up from Camp Pendleton. That provides cover and precedent to deploy American soldiers to fight American insurgents.

A U.S. military crackdown on any kind of insurgency could get really ugly. “There’s always restraint to start with. And then the insurgency or the protests could incite the forces … and if you have superior weapons then it could easily become an atrocity. If that happens, it’d be playing right into the insurgent’s hands”[3].

The outbreak of the civil war, however, wouldn’t look all that different from the normal news cycle, at first. David Kilcullen, former Chief Strategist in the State Department’s Office of the Coordinator of Counterterrorism helped plan the successful “surge” in Iraq. Kilcullen doesn’t consider a new U.S. civil war likely but admits it is possible. He describes it as a potential proto-insurgency. And it turns out vicious insurgencies are a little bit like potato chips: you’re never going to have just one.

You don’t try to generate a mass movement … you don’t try to get the state to crack down on you, instead you try to generate a sectarian civil war so intense it makes the society ungovernable … and then you bring forth a sort of rules-based system to give people predictability, notes Kilcullen [4].

He doesn’t expect a modern Civil War would be nearly that simple. There might be hundreds of sides.

One of the lessons we found in Iraq … is it’s actually a lot harder to fight a disunited and fragmented insurgency, then to fight a united one … at one point when I was in Iraq I counted 170 groups that were fighting us. Yeah, it turns out all those “Join or Die” flags were lying to us. Uncle Sam is really good at throttling enemies. He’s less skilled at “Whack-A-Mole” [5].

Bill Fulton, an expert on the American militia movement and informant for the FBI, has far more than 170 groups on his list of “armed, violent organizations that might take a shot at the Federal Government.” That’s out of an estimated 1,360 “radical militias and anti-government groups” in the United States in 2012 (note that there were just 149 four years before) [6]. Insurgency candidates might include criminal gangs like MS-13, black nationalist groups, sovereign citizens and generally any armed, organized group with some kind of history to it. Jesus.

Red Team Blue Team

Developed by the military and intelligence agencies after 9/11, “red teaming” is a set of tools and techniques designed to help organizations stress-test their strategies, systems, and processes and challenge their assumptions, in order to make better decisions. According to Wikipedia, Red teaming helps organizations overcome groupthink and cognitive bias as threats to sound decision making.

In wargaming, the opposing force in a simulated military conflict is referred to as a red team. The aggressor is composed of various threat “actors,” equipment and techniques that are at least partially unknown by the defenders. The red team challenges the operations planning by playing the role of a thinking enemy. In United States war-gaming simulations, the U.S. force is always the Blue Team. Similar strategies are also used in a computer security context. The red team attacks a blue organizations digital infrastructure.

There has been a great deal of discussion around red team/blue team planning around a Second Civil War. Some of it is reasonable in my judgment but much of it is fantasy [7]. Nevertheless, a discussion of a second civil war cannot be complete without at least a short discussion of potential red team tactics and blue team response.

An alleged government red team planner argues that a key vulnerability is America’s electrical grid[8]. Although true, it makes no sense that the secessionists/nationalists would take down the grid. “Red-teamers” suggest that the government would need the grid more than the insurgency. In the event of a grid collapse, it would open a two-front war as police and military would be needed to contain the looting and madness that would ensue. Key vulnerability points in the grid are publicly available and too numerous to guard effectively.

Disrupting public utilities and the power grid is a questionable tactic, however. In Afghanistan and Iraq, when power went down the people blamed the Americans and the insurgents not the government. Keep in mind that the economy works on the grid too, and it wouldn’t take long before the insurgents would be clearly seen as “domestic terrorists.”

In addition, the government could selectively turn off parts of the grid and cell service where any uprising intensifies and let all concerned know that it comes back on when the trouble has been quelled. It’s standard procedure and most people will simply want a return to normalcy.

The military desertion rate, allege the “red teamers,” in the event of a civil war, might be as high as 75% and that some of them might stay and help the insurgency from inside and become saboteurs. Maybe, but it’s not that simple. There are many economic, ideological and psychological factors to consider. It’s also estimated that 25-50% of the FBI, CIA, NSA, TSA, and ATC would betray their agency. Possibly but more speculation and conjecture than analysis.

A civil war would, unquestionably, be compounded by looting and rioting. Cities could burn. The National Guard would be stretched fighting both the rebel insurgents and rioters. Can you imagine a day without internet, TV, newspapers or light? Our kids certainly could not. There is also the threat that someone might empty out the prisons, but this is also far-fetched, in my view. Nevertheless, America has more prisoners than the entire Chinese Army [9].

