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Canada In Decay: Two Years Later

My book, Canada in Decay: Mass Immigration, Diversity, and the Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians (2017), continues to be a best seller at It is not consistently ranked #1 in various subjects, as I observed last year in “Canada in Decay: One Year Later“, but still selling very well.

The media and the corrupt academic establishment continues to ignore the book. I have emailed about a dozen academics who are “experts” on Canadian multiculturalism inviting them to CEC to comment on my book, or simply asking for their opinion. They have ignored my emails. This blind refusal to consider alternative ways of thinking should not surprise us. As Lindsay Shepherd shows in the video below, universities are a “bureaucratic scam” of overpaid “equity and diversity officers,” dedicated to ripping off white students in the same breath as they attack them as racist while celebrating foreign students.

It is disgusting what these overpaid academic traitors are doing to millions of white students!

I have invited not only “experts” but numerous journalists to find ways to question or refute the following key claims in Canada in Decay, without a single volunteer:

  • Canada was not a nation of immigrants but a nation built from the ground up by settlers and indigenous Euro-Canadians.
  • The underlying principle of multiculturalism is that most humans have a very strong need to have their ethno-cultural identity recognized by the state, but in practice multiculturalism recognizes only the collective culture of minorities and immigrant groups while targeting the collective culture of Euro-Canadians.
  • Western Nations were founded on both individual rights and kin-culture affinities.
  • Canada was founded as an Anglo-Quebecois ethno-nation state combined with civic-liberal rights.
  • Multiculturalism as presently implemented across the West is not about the equal rights of long-established minorities but about creating a new multiracial identity through the importation of millions of foreigners.
Let me repeat here what I said in closing a year ago: since Canada in Decay is the only fully developed argument against an establishment determined to marginalize Euro-Canadians, I urge you to purchase this book as a metapolitical act. (You may also want to buy the new edition). The longer the book stays as a best seller, the more it will be purchased, the more its ideas will spread, and the stronger we will become. We must totally undermine the deceitful ideological foundations of immigrant multiculturalism.

Once you read the book, I also encourage you to write a short review at, if you agree with the arguments. This is very important. It is a key way to counter the anti-White establishment and its efforts to ignore and malign this book. Academics and fake journalists are furious this book is a best seller, let’s keep them angry for a long time!

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