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Enoch Powell, “Rivers of Blood” And The Fate Of White Canada: Part II

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III. Canada’s “Rivers of Blood”

Despite the accuracy of Enoch Powell’s predictions, his opponents, who continuously vilified him until his death in 1998, predicted that mass immigration from the Third World would “culturally enrich” society, creating a multiracial paradise with everyone holding hands and singing Kumbaya. Living standards would remain the same, promised the pro-immigration fanatics, as migrants from the worst areas of the Third World poured in by the millions to enjoy the white man’s hard-earned wealth. According to “magic dirt” theory, immigrants who set foot on European soil would become virtually indistinguishable from indigenous whites whose ancestry in Europe stretched back centuries. However, the reality actually supports Powell’s criticisms of elite multicultural policy, that it would lead to segregation, alienation, white dispossession and finally, bloodshed. Third World immigration was never used for its supposed benefits, whatever they may be, but to destroy Western civilization out of spite.

In the eyes of Canada’s hostile elite, official multicultural policy is considered a smashing success. In 1998, Will Kymlicka, Canadian multiculturalism’s chief theorist, proclaimed that in Canada “[…] multiculturalism is working well, and that fears of ethnocultural separatism are misplaced.” More recently, Justin Trudeau, prime minister of the “first post-national state,” went even further. In a “Multiculturalism Day” speech (2017), he said that multiculturalism was Canada’s defining heritage and identity; it was also Canada’s great strength. In his words, multicultural openness is an “engine of creativity and prosperity” that has allowed Canada to benefit from “fresh perspectives.”

The hostile elite’s multicultural fantasies would seem to contradict Powell’s predictions of the effect Third World immigration will have on Western societies, including Canada; unfortunately for them, his predictions have been objectively verified by the course of events since 1968. Third World immigration has never been a benefit to Canada; instead, its effect on Canadian society is comparable to throwing salt onto an open wound. That Canada’s future is clearly outlined in Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” is shown by the available evidence. The immigrant’s deteriorating economic performance and increasing residential segregation will reach crisis proportions, as long as immigration is allowed to continue. The immigrant problem is further exacerbated by massive white flight and the hostile elite’s demonization of Canada’s founding stock as “evil white racists.” This has created a toxic cauldron of racial hatred and jealousy that will explode into a seething, violent rage. If immigration is not stopped and the non-whites repatriated, Canadian whites will become the Boer farmers of North America, surrounded by mobs of angry non-whites threatening them with genocide unless they hand over more and more of the “magic dirt.”

Although Ottawa seldom publicizes it, the fact remains that the economic well-being of immigrant cohorts since the late 1960s has deteriorated; this downward trend has continued into the 21st century and is projected to worsen. The decline in immigrant earnings has been substantial. The 1981 to 86 immigrant cohort earned 30% less than the 1968 immigrant cohort upon labor market entry. Immigration policy was adjusted in the 1990s and early 21st century to select immigrants based on educational attainment. This was done to reverse the rapid deterioration in immigrant economic performance; however, it failed to halt the decline in immigrant entry earnings upon landing. Among males, average entry earnings declined from 74% of the Canadian-born native’s average entry earnings to 60% for the 1999 cohort and 57% for the 2010 cohort. Immigrant females have experienced similar declines in entry earnings. Non-white immigrants, regardless of time spent in the country or ethnic origin, earn significantly less than native-born Canadians and non-visible minority immigrants. Only the Japanese outperform whites economically, but Japan is no longer an immigrant-sending country because of its advanced industrial economy. In 2016, first-generation immigrants earned approximately 25%, 17% and 23% less than their native-born counterparts in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver respectively.

Rates of chronic low income have dramatically increased among immigrants. In 2000, the immigrant low income rate was 2.6 times higher than the native-born; a decade later, it was 3.3 times higher. Immigrant-heavy urban areas are now more likely to have substantial numbers of people living in poverty. According to a recent CBC news report, in Peel Region, which has experienced substantial Afro-Caribbean and South Asian immigration since 1990, 51% of residential neighborhoods were either low or very low income. In 1980, before the region was swamped with immigrants from the Third World, only 2% of neighborhoods were low income. Once a thriving predominantly white middle class area, Peel Region is now a collection of urban ghettos defined by race and ethnicity; as with all multicultural areas, signs of massive white flight can be seen everywhere.

