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Ethnic Cleansing Of Whites In Canada

(Traduit en français)

To millions of Canadians, open borders, globalism, diversity and multiculturalism are an existential threat to our sovereignty and identity of the Canada that we love and used to fight for. I have become, almost overnight, a demographic conservative; an immigration minimalist and a civilizationalist. I simply do not want my children and grandchildren to become a minority, a small part of a “gorgeous mosaic,” in their own homeland.

Liberals in particular, but all of our established political parties, seemingly hate this country and want to replace the historic Euro-Canadian citizens with foreign nationals. The progressive/left’s position on national immigration policy is centered around the concept that foreigners are inherently better than us. They want them coming nonstop. Don’t worry, they’re all valedictorians and future Nobel Laureates.

We know that Canadians cannot become Indian, Africans, Chinese or Sikh but we are expected to believe that anyone can move to Canada and become Canadian. If it’s not about “race,” as we are being told, then it is imperative that it is about “values.” Nevertheless, those illegal Nigerian eco-migrants that are storming our border, given the backlog, will likely be granted amnesty in a couple of years. Be advised that slavery is as much a part of modern Nigerian culture as female genital mutilation (FGM) is to Somalian culture. That’s vibrancy and enrichment, no question, but does it align with Canadian “values?” It has become unacceptable to demand that immigrants conform to their hosts’ cultures and so we are being made to conform to theirs.

Douglas Murray, in his book, The Strange Death of Europe, believes that Europe (and by extension, Canada) are gripped by a common “mania” and lists the consequences of this mania. They include the lack of national will; the danger of being overtaken by stronger countries who have not succumbed to this mania (can you speak Mandarin yet?); and the transformation of patriotism into shame, guilt or ambivalence.[1] Murray suggests that we have been imbued with an original sin which must lead to moral atonement and that white guilt has become a “moral intoxicant.” High-quality groveling before brown people, even as they snicker at us, is like crack-cocaine to liberals. There is more than a touch of masochism in whites across the West and “we are happy to be self-loathing in an international marketplace of sadists.” (p.176).

As a result, we continue to lose ground as progressives, social justice warriors and cultural Marxists have seized power, pushed radical feminism, teach preschoolers about “white privilege,” sexual re-assignment for children and a race and ethnic war against the founding Euro-Canadian cultures. To our south, separate National Anthems are being played for blacks at NBA games and the anthem is now banned from pep rallies because it is outdated and racially offensive.[2] To use Saul Alinskys’ own words against him, they are “rubbing raw the sores of discontent.” There is no end in sight.

The Slow Cleanse

Demographic and cultural replacement in Canada and throughout the West for that matter, has recently been symbolized by a push to demonize and cleanse evidence of the European history of Canada and North America. The recent removal of the magnificent bronze statue of Sir Edward Cornwallis, Governor of Nova Scotia from 1749-1752, is a recent example. To add insult to injury, after 40 years of handing out the Sir John A. Macdonald Prize, the Canadian Historical Association’s members recently voted 121-11 to rebrand the award as the “CHA Prize” for Best Scholarly Book in Canadian History. The CHA approves of diversity, all right, except of opinion. If you are out in Halifax, tell those Mi’kmaq that I want our statue back.

“I am God’s Gift to Humanity! My mandate is to replace Euro-Canadians with superior Africans and Moslems and Asians.”

Make no mistake, the left will not stop with Edward Cornwallis and Sir John A. Macdonald. These two great men are part of the historic Canadian Nation, the great Dominion created by Europeans in the New World as an extension of Western Civilization. Euro-Canadians and Canada would not exist if it were not for them. Non-whites, MSM, Antifa and our “elites” understand this and is precisely why they are targeting these statues and symbols. The underlying sentiment is clear: Europeans should never have come to this continent. Once white, Euro-Canadian history is replaced, monuments to a new anti-white, anti-Euro-Canadian history will be erected to honour the new people who consolidate political, cultural and economic power in Canada. Who the hell is Viola Desmond, by the way, and what is she doing on our $10 bill? Our elites want Euro-Canadians too scared to speak up until they believe it’s too late to do anything about it. In business, we call this a hostile takeover.