Looting and Rioting in France by vibrant Moslems and Africans

Infrastructure is crumbling and logistics are failing and the city’s most likely to support the left-wing federal government are San Francisco, LA, D.C. and Baltimore and they are logistically easy to cut-off. Many require bridges to enter and all have critical air and ocean ports. If two of them fall, it would be disastrous. There are also many choke-points across the interior making marching an army across it almost impossible. Most of those choke points are in Red states where resistance would be strongest but I can’t imagine an army marching anywhere in America, frankly. It’s also true that blue states consume and red states produce. Most liberals/progressives live near the ocean and the biggest choke point for the U.S. government is in Missouri, a red state [10]. Nukes, even tactical, are too ridiculous to even discuss.

An insurgency would no question create a PR nightmare. It would, presumably, be carried out by small cells that blend with the population, not by armies. Fourth Generation warfare (4GW) seeks to destroy the will of the enemy’s decision makers, not to defeat its superior military forces. Co-opting the media is a crucial and a defining element of 4GW, and that won’t be easy. It’s also a stretch that 30% of the American population would actively revolt. Historically, it is true that only 10% of the population are required to actively participate as happened during the Revolutionary War. USMC General Samuel Griffith argues that popular support must be at least 25-30 % to be successful [11]. The idea that a third world war or even a serious military action in the Middle East, North Korea or the South China Sea would be initiated as a distraction is simply ridiculous.

Nevertheless, 65 million Trump voters represents 27% of the adult population, majority male, great majority white gun owners and 2/3rds of the current military and 2/3rds of former military of 10-15 million have “alt-right” or at least conservative and common-sense beliefs. These civilians are armed and dangerous and they own roughly 400 million guns and approximately 8 trillion bullets or about 89 guns for every 100 Americans.

The “leverage factor of power grid chaos; raw numbers of armed civilians; the numbers to carry out a revolution; the political leaning of the military and police; 4GW; the potential for Military desertions; former military personnel and geography greatly favour the right. But as Clausewitz noted, “Everything in war is simple, but the simplest thing is difficult.” America is very diverse in every regard and conventional, arm-chair analysis doesn’t include quality of leadership, quality of troops, operational terrain, military efficiency, ability to communicate securely etc [12].

In addition, the government controls financial institutions, pensions, IRA’s and 401k’s. It would be easy to declare “Emergency Powers” and freeze the finances of the “domestic terrorists.” It would be tough to fight without access to your finances, no job and no income and what about your family’s well-being?

Also keep in mind that the kill-ratio for U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan is roughly 30:1. U.S. forces are well trained and disciplined and win a vast majority of their tactical engagements. It’s also true that if a targeting intelligence analyst had access to years of Facebook photos and check-ins, Twitter posts, YouTube videos, Instagram photos and other information it wouldn’t be difficult to create and map out insurgent cells and targeting data in a few hours. Google searches, cell phone geolocation, Ancestry DNA, and people who know who you are and hate you provide mountains of real-time targeting intelligence [13].

I think it’s far more likely that the popular Second Civil War matrices circulating around the internet and facts on the ground, make a case for regional conflict or possibly a war of secession or simply a devolution of power. Red states will continue to have state power. The GOP will be relegated to a regional party rump but they will still have some power. The Supreme Court and lower courts have conservative majorities although progressives are attempting to add two more seats to the Supreme court and stuff it with “progressives.” Nevertheless, there is a certainty of Democratic one-party rule inside of two election cycles. This is overwhelmingly disruptive and it makes conflict inevitable. Not nationally but most probably, regionally [14].

But Will the Second Civil War Turn Violent?

Make no mistake, the Second Civil War could very well escalate into serious and on-going violence. Through a combination of traditional guerrilla warfare, migration, lawfare, Alinsky tactics, and other strategies designed to achieve dominance and power, the Second Civil War risks spinning out of control.

In 1991 the USSR, split apart peacefully into 16 separate countries. The various peoples were naturally divided into geographic regions where they shared a culture, religion, language, and/or ethnicity. There is no simulacrum of this in the United States, a country where people of all colors, share an uneasy coexistence at best, in the same state, county, city, and neighborhoods. The U.S. is a country where Whites have been impractically attempting to secede from Blacks since the 1950s by selling their homes and buying a house in a newer, Whiter, area of their town. In some instances, Whites have uprooted their family and moved to another state. This manner of secession is no longer viable as Blacks, and now Latinos, Mestizos, Muslims and other alien minority groups are everywhere.

