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Dr. Ricardo Duchesne Speaks With Free Bird Media About Western Civilization And Masculinity

Guys, check out Free Bird Media, a 100% homegrown, honest, Canadian media. We are often asked “what can we do politically?” “How about protest marches on the streets?” We at the Council of Euro-Canadians believe in Metapolitics, which is all about creating alternative cultural resources, media outlets, associations, habitats, and parallel institutions that challenge the cultural Marxist hegemony, carving out “autonomous zones” from which we can develop new values, new ways of thinking about Canada.

Free Bird Media (FBM) has similar metapolitical aims. If you really care about the marginalization of Euro-Canadians in their homeland and want to do something about it, we urge you to subscribe to FBM.

Free Bird Media seeks to protect and promote freedom in our society by publishing news and opinions from diverse points of view on controversial subjects. We believe freedom of speech is the fundamental pillar on which our society is built, and all viewpoints should be open for honest critique and discussion. Understanding that words are the tools we use to solve problems and avoid violence, Free Bird Media seeks to bring public attention to the politically incorrect issues that some claim are too dangerous or offensive to be worthy of discussion.

FBM has a You Tube Channel, a Twitter account, and a Facebook Page. The Founder of FBM is Alex Van Hamme.

A few days ago, Alex interviewed Dr. Ricardo Duchesne. These are some of the questions he asked:

  • Why do you not recognize the Blackfoot Nation as being a nation-state pre-existing the arrival of Europeans in North America? 
  • Some people have been arguing that the definition of Western Civilization should be expanded to include aryan peoples from India who are non-white and their traditions such as Hinduism. What are your thoughts on this? 
  • Could you elaborate slightly for my viewers on Why you believe Europeans may have evolved a higher tolerance for individuals standing out from the crowd? 
  • You touch on this in The Uniqueness of Western Civilization – progressives often make the claim that at one point in history Islamic civilization was actually ahead of the West in terms of science, astronomy, mathematics and grammar. Could you tell me if you agree that this is objectively true, and to what degree Muslims may have been ahead of the West? 
  • What are the implications of the decline of Western masculinity in light of the growth of Muslims with hyperpatriarchal values?
There was a short interruption, and that’s why the interview is in two parts.
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