We’re projected to become a numerical minority in Canada, by 2036, a mere 18 years from now, give or take. In 2050, the oldest Boomers will be 90; the youngest would be 70. Which means that many of them will be dead by the time it happens. So most Boomers think that white demographic decline is simply not their problem. Many of my friends at the local Second Cup in small town Ontario are of this mind. It’s a terrible argument for not doing something to prevent the oncoming catastrophe. The world won’t end when we die and we have a Burkean responsibility to future generations.

“I’ll be dead then, so it is not my problem” is a completely egocentric, self-indulgent, and irresponsible position. Very different standards come into play when we consider the interests of non-whites, the extinction of animal species like the silver fox, white Rhinos or beluga whales, and it goes without saying, long-term environmental trends. Suddenly, the long view and expansive duties to others, even future generations, are a matter of fact.[3] My “friends” don’t fear or oppose our demographic decline as long as it doesn’t affect them personally. Other than the Mandarin Real Estate signs popping up all over, so far it isn’t.

Go ahead and blow your kids’ inheritances. You’ll never live to see the grim, Sharia Compliant governing bodies with Chinese characteristics. A dystopian nightmare where kinship and community will be replaced with alienation; where you can’t read any signs, understand the words, or trust the intentions of the people around you; where, after long lives of mowing your own lawn, old people will die surrounded by thieving and abusive aliens, like H.R. McMaster Sr. (U.S. Army, retired) father of the Trump Administrations former National Security Advisor, who died at the hands of a black nurse who didn’t give a damn about him and abandoned even the most basic standards of human decency.

By the mid-twentieth century, still staggering from the volume of blood-letting in two consecutive world wars, which in hindsight, I consider a thirty-year civil war, white nations began a process of restructuring their institutions and purging “nationalistic” tendencies among their populations. In a reverse spiritual awakening of sorts, European-descended peoples identifying as a group became equated with atrocity – the “holocaust” of Jews, slavery, segregation, colonialism, apartheid, subjugation, exploitation of resources, and denial of the rights of non-white peoples around the world. A new morality emerged to guide Europeans toward absolution. Our very identity became an original sin. Strident positions on race, especially the wickedness of whites, and only whites, effectively became a new religion that entrenched itself in every aspect of society and culture, our schools and governing bodies, business and media, in particular.[4]

As the New Left ideologue, Susan Sontag, put it in 1967:

The white race is the cancer of human history. It is the white race and it alone — its ideologies and inventions — which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself.

The most important component of our absolution and atonement has been mass immigration into formerly white nations. The momentum for diversity and multiculturalism has become a massive tsunami in the West and Canada, in particular, and my “civilizational anxiety” is compounded by the our low birth rate and the “Six P Elites” that ignore, or worse, sneer at our legitimate concerns: Police, Politicians, Press, Priests, Professors and Prosecutors. [5] The idea of a multiracial, multiethnic, multicultural Canada describes a future that many of us believe means the death of the nation that gives meaning to our lives. Virtually all of our “new” Canadians are from the third world who will vote 70-90% Liberal. They’ll have a lock on the Prime Minister’s office. Main stream media in Canada are co-conspirators and throw a cloak of altruism over their cynical seizure of permanent power.[6] These “elites” don’t care what we think. We’re the lowest common denominator; the counter-Enlightenment.

Let me say this. Rather than be ashamed, I am proud to be white and of European descent. That’s right, I said it! I’m PROUD to be related, in a way that North African and Middle Eastern Muslims, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs and Pakistanis are not, to Dante, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Aristotle, Aeschylus, Cicero, Sir Thomas Moore, da Vinci, Galileo, Copernicus, Bacon, Newton, Descartes, Hume, Kant, Darwin, Thoreau, Rembrandt, Hegel, Weber, Mill, Nietzsche, Booby Orr, Gordie Howe and Racine. The National Hockey League and the CN Tower says something to me which it can never say to “them.” You won’t see any hijabs or turbans or Chinese characteristics on those antique lithographs of the voyageurs and coureurs des bois paddling those beautiful birch-bark canoes.

