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We Must End Foreign Immigrant Occupation And Chinese Buyout Of Canada

It appears that the new Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, a Muslim refugee from Somalia, a country, by the way, where 98% of the women are subject to female genital mutilation (FGM), doesn’t know or more likely, doesn’t care, what his own department is thinking. According to a comprehensive internal report from the Department of Immigration, uncovered by an Access to Information Request, titled “Evidence-Based Levels and Mix: Absorptive Capacity,” obtained by Vancouver lawyer Richard Kurland, our immigration “capacity” is declining, as it relates to housing, health care, education, ethnic enclaves, public transit and, finally, religious tensions. Most Canadians, from the founding cultures, would agree. Toronto’s transit infrastructure is woefully inadequate and housing costs are soaring largely because of our immigration policies. Seemingly, both Mr. Hussen and Mr. Trudeau are unaware of, or worse, willfully ignoring their own research.

Immigrants, it seems, are struggling to afford decent housing for their large families. I’m struggling for my relatively small family. Many are not learning either official language. The study found that 3 out of 10 children needed ESL training yet they were born in Canada. What are they doing here if they can’t speak either official language? Is it possible that our official languages are racist, too? Needless to say, this language gap also limits employment opportunities. New Canadians are having difficulty getting access to health care, apparently, despite the fact that its “free,” and they are not dispersing across the country. Most choose to settle in our largest cities with their own ethnic group and this self-chosen isolation creates further barriers to “integration.” For the managerial elite, big government Liberals and their Marxist inspired enablers, however, these are wonderful features of third world immigration, not a glitch. As social trust collapses, forced diversity and mass immigration function as the Cialis of the State, a powerful vasodilator for an ever-larger government (Kirkpatrick, 2016).

I’m starting to understand that demands for equality and employment equity were never about equality and equal opportunity. The demands are, and always have been, for more concessions and more redistribution of wealth from Us to Them and it well never stop. What began as an obligation not to discriminate against “minorities” has now evolved to become an obligation to discriminate against the founding cultures. Our banks, utilities and telcos are loathe to hire our kids. Canada’s largest corporations are carrying water for our diversity and multicultural elites. Every new Canadian needs a bank account, heat and hydro and a smart-phone. Ever-growing revenues are very seductive. These organizations could care less about per capita income. Big business is all in.

The report noted that religious and cultural accommodation, specifically related to forced marriages, and family violence, have been in conflict with Canadian values. No kidding. There are a number of other issues that are in conflict with Canadian values and unique to Muslims, in particular: polygamy, niqab’s and burqas, FGM, honour killings, taharrush, Christophobia, forced child-marriage, Hijra, Sharia and last but certainly not least, jihadi violence. Islam and the West are fundamentally incompatible yet we have ushered these aliens right through the gate into our jeweled cities, not just to drive cabs, but to run the place. Have we lost our minds?

It’s particularly troubling, the report notes, that second-generation visible minority immigrants are likely to “perceive” that they have been subject to discrimination and 43% are convinced that they are being treated “unfairly.” It shouldn’t be surprising to readers that many of the terrorist attacks across Europe and the United States, including mass shootings have been perpetrated by second generation immigrants [1].

The report also suggests that immigration officials are “in a fog” about the effects of mass immigration on our home and native land. Hundreds of thousands of international students and “temporary” foreign workers add to the problem. In the United States, FBI Director Christopher Wray told a Senate Intelligence Committee meeting, recently, that many students from China, who comprise almost one-third of their foreign student body, are “collectors.” They are collecting information and intelligence for the Motherland [2]. Why would it be any different in Canada? Note to our elites: Please close all Confucian Institutes in Canada. They are proxies for the Chinese Communist Party, you fools.

Our Housing “Challenge”

We Chinese love multiculturalism: we will buy you out of the housing market! 

The report also specifically identifies housing as a challenge for “new” Canadians. The housing “crisis” and soaring real estate prices are what drove me, personally, into our immigration quagmire. There has been much said about it so I won’t spend a lot of time rehashing “beneficial” ownership and money laundering at River Rock Casino, outside of a few comments. First, it is painfully clear to me that our housing problem is demand driven both from immigration and off-shore buying. Not exclusively, but overwhelmingly from mainland China, for decades but starting in earnest in 2009, as the Canadian dollar was under pressure during the credit bubble and subsequent financial collapse centered in the United States.

Crony capitalists were moving money out of totalitarian China at attractive foreign-exchange rates and moving into relatively safe havens. Who could blame them? In Canada, they found the rule of law, property rights, clean air and pristine water, freedom, democracy, magnificent infrastructure including world class public and private schools and Universities and Colleges entirely built before they arrived, by European-Canadians.