The decline in immigrant economic performance is sometimes blamed on “white racism,” but the likelihood that this is the case is nil. Employers are well aware of the fact that non-white immigrants with engineering credentials from a university in Bangladesh will have poorer language skills and worse education than an Anglophone native with engineering credentials from an Ivy League school. In free market economics, rational decision-making is a necessity if businesses are to stay competitive; not hiring non-whites or paying them less is simply a rational business decision given lower non-white economic productivity.

In addition to deteriorating economic performance, the typical non-white immigrant is a drain on the public purse. According to the Fraser Institute, the total fiscal burden on Canadian taxpayers per immigrant is $6000 per year. In 2005, this was 16 to 24 billion, but rose to 27 to 35 billion in 2014, due to the immigrant population’s growing size. The continuing decline in the economic performance of non-white immigrants and the fiscal burdens they impose on taxpayers will become increasingly onerous as whites are reduced to a dwindling minority in their own country. What has really happened is that the Canadian government has imported a large brown underclass, which will only become larger and more dangerous as accusations of racism, instigated by Canada’s hostile elite, become louder and more common.

Mass immigration has fundamentally transformed the demographic structure of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, which have received most of the country’s immigrants. Each of these major cities have large residential segregated areas increasingly defined by ethnicity and race. In 1981, Canada had 6 “ethnic enclaves”; in 2012, due to excessive immigration, this mushroomed to 260. Although Canadian demographers shy away from the term “ghetto,” preferring to use the more prudish “ethnic enclave” instead, there are signs of ghettoization all across the country. Unlike the ghettos of the past, non-white immigrants are not ghettoized because of exclusionary legislative policies; instead, ghettoization results from a number of factors, including socio-economic marginalization, white flight, cultural isolation and same-race in-group preferences.

Brampton majority residents demanding that Whites transfer money to them to fight “White supremacists” in their city.

Brampton — nicknamed “Bramladesh” or “Browntown” by white locals, is among the GTA’s most racially segregated, economically marginalized and culturally isolated municipalities. It is a classic example of a modern-day Canadian ethnic ghetto, where non-whites gather to recreate the squalor and filth of their own dysfunctional Third World societies at the white man’s expense. Over 60% of the city’s non-whites are of South Asian origin (mainly Sikhs). These non-whites all have their own ethnically and racially segregated neighborhoods. In 1980, 4.3% of Brampton neighborhoods were low income; in 2015, after a massive increase in the city’s poverty rate, over 70% of Brampton neighborhoods were low income, with many households living in extreme poverty. Crime has increased dramatically since the halcyon days of the 1980s; hardly a day goes by without some gang-related shooting or stabbing, committed mostly by blacks. Auto insurance rates in Brampton are the highest in Ontario, largely because of widespread fraud. Significant government and police corruption are a daily fact of life in Third World “Bramladesh,” just as it is in India.

Rising ethnic diversity in Canada’s census metropolitan areas has significantly eroded social cohesion. A 2012 survey of Vancouverites revealed that most respondents had retreated from neighborhood and community life, preferring to keep to themselves. One-third of respondents did not know anyone outside of their own ethnic or racial group. This is in line with political scientist Robert D. Putnam’s findings. He found that as ethnic diversity increases, in-group trust declines. In 2007, Putnam wrote:

[I]mmigration and ethnic diversity tend to reduce social solidarity and social capital. […] in ethnically diverse neighbourhoods residents of all races tend to ‘hunker down.’ Trust (even of one’s own race) is lower, altruism and community cooperation rarer, friends fewer.

Canadian multiculturalism has sharpened ethno-racial and linguistic distinctions between whites and the country’s burgeoning Third World population. As the non-white share of the population increases to one-third by 2036, Canada’s urban ghettos will become monocultural silos, with their own ethnic economies and autonomous municipal governments. In the lower Mainland, the Chinese, the most prosperous of Canada’s recently imported non-whites, will become so numerous that the region may choose independence, becoming a small city-state like Singapore or Taiwan, an Asian Tiger on North American soil.