Cash for Kids

Nagicho, a small town in a remote corner of Japan has doubled their fertility rate from 1.4 in 2005 to 2.8 by 2014. When a woman gives birth in Nagicho, she receives a “celebratory gift” of 300,000 Yen, or roughly $3,530.00 US. She also receives baby accessories, subsidized baby-sitting and a car seat. When the child goes to high school, she receives another 90,000 Yen/year and health care is fully paid for.[7] It seems the town was desperate after losing a third of its population since 1955 and fully one-third are now over age 65. Sound familiar? Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is determined to raise the national fertility rate to 1.8 and has earmarked 2 trillion Yen for education and healthcare.

Japan loves its children, unlike Canada where White children are seen as racist.

The Japanese are getting very serious about it. Why can’t we? The question is how do we target the founding cultures, rather than the flood of newly arrived Chinese or Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa, if we don’t have a homeland? Canadians and the West in general, cannot replace our population with other people’s babies. Alternatively, we could weather our demographic crisis by accepting the idea that declining population growth leads to higher per capita income and technological innovation. Either way, we should at least be debating possible solutions to our demographic decline rather than reflexively importing aliens.

It wasn’t that long ago that progressives were concerned with overpopulation. Since third world immigration into Canada has soared the “Watermellons” never talk about population caps or restrictions on reproduction like they so vehemently did in the good ‘ol days. If you are concerned about the quality of life in Canada, why wouldn’t you want a smaller population? Either way, new life-extension technologies are developing exponentially, and the prospect for dramatically longer and healthy lifespans are right on the horizon.[8]

Straight out of Brave New World, Henry Greely, a futurist author and a Stanford University law professor, says the world is moving toward lab-grown babies – and sex may soon be obsolete for procreation. Greely argues that future parents will pick their child from a catalog of “already artificially created embryos” using criteria such as intelligence, athleticism and perhaps even eye color.[9] Farther in the future, it’s plausible that parents will simply be able to buy off-the-shelf embryos out of a “baby catalog” that only requires ingredients from one of the parents – or perhaps neither of them at all. * Baby hatcheries, indeed. The Singularity is Near.

Police States are Emerging in the West; Can Canada be Far Behind?

The London Borough of Camden recently published a report, “Keeping Children and Young People Safe from Radicalization and Extremism: Advice for Parents.” It isn’t Jihadi extremists that are the concern, however, but punishing dissent among Britain’s traditional population. In the UK. all internet activity is monitored. The Home Secretary recently suggested that anyone found to be repeatedly viewing extremist content should be sent to prison for up to 15 years.[10] The report contained advice for parents on how to spot “radicalization,” including a mistrust of mainstream media, belief in conspiracy theories and being angry about government policies. If you have children, there is a threat that they may be taken away from you for harbouring dissident views. Most recently, articles about Stephen Christopher Yaxley (aka Tommy Robinson) protesting on the steps of Leeds Crown Court against the Muslim men being prosecuted for sex grooming gangs, child rape, trafficking and supply of “Class A” drugs to children, were rapidly scrubbed from the internet and “Tommy” thrown in jail for 13 months. Canada is not far behind the once “United” Kingdom and formerly “Great” Britain.

A Police State is one thing, but for a foreshadowing of Canada’s future, look past the UK. and consider South Africa, where, in a majority non-white world, Euro-Africans are powerless, politically oppressed, mercilessly slaughtered and yet still “privileged.” Just 3 months ago, the majority Bantu “Supremacists” South African parliament voted in overwhelming numbers to confiscate the land of white farmers without compensation. The Hutu, who committed the Rwandan Genocide, are from the same Bantu tribe as the Xhosa and Zulu in South Africa who now publicly sing, “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer…”

Future of Whites across the world if they don’t AFFIRM their RACIAL IDENTITY

The motion was brought by radical racialist Julius “Kiddie Amin” Malema of the Marxist EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) party, who has threatened to “cut the throat of whiteness.” Whites, already under siege in a rapidly deteriorating, dangerous country, are staring down the barrel of massive, legally sanctioned theft which could set off even greater conflict.[11] Could this be coming to a suburb near you or your grandchildren?