Peter Schweizer, in his deeply researched and well documented book, Secret Empires, lays out a very compelling argument that corruption is upstream from policy [3]. He’s right. I’m still, to this day, angry with the Ontario and British Columbia Real Estate Boards, brokers, experts, and “analysts” who so smugly and confidently assured us that foreign buying (and immigration) had nothing to do with runaway prices. It was a supply-side problem. Toronto and Vancouver had become great “world-class” cities like London, Paris, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong! If that’s world-class, I’m with the Brexit crowd. I don’t want any part of it.

There are others that echo these ridiculous claims. CMHC, The Conference Board and Stats Can joined in and suggested that our formerly efficient real-estate markets, which for the better part of 400 years, more or less, had been in equilibrium, are now in under-supply. It had nothing to do with demand. No, nothing to worry about there! Our increasingly radical immigration policy is outside of acceptable debate, so it is never discussed.

Canada, in the words of a TD bank economist, was a kite caught in a hurricane of international capital. In Hong Kong, ground zero for Chinese money fleeing the totalitarians, a “mosquito apartment” of 130 square feet, that young people are sharing, roughly the size of a parking space, sells for U.S.$650,000. Immigration policy in Canada is fueling our housing pyre. Why would we want to import this nightmare into Canada? Is anyone paying attention?

Finally, to make matters worse, in 2016, South China Morning Post journalist Ian Young broke wide open our tax department’s failures. The Hong-Kong newspaper revealed that CRA officials had been aware for decades of these tax-avoidance schemes and had ignored them. “They were scared, the source noted, of being labeled racist” (Young, 2016). Are you kidding me? Australia and New Zealand are finally standing up for sovereignty. New Zealand has banned selling any real estate to foreigners, including trusts, shell/holding companies, temporary residents, foreign students, wealthy tech titans looking for a bolt hole and foreign corporations, particularly Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOE’s). Canada should follow suit. What are we waiting for?

Government Has Failed Us

Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen: I am the face of your government, and I am in charge of who becomes a Canadian!

The failure of our governments, both provincially and federally, to protect us is immoral. Not only have they failed to protect us, they have been complicit in forcing us out of our own cities. Canadians must confront all those who have denied, collaborated with or intentionally understated, the role played by foreign, corrupt money in pushing real estate prices to levels where most Euro-Canadians, and immigrants, cannot afford to own a home. The treasonous Christy Clarke, for one, flew across the Pacific Ocean and told corrupt Chinese billionaires the government of British Columbia was eager to permit foreigners to “own a significant portion of Vancouver”.

We must put an end to foreign, particularly Chinese buying of Canadian real-estate and I would argue, foreign buying of Canadian assets in general, including corporate assets by Chinese SOE’s. We must collect capital gains back-taxes and prosecute the fraudsters who have broken our laws. We must place a moratorium on immigration and close down the seven new Visa Centre’s in China until infrastructure and housing can catch up. Once we regain control of our markets and take the country back from our incompetent public officials, immigration might be raised again, but only to levels that reflect our absorptive capacity, environmentally, economically and culturally.

Since 1971, when Canada was still 96% from British, French and European descent, Canadians have been sleepwalking into mass immigration and multiculturalism in which the descendants of the voyagers, coureur-de-bois, Sir Isaac Brock, Alexander Graham Bell, Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir Frederick Banting, Sir Edward Cornwallis, Laura Secord, Sir Sanford Fleming, Tecumseh, Billy Bishop, Samuel de Champlain, Madeleine de Verchères, Alexander Mackenzie, David Thompson, Nellie McClung, Mackenzie King, and John Cabot, cower timidly before alien races and religions and for fear of being branded a “racist.” Enough!

The history of Canada is one in which European frontiersman and then settlers, braved the unknown and carved out the greatest Dominion on the planet with their bare hands, a musket, a paddle and an axe. It was a nation created by European men for European people. To this very day, non-Europeans from all over the world are literally dying to leave their s-hole countries and occupy our homeland. Our complicit and hostile “elites” are inviting them in to reap the benefits of Western Civilization in Canada. Do Canadians understand what is being done to them?

The real question, frankly, is not that non-Europeans want to leave the squalor back home, but why are the founding cultures so eager to hand over to foreigners the land of our ancestors? Why are we so eager to permit these aliens to occupy and transform our nation? Surely there is more to it than the fear of being called “racist.” “Elites” in our various levels of government, publicly funded schools, universities and media outlets, have been waging psychological warfare, telling us that we are not us, that everyone else is us. They have been successful in transforming “us” into “a nation of immigrants.” They took away the concept of shared ancestry being the defining factor of a nation and inserted the idea that somehow a nation could be defined by “an idea” and we let them. A nation is a people and the land they live on. Or used to. We swallowed it all, hook, line and sinker. They have turned us into ethno-masochists.

