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Manifesto Of An Aspiring Fascist

I may be accused of being an aspiring fascist since I believe in human nature, race and gender are not social constructs, ethnic nationalism is morally vital — and unlike the left I cherish freedom of expression.

(Traduit en français)

Some people have accused me of being a fascist. They are wrong. I am an aspiring fascist. Don’t give me a Gold Medal until I have crossed the finish line. I have more to learn and digest before I am ready to mount the podium.

But I am almost there. I have almost assimilated the full fascist package. I am just a few pieces short of finishing the puzzle. Here is what I’ve got so far. This is what I have come to believe after a half century trek to the summit.

Off the top, and in no particular order…

1. Biology rules.

2. Gender and race are not “social constructs”.

3. There is something called human nature. We are not blank slates. We are pack animals. Hierarchy is endemic, a necessary trademark of pack animals. There will always be and always must be “leaders” and “followers”.

4. Egalitarianism is a utopian prescription which runs counter to human nature.

5. Ideologically driven experiments that substantially conflict with human nature must end in dystopian nightmares, or societal collapse.

6. Men and women are fundamentally different. Social engineering will not change that. What it can do, however, is lead to emotional stress, confusion, neuroses, alienation and societal dysfunction. More women than men aspire to become nurses, animal vets, primary school teachers — not because of ‘social conditioning’ or ‘systemic discrimination” but because they are invested with a maternal instinct.

7. The great majority of women, at least on a subconscious level, look to male “partners’ for leadership. Much of modern female angst in Western societies is the result of a collision between their consciously held feminist ideological fixations and their subconscious desire for male leadership. The problem is not that they are partnered with ‘bullies’ and ‘controllers’, but with soy boy wimps who seek to ingratiate themselves to women by trying to be more feminist than feminists. To most women, there is nothing more contemptible and off-putting in a man than sycophancy and vacillation. They want to be heard and they want to be consulted, but women who are honest with themselves also want leadership. They want decision. Hamlets NNA.

8. Women’s suffrage, on balance, has had a devastating impact of Western Civilization, and may well prove to be its Achilles heel. The empathy that women possess, if directed at the stranger or outsider at our gates, can lead to an open borders mentality at the political level. In the age of a migration crisis whose ultimate scope we cannot yet imagine, this outlook can and will lead to our erasure. It is doubtful that open borders politicians like Obama or Trudeau or Angela Merkel could have been elected to office if women did not have the vote. The idea that women should guide our immigration policy is as frightening as the notion that cat ladies be empowered to run animal shelters at taxpayer expense, or that animal rights activists replace zookeepers with the authority to open cages and inflict predatory beasts upon an unsuspecting citizenry in the dead of night.

9. Humans are irrational. Irrational beliefs in humans cannot be entirely extirpated from our nature. In other words, religion is here to stay. Life is ugly and scary and painful. False hope, denial, and ritual are natural pain remedies. Religions are fair game. But it is futile and pointless to carry out attacks on people who adhere to silly, illogical, or empirically unverifiable beliefs. In fact, almost by definition beliefs are irrational. They rest on metaphysical foundations. Including atheism.

For the most part, people who cling to mysticism are only trying to get through the night. Religion is an opiate, a tool of pain management — as well as for some, a weapon of political manipulation. Religion can regulate behaviour to the advantage of tyrants as well as individuals. Dictators need not invest so much in the army or secret police if the population can be made compliant by control of mechanisms internal to individuals. As Seneca said, “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful.”

However, delusions that are collectively shared can bring societal benefits as well as costs. As Charles Murray observed, falling church participation rates correlate with rising crime rates, substance abuse and depression. More than guidance, we need fellowship. People need people. Hermits are virtual mutants, an extreme and maladaptive exception to the rule. No man is an island, and all of that.

10. A civilization that is founded on the primacy of the individual will perish in the face of tribal predators — uninhibited by individualism — if the individuals within it do not sacrifice or surrender a portion of their individualism and identity to protect it. Failure to acknowledge group interests or group identity is, in the context of a multi-ethnic society or a world of mass migration, tantamount to unilateral disarmament and suicide. Jordan Peterson can reject his whiteness and self-identify as an individual all he wants. But if he lived on a farm in rural Zimbabwe or South Africa black tribalists would eat him for lunch. Imagine if a British soldier near the conclusion of the Battle of Isandlwana tore off his uniform and begged for mercy by proclaiming that he was an individual. A Zulu spear would be through his guts before his words got out.