White flight is now well under way in all of Canada’s cities; in many cases, the ethnic cleansing has been quite dramatic, as in Côte-des-Neiges, Brampton, Markham and Richmond. As whites flee to more rural areas of the country, the cities will be reduced to dysfunctional Third World hellholes. If whites become a minority in their own country, a fait accompli if mass immigration continues, they will be surrounded by hostile groups of unassimilated non-whites along the US-Canada border from Vancouver to Montreal.

“Rivers of Blood” — or the terrible misfortunes of Third World immigration — are now upon us, in every Western country that has foolishly embarked on a program of race replacement. Canada’s hostile elite is using Third World immigration as a battering ram against whites, in order to ethnically cleanse them from all areas of the country. As non-white immigrants are relegated to a Third World underclass, money in Canada will become increasingly concentrated in the hands of a small globalist elite. This will fan the flames of non-white racial animosity; it will worsen as Canada’s hostile elite shifts the blame for increasing non-white impoverishment and ghettoization onto the shoulders of the white majority.

The Canadian government will not stop importing Third World immigrants until the country has been reduced to a smoking heap of rubble. Ottawa’s hostile elite consists of neo-liberal fundamentalists with only a tenuous grip on reality and a deep hatred of traditional Canadian society. To ensure white compliance with the government’s demographic project, hate speech laws were enacted in 1970 and “hate” was made an aggravating factor in criminal sentencing in 1996; more diversity will necessitate even stronger totalitarian controls. As evolutionary psychologist Prof. Byron M. Roth writes:

The real danger for modern democracies is that in their zeal to promote multicultural societies, they will be forced to resort to the means that have characterized all empires attempting to maintain their hegemony over disparate peoples (2014).

IV. When Will Canada’s Prairies Burn?

Although Enoch Powell predicted significant violence as the outcome of elite multicultural policy, Canada has not (yet) experienced the same level of violence and social upheaval mass immigration has brought to other Western countries, despite similar levels of immigrant economic deterioration and cultural isolation. For example, Sweden’s policy of mass immigration, implemented in 2005, has witnessed immigrant youth throwing rocks at police and setting cars on fire in a series of highly publicized, large-scale riots across the country.

What is the explanation for this discrepancy? In Sweden, 60% to 80% of migrants are selected on humanitarian grounds; but in Canada, around 50% are selected through a points system that prioritizes educational attainment and professional experience. This makes it easier for Ottawa to integrate the migrants into the country’s labor market, significantly attenuating ethnic tensions before they manifest and potentially destabilize the country. The proclivity for violence among immigrants is possibly mediated by race differences in behavior and temperament. Sweden’s immigrants are typically Muslims from the Middle East and the Maghreb, many of whom are inbred or even religious fanatics; on the other hand, Canadian immigrants are typically Asian and more peaceful, with the notable exception of Filipinos, Pakistanis and Sikhs.

Nevertheless, these differences will only delay the inevitable ethnic rioting and mass violence, which will be the final outcome of elite-managed demographic transition in Canada. This will continue because of the hostile elite’s fanatical ideological commitment to endless mass migration. If there is no pause to mass migration in the future, it will inevitably lead to further deterioration in immigrant economic performance, eventually creating the kind of social pathologies found in the banlieues of Paris or Sweden’s immigrant districts, albeit at a slower pace.

Further cause for concern is the empirically well-established negative statistical relationship between ethnic diversity and state provision of public goods. After all, what self-respecting white man would continue paying taxes when non-whites are the primary beneficiaries of infrastructure and social services? Less tax revenue for programs like EI and CPP means that as nationwide poverty and unemployment rise, immigrants will have less of a social safety net to fall back on. This will set the stage for mass rioting and other acts of violence, as well as an inevitable white backlash against mass immigration. As urban planner David Hulchanski observed in a CBC interview (2010):

Poverty does not lead to violence, but it creates the preconditions for that when you have so many neighbourhoods where people feel they have no place to go.