In the coast-to-coast milieu of dystopian perversion, of Black, Mestizo and Brown crime on Whites, and of ever-increasing Sharia-supremacist Muslim enclaves, is it possible that America could break apart peacefully as did the USSR, or as in the Velvet Divorce of Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 1993, or as did Sweden and Norway a century ago, or as did the Jews in 1948? These historical events might serve as blueprints to stave off the dissolution of White Europeans who once carved out a civilization in North America.

European Parallels

The late Guillaume Faye, in his book, Ethnic Apocalypse – the Coming European Civil War, makes a number of terrifying predictions the foremost of which is that it is almost a certainty that Europe is destined to convulse with a savage and intense civil war (civil and internal, religious and racial) without parallel in human history. It is Faye’s view that this tragedy “will involve people who have nothing to say to one another and who should never have been made to live together” [15]. They (largely Muslims and Africans) “want to reap the benefits of Western prosperity without having to make the same effort we have made in order to enjoy it, while simultaneously retaining their own identity and hating us more openly.” For Faye, these “foreign and belligerent races have come to have their cake and eat ours.” European Marxists use Muslims as today’s proletariat: the fulcrum to undermine the West.

Europe isn’t America, obviously, and there are issues and circumstances unique to both but there are many parallels and if Europe spirals into an orgy of violence, it can’t help but spread to North America. Faye believes, plausibly, that “an unpredictable spark,” a surprising trip-wire, will ignite the conflict and cause Europeans in “a spirit of self-defence, to organise themselves and ultimately launch a counter-offensive” [16].

It’s “probably inevitable,” due to the “huge and constantly accelerating wave of colonising immigration” and the fact most of these immigrants possess a “hatred combining resentment with a desire for revenge”[17]. Tensions are building because the secret services have designated the retaliatory actions of native groups, rather than Muslim, African or immigrant aggressors, as the main danger to French and European society, an aspect of what Faye calls the French state’s “Collaborationist Tropism” [18]. That sounds familiar.

This is part of a much wider problem – the fact that today, “democracy imposes invasion upon peoples”[19], citing Angela Merkel’s flooding of Germany with millions of non-Whites. Parliamentary democracy, he notes, in reality a “putrid oligarchy,” is “guilty of paving the way for an ethno-racial civil war not only in Western Europe, but perhaps also in the United States and Canada” [20]. There are echoes of John Adams here. Adams was not optimistic about such a political system:

Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes exhausts and murders itself. There never was a Democracy yet, that did not commit suicide.

Can Sweden be Saved?

In Sweden, a former head of the Swedish truck-maker Scania, a Mr. Leif Ostling, has said Sweden is headed for civil war because of the problem of its violent migrants who have no inclination to integrate into Swedish society [21].

It appears that Islamists have most of the hand grenades in civilian possession, yes hand grenades, largely the M75 from the former Yugoslavia. They also have more explosives. In the first nine months of 2019, there were 97 explosions in Sweden [22]. Surprisingly, even the BBC has not suppressed this fact. Sweden has been subject to murders, knifings and rapes; Swedish kids are being assaulted by alien migrants and urinated on while lying helpless on the ground. It’s started…

But how will it play out? At the moment, Muslims and Africans attack police stations, burn vehicles, completely dominate and control “no-go” zones while the police turn a blind eye. Public opinion is finally and thankfully becoming less tolerant. A sign of the shift in public opinion is the fact that the leader of the Moderate Party, with 70 out of the 349 seats in the Swedish parliament apologized on Facebook to all those who had been critical of the country’s immigration policies over the years [23].

This shift in public opinion is expected to lead to a crackdown in the “no-go” zones, which will enrage the Islamists, and they are likely to respond with more attacks on the police and other public institutions. It escalates…

From there, government reaction to the escalating violence will probably lag behind events and public opinion. The fear is that an officer in the armed forces will have his wife or daughter killed and lead his unit in taking over the parliament building. Nobody in the police force will stop him, because the police have been taking the brunt of the Islamist violence for decades[24]. The French Police are in the same circumstances.