Isn’t that what civic nationalism amounts to? A belief or a hope that “the Zulu” will adopt a Christian concept of mercy and treat us fellow “individuals” when demography puts them in the driver’s seat? A fantasy that Germany can turn Syrian Muslims into Germans when it can’t turn Greeks into Germans? A fatal fallacy and comforting assumption that newcomers will shed their tribalism like a rain jacket when they come out of the rain to warm themselves by the fire of Western hospitality, and don the sweater of our “values”, swearing upon a holy text to abide by our constitution or Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Theoretically, ethnic minorities of modest numbers are ‘assimilable’, as they proved to be in the first century of Canadian Confederation. But when 15 or 20 per cent becomes 60 or 70 per cent who will be doing the assimilating? Will non-Europeans assimilate? Will Muslims assimilate? Will Chinese monocultures assimilate? Will 50 chants of “Diversity is Our Strength” a day ward off our replacement? Shall we perform Ghost Dances to oust the invaders and restore our lands and culture? Will Jordan Peterson eventually have to use Arabic or Mandarin pronouns to make himself understood?

11. Denial is an essential psychological copying mechanism. If we were able to “take in” all the dangers that face us, our circuit breakers would pop. We would be paralyzed with fear, or burn out. Finding distractions is part of pain management. That in fact is what they taught me in a Pain Management Workshop at the hospital. If you can’t cure chronic pain with medication, you can at least to some extent train your brain to ignore it.

12. Bernays was right. Propaganda — group think — is necessary for a functional society. Pack animals — herd animals — social animals — have a deep psychological need to be part of a group, to be acknowledged by the group and to be accepted by the group. A well functioning pack, like a hockey team, consists of “role” players. It is when pack animals are uncertain about their role, or ranking in the pack, that they are most anxious and stressed. Most modern neuroses, IMO, is the result of egalitarian ideologies like feminism which persuade people that roles are either too constrictive, unfair, unnecessary or arbitrary. Human groups, like ships, are not designed to be run like democracies. There can be only one captain to a ship. Sometimes ships are run by Alpha females, but in the absence of ideologically driven “employment equity” dictates, the great majority are run by men.

13. Democracy, as it is commonly understood, is not the default position of human arrangements. The reason for that is that democracies seldom work. When they do work, it is because its participants do not confuse democracy with egalitarianism. A viable democracy consists of democrats who understand that hierarchy is built into human psychology and is the blueprint for functional human groups. Functional democracy then must consist of our ability, as citizens, to choose among competing elites. It does not and must not mean the entertainment of fanciful ideas that elites must be abolished. Elitism is the philosophy which acknowledges that we are not equally endowed with intelligence, capability, imagination, or creativity, and that the minority who possess these attributes in abundance must be encouraged, not discouraged, to succeed for OUR benefit as much as for theirs. Egalitarianism is the imposition of oppressive mediocrity. You cannot, as Abraham Lincoln said, pull up the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. By the same token, the weakest and least capable of us cannot be helped by weakening the strong or inhibiting the most capable. We must not be crippled by a bizarre obligation to live our lives by mediocre standards for the sake of contrived equality or group solidarity.

14. Inequality is an eradicable fact of life. As William Henry III put it, “Some people are better than others—smarter, harder working, more learned, more productive, harder to replace. Some ideas are better than others, some values more enduring, some works of art more universal. Some cultures, though we dare not say it, are more accomplished than others and therefore more worthy of study. Every corner of the human race may have something to contribute. That does not mean that all contributions are equal…It is not necessarily a conspiracy of silence that the historical record is so thin in detailing women painters and writers of the early Renaissance or black nuclear physicists and Hispanic political leaders of the early twentieth century. Sometimes the record is thin because the accomplishments were too.” (cf. In Defence of Elitism, p.14)

15. As humans, we are not designed, as Edmund Burke said, to “love humanity all in one piece.” We evolved in groups of 50-150. As Robin Dunbar noted, we haven’t the psychological capacity to really know or love more than 50 people. If hatred of the stranger or outsider is pathological, there is nothing more pathological than the perverse love of the stranger at the expense of those close at hand. A mother who would choose another woman’s child to rescue from a burning building rather than her own is neither noble nor humane. She is mentally disturbed. For anyone to say that they “love” all of humanity and regard all 7.6 billion human beings as family members is disingenuous at best, or at worst, the deceitful proclamation of a pious fraud with a Jesus complex . We are a tribal species, and tribe must come first. In-group altruism is how we got here. Out-group altruism is what will kill us. In a nutshell, Tribe First, Screw “The Other”. Or perhaps, help “The Other” where he lives, and only after our needs are met.

This list is provisional. But it is what I have to work with so far. More time and more red pills please.

While I am optimistic about my intellectual progress, I doubt that I could ever become a perfect fascist however. I remain captive of a passionate belief in free speech. I can’t bring myself to shout down or censor speech that I find offensive. That apparently sets me apart from the fascist anti-fascists. Confusing, isn’t it?

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