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The Short, Crazy Life Of Zaida Catalán

(Traduit en français)

You may have heard about the two young Scandinavian women killed, and beheaded, by Islamic militants recently in Morocco. They’re not alone. Here’s one you may not have heard of, Zaida Catalán, a Swedish politician who was shot and beheaded in the Congo in March of 2017.

So what, you may ask, was she doing in that Hell-hole of corruption, poverty and rebellion? Was she checking on the Kamuina Nsapu militia, who were responsible for beheading 40 police officers? No. She and an American were checking with the rebels on Government atrocities as part of a U.N. mission. The New York Times describes her death:

“Exciting development,” she scribbled in her diary in late January. “I can maybe nail this bastard. Damn!”

Weeks later, Ms. Catalán, a United Nations investigator with little training and no safety equipment or even health insurance, headed into a remote area teeming with militia fighters to find the culprits behind a massacre in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A grainy cellphone video shows what happened next: A cluster of men with rifles and red bandannas lead Ms. Catalán, a 36-year-old Swedish-Chilean, into a grove with her American colleague, Michael J. Sharp, 34. The two investigators are barefoot.

Mr. Sharp starts arguing. He and Ms. Catalán are forced onto the ground. Suddenly, shots are fired, hitting Mr. Sharp first. Ms. Catalán screams and tries to run for cover. She is shot twice.

Their bodies were discovered weeks later in a shallow grave, laid out carefully, side by side, in opposite directions. Ms. Catalán had been decapitated. Her head had been taken.

Zaida Catalán in Congo
Zaida Catalán in the Congo. She captioned her photo “Living the crazy life in the DRC”.

Here’s what you can take away from this tragedy. First; Zaida Catalán wanted to save the planet as a Green party politician. Second; she believed in the concept of brave rebels fighting government oppression. And as a U.N. “observer” she believed in internationalism and globalism. And now, that beautiful head at the top of the page is no longer attached to the beautiful body you see on a motorcycle.

The reason is not the Congo, which has always been as it is now, a violent, backward, dangerous place. The reason is that young Swedish women, and White women generally in the West, have been sold a false narrative in their progressive schools. They actually believe race is a social construct, all people are basically kind, that governments generally oppress and that the peasants generally are oppressed.

They believe this bizarre fantasy and they die, and will continue to die, until governments in the West do a wholesale clean-up of Western educational institutions. Until that happy day, more beautiful heads will be severed. So don’t blame the Congo. The Congo is what it is.

Blame yourself for supporting school systems that kill our women.

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