Prof. Hulchanski has noted that immigrant-receiving countries with less income polarization and ethno-racial segregation than Canada have already seen outbreaks of violence and increasing “far-right” populist activism. After discussing Toronto’s levels of racial and income polarization, Prof. Hulchanski asked: “How long can this continue? There is no sign of the trend reversing yet. Will there be riots in Toronto?” The question is not will, but when. There are limits to man’s endurance of unbearable suffering.

Faces of unsolved murders in Toronto police’s cold case database. According to academics, White Canadians are to be blamed for “not giving more of their income to otherwise peaceful Jamaicans and Africans”.

The signs of future widespread social upheaval and violence are all around us. Rampant black crime in Toronto, dating from the late 1990s, will worsen as federal bureaucrats import more blacks and dump them onto the city’s welfare services. As the black population explodes in Toronto and Montreal, so will the crime rate, until it mirrors the crime rates of Detroit or Baltimore. South Asians (typically Sikhs) are disproportionately overrepresented in BC’s homicide statistics; they are 8% of the population, but 30% of all homicide and attempted homicide victims. After Canada’s blacks, South Asians have the second highest rate of violent crime in the country. As the South Asian, and especially Sikh, population continues to grow explosively in BC, gang violence will increase dramatically, until it can no longer be controlled by Canadian law enforcement or government.

Since 9/11, Canada has become a safe haven for professional Islamic terrorists. In 2006, the “Toronto 18” had planned to detonate truck bombs, open fire in crowded areas and kill MPs, but none of these activities were carried out because of an informant. The Muslim population, at 3.2% in 2019, is projected to reach 7% by 2036. As Canada imports more Muslims from Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere, the number of terrorist offenses will increase dramatically; this may lead to urban insurgency or the establishment of Muslim-majority no-go areas in Toronto and Montreal.

What will stop black street criminals, South Asian gangsters and Muslim terrorists from turning their guns and bombs on whites? When they outnumber whites, they will no longer have to live in fear of the white man’s police or government. The criminal elements among Canada’s immigrant population will not hesitate to engage in anti-white race war to redress personal grievances, especially if their numbers are steadily increasing through Ottawa’s policy of mass immigration.

In “Rivers of Blood,” Powell stressed the difficulty of assimilating large numbers of Third World immigrants. This is why he strongly insisted on the immediate repatriation of all non-whites. In Canada, the ethnic ghettos will only grow in size and become even more segregated; Canadian leftists will continue scapegoating whites for immigrant poverty and unemployment, instead of looking at root causes, like immigrant genetic inferiority and Ottawa’s senseless policy of mass immigration. This will merely stoke the flames of anti-white racial hatred. As immigrant conditions worsen, the end result will be the mass violence predicted by Enoch Powell.

Everywhere there is Third World immigration, there has been or will be widespread violence, just as Enoch Powell predicted. Why would Canada be any different? Based on historical and contemporary evidence, all multicultural societies will inevitably dissolve into literal “rivers of blood.” Canadian “exceptionalism” in this regard is a dangerous neo-liberal fantasy.

V. The Boer Farmers of North America

Mass non-white immigration will reduce Canadian whites to an embattled minority, much like the Boer farmers of the South African Highveld. The Chinese, far more intelligent and organized than Canada’s other non-whites, will be the white man’s only formidable opponent. If they come to outnumber whites in the lower Mainland, they may seek to turn Vancouver into an autonomous or even independent city-state. If the non-white majority realizes that an independent Vancouver would severely cripple the national economy, then armed conflict may ensue. South Asian gang violence in BC, which has spiraled out of control since the early 21st century, will be ruthlessly suppressed by the Chinese, who will not be as compassionate as whites. The Chinese may rid themselves of their South Asian crime problem through ruthless demographic aggression against BC’s South Asian population, just like they did in Tibet or Xinjiang.

If Vancouver gains independence, non-white hordes will flock to the lower Mainland, but will be driven out by its Chinese rulers. In a less optimistic scenario, the Chinese will not be able to maintain the white man’s wealth among themselves. The reasons for this view are twofold: I) Because the Chinese did not create Canada’s wealth, they may not be able to maintain it, and; II) a large proportion of Chinese in Canada appear to be low IQ peasants from China’s interior, unlike the Vancouver millionaires of the Pacific seaboard communities.

