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Duchesne And Hecht To Discuss Downside Of Diversity At UBC October 9

For the first time in the history of Canadian universities, two academics, Ricardo Duchesne and Mark Hecht, will discuss the negative impact of diversity upon Canada. Don’t miss this event. This may well be the last time an alternative viewpoint will be allowed on the mandated diversification of Canada and Western nations.

The haters of Canada and Euro-Canadians are already calling for the talk to be suppressed. A student group at UBC, “Students Against Bigotry“, have threatened a “Bold Response” against this talk. Look at their website, it is obvious that the students comprising this group are barely literate. Can you believe they are claiming that this talk is not “welcoming…to marginalized students of colour on campus”? Visible minorities make up 65 per cent of all UBC students. White males account for only 14 percent. The entire Arts faculty consists of leftists dedicated to the celebration of students of colour and the condemnation of the whites who built British Columbia and UBC.

Some professors, too, are also calling for the suppression of this talk. They are terrified that their poorly reasoned, childlike arguments about the blessings of diversity will be exposed. Margot Young, professor of law at UBC, who has called for any criticism of diversity to be classified as “hate speech”, endorsed the call for a “bold response”. It is hard to think that a woman who is a professor of law writes in awe about the environmental “philosophy” of Greta Thunberg?

The Provost at UBC felt compelled to issue a statement “regarding controversial speakers” in which he cited the passage on academic freedom, which clearly states that the members of UBC

enjoy certain rights and privileges essential to the fulfilment of its primary functions: instruction and the pursuit of knowledge. Central among these rights is the freedom, within the law, to pursue what seems to them as fruitful avenues of inquiry, to teach and to learn unhindered by external or non-academic constraints, and to engage in full and unrestricted consideration of any opinion. This freedom extends not only to the regular members of the University, but to all who are invited to participate in its forum. Suppression of this freedom, whether by institutions of the state, the officers of the University, or the actions of private individuals, would prevent the University from carrying out its primary functions. All members of the University must recognize this fundamental principle and must share responsibility for supporting, safeguarding and preserving this central freedom. Behaviour that obstructs free and full discussion, not only of ideas that are safe and accepted, but of those which may be unpopular or even abhorrent, vitally threatens the integrity of the University’s forum. Such behaviour cannot be tolerated.

Don’t miss this talk! Tell your friends in BC and Vancouver. We need to show strong support for the brave Students for Freedom of Expression at UBC who are hosting this incredible event, and for the speakers. Purchase your tickets here.

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