How will the “progressive,” open border elites running Germany, France, and the European Union react? The yellow vests in France were surprised to see European Union decals on French armored personnel-carriers. It appears that Macron and Merkel have anticipated escalating resistance and conspired to create a joint French-German force to put down insurrections anywhere on the continent. To get to Sweden, this force would have to pass through Denmark, and the Danes are likely to stop them [25]. The Danish have been complaining of “Swedish” violence bleeding across their border. Sweden and all of Europe, for that matter, must repatriate their invaders or lose everything, forever.

Final Thoughts on the European Crisis

According to Guillaume Faye, Western governments are complicit in the ethnocide of their native peoples by refusing to act even in the face of “incessant neighbourhood riots,” “ritualistic and mass-scale car arsons,” (the fires of diversity are burning brightly right now in Strasbourg to ring in the new year) “occasional deadly attacks and ambushes targeting policemen, gendarmes, and firefighters,” “verbal or physical assaults committed against native European people,” “the violent harassment of white women in the streets,” “acts of aggression perpetrated against doctors,” schools falling “into the grip of daily violence,” and “the open and raucous appropriation of public spaces, followed by that of entire towns.” Faye asserts that the state and associated elites are complicit in the ethnocide of the European peoples because they desire to create a “new man;” an anti-racist and mixed-race type of man.” Good luck.

He believes and rightfully so, that the primary aggressors in Europe, as in Sweden, are Muslims. Muslims in Sweden are being assisted by collaborators in the form of leftist “journalists, officials and politicians at all national and local levels.” Faye expects support and financial aid to be provided by Morocco, Algeria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and others “engaged in the Islamisation and colonisation of France and Europe more broadly.” Against this coalition, Faye posits that a substantial element of the police and gendarmerie will move into a retaliatory mode, joining a growing number of exasperated Frenchmen with no ideological or political connections with the far Right, who could organise themselves into neighbourhood-based self-defence groups or structured militias.

Faye cites data that “90% of all minors and young adults involved in all conceivable forms of criminality stem from Afro-Arab immigration”[26]. The young delinquents organise in a “primitive tribal pattern,” and “shall form the shock battalions of an already brewing racial civil war.” The majority of the White victims of these urban occupying tribes are young women, provoking Faye to remark “In all cultures, the normal, vital reflex is to protect one’s women against any and all sexual assaults committed by foreigners. It is now racist and entirely reprehensible for us to ensure our women’s protection”[27].

North Americans have no idea what has been going on in Europe including the Muslim sex-grooming gangs. It is systematically suppressed. My coffee buddies scoff and joke about my “conspiracy” theories. It seems that you’re a bigot if you oppose Afro-Muslim gang rape. Be patient, they suggest, it won’t be long and the migrants will become Nobel Laureates, doctors and IT specialists and give back to their host societies.

Faye sees the origin of a future conflict in police confrontations, either involving Muslims claiming police brutality in response to their heightened delinquency or “following the death of some Black African…” Rioting is viewed by Faye as having every potential to morph into sustained guerrilla warfare and, if it were to be prolonged long enough, he sees the potential for Antifa to join forces against the police. It’s not far-fetched to see the same thing unravel in America. The alliance will be short-lived since collaborators in the race war, even if the “ethnic” faction wins, will “not be given the position they hope for in this future society. Instead, what awaits them is death, humiliation, beatings and a state of modern slavery”[28].

Faced with an escalation of violence, including massive Islamic terrorist attacks funded and supported by Muslim countries, the only hope for Europe is that such events cause a shock “strong and traumatic enough to reverse mentalities”[29]. In fact, Faye argues that this is the primary condition for possible victory, without which Europe is fated to slow replacement and ultimate defeat. He stresses the same precondition for the United States, which he warns will endure “severe turmoil, perhaps even partitions, in the course of the next century.” Partitions and secessionist movements seem highly probable.

Finally, he offers a vision of both victory and defeat. In white victory he includes the “the de-migration of the afterwar.” He suggests that the racial civil war would, “through its unique violence, turn into an unprecedented collective trauma whose memory will echo across the centuries”[30], suggesting that multiculturalism would never again be repeated by our descendants. There would be a massive repatriation of African and oriental populations to their countries of origin. Foreigners are different from us and must return to their homeland as soon as possible[31]. Finally, he offers a few words of advice…the “anti-racist” collaborators and anti-White leftist’s will have to watch their backs when the wind turns … that too, sounds vaguely familiar.