How else does one explain that the average annual Chinese income is somewhat lower than the national average? The danger is that dysgenic fertility will cause a decline in overall Chinese IQ, making it difficult for them to put the white man’s wealth to good use.

In 1968, Powell predicted that “the black man will hold the whip hand over the white man.” The “black man” is best interpreted metaphorically, as the non-white who rises to power and influence through mass immigration. In Canada, 14.5% of MPs in Trudeau’s 42nd Parliament are non-white, but this is just the beginning of a great tragedy. Eventually all whites will be subject to the non-white’s “whip hand”; this is because of the hostile elite’s ideological commitment to mass migration, which will not stop until whites are reduced to a persecuted minority in their own country. The future immigrant-controlled federal government will not have the intelligence or foresight to prevent the Canada from sliding into Third World oblivion. However, they will be far more venal and corrupt; under non-white tyranny, only bribery from private individuals will get things done. Once they inherit the white man’s urban infrastructure, including its military capabilities, they will also have the means to actively redress their grievances.

No longer constrained by the white man’s pathological altruism, the non-white federal government will cease making federal transfer payments to the largely aboriginal territories of Canada’s northern hinterland; in another likely scenario, all federal funding may cease because of a shrinking tax base, the end result of massive non-white poverty and unemployment. The aboriginal territories will be forced to declare independence from what is fast becoming an impoverished Third World nation.

All major Canadian cities, with the possible exception of Vancouver, will become Third World dystopias, filled with black crime, Muslim terror, corrupt non-whites in power and predominantly white gated communities. Once Canada has become a Third World country, earning a decent living will become almost impossible. There will be violent ethnic riots, increasing in frequency and severity as the white man’s cities decline in prosperity. As immigrants come to dominate Canada’s urban areas, Ottawa will be forced to employ increasingly totalitarian methods to suppress any rising ethnic tension, probably resorting to brutal police-state measures like firing squads or torture, as current hate crime and hate speech legislation will no longer be adequate. By then, the Canadian situation will have become far worse than Powell’s nightmarish “American proportions”; this will be further aggravated by the material scarcity caused by massive white flight. Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and elsewhere will become decaying urban cores surrounded by large shantytowns or favelas. Most whites will relocate to the rural north, but it is difficult to say how long this area of the country will remain predominantly white. Once the wealth has evaporated in the cities, non-whites will migrate to rural Canada to take advantage of the white man’s civilizational abilities.

South African blacks lusting for violence and rape against remaining White Boer farmers

By the dawn of the 22nd century, Canadian whites will have become the Boer farmers of North America. Enoch Powell’s predictions of apocalyptic non-white violence, long dismissed by his opponents, will be the white man’s only reality by then. The US-Canada border will be teeming with millions of hostile non-whites, but they didn’t create the white man’s wealth, nor will they be able to maintain it. This is because of their innate genetic inferiority. When the white man flees to the rural countryside, the wealth will dry up in the cities, leaving large rat-infested slums as disgusting as any found in Brazil or even India. It doesn’t matter that there is very little arable land north of the cities; the white man is capable of eking out a living under the harshest conditions.

The white man, through his pathological, misguided sense of altruism, has given away his cities to hordes of undeserving and greedy non-whites. These foreigners have displayed their gratitude by turning all of them into smoking heaps of rubble. All the white man now has left is Canada’s rural interior. Will he allow himself to be dispossessed of even this, before he vanishes from the pages of history with scarcely a whimper?

Or will he stand and fight?

The Boer is under no illusions. How can he have any? He has spilled too much blood and sweat over his beloved land of South Africa; he cannot just turn his back on it. He is not like the Pieds-Noirs of colonial Algeria who chose to flee rather than continue the struggle, despite their residence in the country for generations. For better or for worse, South Africa will always be the Boer’s homeland.

Whites-only communities now exist in preparation for the final showdown between Bantu tribesman and Boer farmer. The Boer has no choice but to stand and fight, knowing that his people’s survival is at stake. The white man in Canada, if he wishes to survive, would do well to follow the Boer’s example.

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