“White privilege” will give the progressive social justice warriors in Canada, too, a blank cheque and unlimited justification for social engineering and government intervention. Just what we need, bigger, more intrusive and expensive government. Common law, property rights and free speech will be after-thoughts to the goal of overcoming privilege.[12] The cultural Marxists are winning and most Canadians have no idea what is being done to them. They’re struggling to earn a living, pay off mortgages on real-estate driven to exorbitant levels by immigration and Chinese money laundering and get the kids back and forth to hockey, soccer and baseball practice. They still find time, and money however, to create better communities, help with homework, volunteer at local hospitals and schools and pay their taxes.

Any discussion of Police States can’t go by without at least mentioning China. President Xi (for life) has, over the last few years, implemented a “social credit system” and his mouthpiece, the Global Times, was recently bragging about their success in blocking 11 million people from flying and over 4 million from taking high speed trains for crimes like jay-walking, not visiting their parents enough, parking illegally and not being loyal communists. Hou Yunchun, former deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council insists that it is necessary for social harmony that “discredited people, become bankrupt.”[13] A high score would earn you lower energy prices, discounts, better matches on dating websites, better schools for your kids and lower interest rates on loans. Are you kidding me? There are echoes of this in the West with Facebook, Google and Twitter but I would rather die fighting then submit to a Canadian “social credit system.” The “authoritarians” in Beijing consider George Orwell’s, “1984” to be an instruction manual rather than a cautionary tale of fiction.

In North America, the Trump Administration cannot deliver on their signature campaign promise: to build a wall on their southern border. It’s hard for me to understand how the Americans put up without a wall for so long. The RINO’s, the Chamber of Commerce and of course the Democrats see the future as brown. One seeks cheap, low and high skilled labour, the other, votes, to become the effective governing party, forever. Transferring money and power from whites to browns and blacks. This is a recipe for a dystopian third world hell-hole, not much different than India, Brazil and Africa. The point is, however, that if the Trump Administration can’t get their wall built, and Brexit can’t Brexit how do we, in Canada, expect to establish an immigration moratorium and repeal our Multiculturalism Act? Not very likely. We need contingency plans for a new homeland(s) inside Canada.

I’m an average Canadian and no modern-day Louis Riel but Canadians from the founding cultures need to look beyond a political solution and take heed of the events in South Africa; the UK, Sweden, Calais and throughout Western Europe. If Catalonia, Khalistan, Wakanda, “Farrakhanland,” Scotland, Kurdistan, Quebec, and “New” California, why not a homeland for European-Canadians in South-Western Ontario; the Maritimes; the Prairies, around Quebec City or the interior of beautiful British Columbia? It’s British Columbia, after-all.

A defined territory is crucial for the survival of an “ethny.” According to Dr. Frank Slater, “the special quality of a defended territory is that it insulates a population from the vicissitudes of demographic disturbances . . .” Acquisition and defense of territory, he argues, are therefore an integral part of the tribal strategy of humans. The passionate relationship between a people and its homeland has been constant throughout history. A people can suffer many setbacks, but as long as it retains its own territorial space, it can recover.[14]

In the long run, only territory ensures survival, and human history is largely a record of groups expanding and contracting, conquering or being conquered, migrating or being displaced by migrants. The loss of territory, whether by military defeat or displacement by aliens, brings ethnocide — precisely what is happening in “multicultural” Canada and throughout the West today. Also worth noting, Salter concludes that there is no evidence of so-called “hybrid vigor.” There is no increase in intelligence, health, life expectancy or creative ability in mixed-race populations. [15]

We can’t be accused of discriminating against people we don’t live with. The massive transfer of wealth and the $35B-$40B fiscal costs of immigration will disappear. We’ll never have to worry about being branded racists again. Taxes will decline, hospitals will become efficient again, and we’ll be able to move on our highways. Our environment will heal. We could banish employment equity plans and we might get lucky and find that many aliens self-deport. Go back home and be free at last from the terrible indignity of white racism. And take your employment equity plans with you! Here’s your hat, Hijab and turban, what’s your hurry?

In my next article I will make the case for why new homeland for the founding Euro-Canadians.


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