American Succession and Partition or Reconquest?

Catalonia, New Afrika, Scotland, Bavaria, California, Quebec, and Alberta are just a drop in the global secessionist bucket. According to Wikipedia there are 33 such movements in Africa alone, dozens and dozens in each of Europe and Asia, and a shocking number in North America, Oceania and South America. Overwhelmingly these movements are based on common cultural, ethnic, language and racial lines.

Ethnic and racial hostilities within the United States are so vast that America can’t function as a single unified country so it’s probable that it will be split into two countries or more. The United States needs a divorce. Or possibly several smaller divorces across the country. According to Michael Hart’s excellent book, Restoring America, it’s most likely that states will break away and disassociate themselves from the Federal Government. Those that do not choose to secede could remain part of the US [32]. The financially healthiest and whitest states (the two go hand-in-hand); those with the lowest debt/state taxpayer and those with the lowest debt/state GDP are in the Northwest. They are most likely to provide a beachhead and springboard for the coming struggle. Nevertheless, all of the “Red” States and even specific counties will need to opt in or leave the new American Federal Republic (AFR), according to Hart.

We might very well see a new federalism where power and resources devolve away from Washington back to states, counties and cities. Imagine how nice New York State would be without NYC. Maryland without Baltimore. Michigan without Detroit. Texas without Dallas and Houston. Illinois without Chicago or at least the south side. California without… any of the cities. Let California leave and good luck to them. Let the red states that reflect the historic American nation, be red states [33]. America has become a nightmare of fundamentally incompatible peoples with totally conflicting world viewpoints; teeming with Third World tribes that roam free. State secession has become mainstream.

In the end, America will be left with a blue nation pursuing “federal” policies and a new “Red” AFR – a constitutional republic with civil liberties fully protected and clauses to prevent the disaster that today threaten America’s liberties. The United States of “We Pay our Own Damn Way.” The blue rump can “live locally and make art”[34]. Separation won’t be easy, needless to say, and many whites won’t embrace the surrender of large tracts of their country, its history, traditions, resources and interests to non-whites.

If Whites had the political will they could dictate a solution to the racial problem today. They could curtail immigration and seal the border by deploying the armed forces, deport all illegal immigrants (and perhaps many recent legal immigrants); end subsidies for the non-white birth rate through welfare programs, obligatory use of contraception by welfare recipients; encourage a higher white birth rate; refuse to be bullied into enduring “multiculturalism,” affirmative action, civil rights laws and policies; and by refusing to submit to cultural dissolution, inter-racial violence and insults, and the guilt that multi-racialists inculcate [35].

Up to this point, it is a lack of will and identity; a lack of racial and cultural consciousness that must be remedied before Americans resort to any dissolution of their country [36]. There is much more than political jurisdiction at stake. Sam Francis notes that

conceptual surrender is leading to a situation where the biological survival of the race is threatened, and if that occurs, — because race is necessary, because no other race or people seems able to replicate or adopt the concepts on which European civilization is based — the conceptual surrender will not be remedied, and white civilization, the whole conceptual corpus, will die with the race [37].

If it is not resolved in Euro-Americans favour, it will almost certainly result in the loss of control of the United States within roughly 25 years, the disappearance of white civilization, and eventually in biological extinction. If separatism and secession is not the answer, what is [38]?

Based on the analogy with what ecologists and socio-biologists have discovered about animal populations, that unless races, subspecies, or populations are reproductively isolated, intermixture and therefore racial extinction is inevitable [39]. I have concluded that this is precisely the goal by the formidable forces allied against white European peoples. They are the same arrogant and hostile elites that have been wrong about Marxism, Stalinism, Maoism, plunging the World into War in 1914, Freudianism, lobotomies, WMD’s, Iraq, Syria, and allowing China into the WTO.

Before reconquest, there would need to be an immense, almost impossible amount of cultural and intellectual reconquest in advance; a long march through the dominant institutions and apparatus of power by which the incumbent elites exercise control over the state, the economy, and the culture of the United States (see “Winning the Culture War,” Chronicles, December, 1993). I wouldn’t hold my breath although I am optimistic that we have passed peak globalism.

Reconquest is therefore, unlikely, at least in the short and medium term. Euro-Americans refuse, at least to this point, to recognize racial realities; that racial-biological endowments are necessary to certain kinds of human behavior (e.g., the political and civic behavior appropriate to stable self-government; the work habits and life-styles appropriate to a dynamic economy; the intellectual behavior that is necessary for science and scholarship, etc.) and that because these endowments are largely unique to European peoples, the behavior they make possible cannot be replicated by most non-Europeans [40].

What Euro-Americans absolutely must do is get on with ensuring that they organize for their legitimate interests in the nation that their ancestors bequeathed to them and at an enormous price in blood and treasure before they lose their country, their heritage, and their posterity forever[41].

I doubt our descendants will appreciate the moral fervor of their ancestors in destroying White America when they are forced to live in a non-White-dominated multicultural America – Kevin MacDonald [42].

Towering Storm Clouds

Civil War is on the horizon, and this is an important recognition that more and more Americans are waking up to. But a more profound realization is that Civil War is already here. Americans are living in a Cold War with proxy actors and conflicts playing out from the classroom to the courtroom, from the senate and house to the streets, that arguably began in the 60’s. The only question is where things will heat up, when, and by how much?[43] To anyone familiar with the literature on ethnic conflict, this pattern is predictable. The fact that there is not even a hint of the dangers in the mainstream media despite obvious lessons from conflicts in Yugoslavia, Rwanda, and Darfur, to mention just a few, only demonstrates establishment Inc’s control over the media. The warning lights are flashing red— and we are flying directly into the coming hurricane [44].

The preponderance of the evidence – domestic, international, historical, and scientific – suggests that America will continue to polarize along racial and ethnic lines. The long-term solution to racial and ethnic conflict is not to force more “diversity” on people who never asked for it but to let them build separate communities. The question simply is, can it be peaceful and democratic?

There are no written guarantees that it will not escalate into violence. All the utopias created by the Progressive/Left over the years have inevitably led to bloodshed because they conflict with fundamental human nature. The Marxist Utopian vision of a classless society in the USSR self-destructed, but only after murdering millions of its own people. This latest utopia, the global, open-borders multicultural-consumer zone version is also, now, on the verge of collapse.

The Second Civil War will and is being waged on multiple fronts. There are powerful interests aligned against nationalists including venture capitalists lining their pockets with the wage-arbitrage trade in China; financial institutions, multi-national corporations, the UN, countless NGO’s, media conglomerates, traitorous politicians, Marxist academicians, law firms, the “Kritarchy,” various advocacy groups, foreign governments and of course ethnic lobbies like the League of United Latin American Citizens and CAIR.

Globalism and multiculturalism are premised on falsehoods about what makes a great society. It has become self-evident that it’s not diversity and off-shoring manufacturing capacity. It is premised on a false moral system which blames whites for things they did not do and excuses non-whites for their failings, shortcomings and offences. Tragically, this is not a natural phenomenon but a man made one. It is policy, or a lack thereof, that is producing obviously terrible outcomes.

America is no longer an independent nation with an independent national identity. In its place is a battleground where different tribes feud and fight over ever scarcer resources. White Americans do not yet participate in this competition, however. They seek individual advantage by virtue signalling and accusing each other of racism and xenophobia. That strategy will not work, if or when, the United States is majority non-white.

The rise of populism, despite massive and tenacious opposition by hostile elites in media, big business, Hollywood, the Catholic and Anglican Church, Judaism and academia give rise to hope that this trend can be reversed over the next 10 or 15 years. Nationalists would like to see their nations stay, not exclusively, but majority white. Preferably a super-majority. Why wouldn’t they?

It shouldn’t surprise you that support and opposition for a Wall on America’s southern border and for immigration restriction in general, is sharply divided on racial lines. Non-whites believe that the wall is about race and therefore overwhelmingly oppose its’ construction. For them the Wall is a symbol of white racism and is immoral. Support for the Wall is largely limited to whites but because whites are less racially conscious and have lower levels of both positive and negative ethnocentrism they are less motivated by their racial interests and they are therefore more racially divided on political lines, than non-whites and support it by only a slight majority [45]. Euro-American enemies understand this and will continue to drive a wedge between them.

In America, at least so far, the founding European culture is losing the brutal Darwinian struggle for their survival to the left and to alien cultures and races that have invaded America without resistance, defended by their Antifa shock troops. Without a wall, America will commit suicide. The penchant for cheap labour must come to an end.

The Puritan Question

The left and their cheap labour, big business allies, have created a monster. American Whites have to realize that if they do nothing, they will be increasingly victimized and vilified in the coming decades as the Frankenstein continues to grow. And as the anti-white leftists assume greater control, there will be further censorship and suppression and police-state measures similar to what has been rolled out in the formerly “Great” Britain, eerily similar to the Puritans of Massachusetts.

In the UK where the Puritans originated, people are imprisoned for Facebook and social media posts critical of Islam, immigration and multiculturalism [46]. A 17th century Puritan minister would envy the stifling thought control. The most efficient strategy for destroying Western civilization and Americans, in particular, is to convince them of their moral bankruptcy, notes retired professor Kevin Macdonald. They are therefore a target of condemnation, vilification and punishment by their enemies. Any group identity of whites is pathologized, a legacy of the Frankfurt School [47].

Those same Puritans waged a bloody fratricidal war of moral righteousness from 1861-1864. It was the Puritan moral condemnation of slavery that inspired and justified the horrific carnage of closely related Celtic and Anglo-Saxon cousins on behalf of African slaves in the First Civil War. It was an unbelievable and outrageous sacrifice [48].

The red team will need to harness this latent sense of moralistic aggression and outrage against all of those people who have engineered and who are maintaining the cultural controls that are currently dispossessing whites of the historic American homeland. White people are prone to moralistic outrage and morally outraged white people are a formidable force [49]. It might be America’s, and by extension, the Wests’ only hope.

Perhaps there is an argument for what Richard McCulloch calls “moral racism.” Moral racism is not just an expression of love for one’s own race but a recognition of all races. McCulloch describes it as a “Racial Compact” that provides for mutual recognition of the rights of all races and the importance of preserving human biological diversity. Powerful movements have been created to save the habitats of the spotted owl, arctic fox, and every obscure flora and fauna but not the biological diversity of the species at the top of the food chain. The proposed “Racial Compact” is free of the taint of hatred and exploitation. Up to this point, however, Americans have been so terrorized by a one-sided, closed-minded depiction of racism that most Americans from the founding Anglo culture are prepared to let their people and culture disappear rather than be guilty of it [50].

Confederate statue toppled in North Carolina

America is failing. Many “citizens,” as noted, attack America’s fundamental symbols, including the Founding Fathers, Columbus Day, Mount Rushmore, the flag, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and the national anthem, because they are “racist.” Christmas can’t be far behind. I’m pretty sure Santa doesn’t stop in Medina. Once in power, driven by their extreme base, Democrats will pursue overtly anti-white policies, including reparations, discriminatory financial programs, and more affirmative action, and as in Brazil, non-whites will never be satisfied. Gun rights will fall using New Zealand as a template. Whites will be embittered, and conflict will be inevitable[51].


The United States now finds itself in the same circumstance that prevailed in 1861. That circumstance is the oxygen-sucking presence of unrelenting, swarming Third-World peoples living in the formerly “United” States who are totally dependent on the founding Euro-American people for their sustenance. That is what caused the first American Civil War. In the end, that is what will cause the second.

It is generally accepted that civilizations that are in decline—as is the USA—always enter periods of extreme polarization. For America, the 2020’s will be that period. It will be marred by years of political violence, and intense conflict. Professor Peter Turchin does a lot of number crunching around civilizational cycles and expects the 2020’s will see war, revolution, state collapse, a lethal pandemic and population collapse. Turchin’s work dovetails perfectly with William Strauss and Neil Howe’s theory of a “Fourth Turning.”

There is hope, however. The election of Donald Trump, Brexit and Nigel Farage and more recently, Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini in Italy, Bolsanaro in Brazil, Sebastian Kurtz in Austria, Viktor Orban in Hungary, Marine LePen in France, 36-year-old Thierry Baudet in the Netherlands, Tom van Grieken in Belgium, more recently, Vox’s Santiago Abascal in Spain and others, can be seen as part of the same phenomenon – white European civilizational survival.

The rise of these nationalist movements reflects something more powerful than any individual, even the president of the United States. The same survival instinct that is present in all living creatures still burns within the world’s European peoples, presently down to roughly 8.5% of the world’s total population, from over 30% in 1900. President Donald J Trump was not the cause, but a consequence – and those peoples will not go gently into the night. Like their ancestors, it may be time to become “separate and equal” in a society that is “America’s” alone. This is exactly what the Founders — and their heirs — would have wanted.[52] How will Old Glory look with 25 rather than 50 stars?

Democracies … have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths. – James Madison in Federalist Paper 10.


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