It seems to me that we are bequeathing to our grandchildren a country that we ourselves would not want to live in. In our collective guilt over the crusades, the Inquisition, the Empire, Residential Schools and our remarkable success and the third world’s squalor and failure, we are handing it over to them. Progressives are in near panic in a desperate and pathetic attempt to redefine North African Muslims, Indians, Sikh’s, Pakistanis, Filipino’s, Bangladeshi’s, Chinese and transvestites as the only real Canadians. Here’s a good question: Why would we want to become a minority in our own homeland and why should we cede political and cultural hegemony to these alien out groups?

When you think it can’t get any worse, Ottawa is set to repeal, shortly, section 38(1)(c) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that rejects sick (including HIV, Down’s Syndrome and many other diseases) and disabled immigrants. On a positive note, this will certainly make Canada more diverse. This is a perfect example of our pathological altruism. To me, and hundreds of thousands of awoke Canadians, open borders, globalism and multi-culturalism are an existential threat to our sovereignty and identity of the Canada we love. We’re losing the country we grew up in [4].

Selling us Assisted Suicide

Mr. Hussen certainly seems to be in a fog and in light of the recent increases to Canada’s annual intake. The right hand obviously doesn’t know what the left is doing. How did he manage to force these unnecessary immigration increases on us? Maybe I can help shed some light. The first and primary function of the progressive open-borders propaganda system; the Liberal Party’s “hidden agenda,” is to control what assumptions people must have and thereby control the narrative. One of the tools to control these assumptions is “price anchoring,” something marketers have been using for decades. For example, offer a service for $50.00 a month and few people will bite. Add a $200.00 option and what do you know, subscription rates rise. Add a $100.00 option and you’ve got yourself a best seller. Almost primitive by today’s standards, but still very effective [5]. This is exactly how the Liberal Government recently deployed Century Initiative (CI).

In the fall of 2016, Dominic Barton and his team at CI, told Canadians that they recommended we take immigration up to at least 450,000/year for the foreseeable future. As Senior Global Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company, a globalists’ globalist, you’d expect nothing less. What a relief when then Immigration Minister, John McCallum, announced that the government would “only” be increasing our intake from roughly to 300,000 and more recently, by the Honourable Ahmed Hussen, to 340,000. A best seller, indeed. What a relief. If the Liberals win another 4 years I guarantee you the intake will rise to 450,000/year. That’s 1.8 million more aliens in addition to the recent changes of another 1 million by election day 2020. If you think we have an absorptive capacity problem now…

Why would Canadians want any increase in our population? Why emulate China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, or Mexico? The top 10 countries in the world with the highest human development index, which is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicators, have a relatively low population: Norway, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Canada [6].

It’s Not Racist to Want Less Immigration

Whites are the True Builders of Canada:  Family on Canoe Lake Algonquin Park.

A recent Ipsos-Mori survey of 18 countries found a majority “do not think its racist to want less immigration for ethno-cultural reasons.” And in 2006, a study by Harvard professor Robert Putnam, based on detailed interviews of nearly 30,000 people across America, showed that the greater the diversity in a community, the less people trusted each other, the less they gave to charity and worked on projects to improve the community, and the less they voted. In those communities, supposedly “enriched” by diversity, neighbours trusted one another about half as much as they did in those communities that remained homogeneously of European decent [7].

Yet Canada is precipitating out on racial lines. The benefits of cultural diversity have clearly reached diminishing returns and the development of ethnic enclaves threatens national harmony and security. Diversity is not our strength, diversity is so obviously divisive. The ideas that racial diversity is strength and that “race is a social construct” are so preposterous and stupid that only a very intelligent person could have thought them up.

Diversity doesn’t work in entirely non-European majority places such as Indonesia, Rwanda, Uganda, Malaysia, Thailand, the Indian subcontinent, to name just a few. In the U.K., for example, outside of suicide-bombing, rape-gangs, political corruption, violent crime, censorship, fraud, welfare dependency, expensive diseases, inbreeding, a surveillance state, and “acid attacks,” diversity has showered Britain with blessings [8]. I know, let’s bring those blessings to Canada. I’m OK with a Muslim ban.

Canadians understand that the true cause of racism, social dissonance and ultimately violence, is the very diversity that our “progressive” political, academic and business elites proclaim as our greatest strength, more important than freedom of speech, assembly and ultimately, in the not too distant future, of thought. Ethnic violence is a key feature of diverse societies around the world. The greater the diversity, the greater the violence [9]. All of this social engineering has been done without consultation with the Canadian people. What are we thinking? Let’s start by taking our country back and tearing up the Canadian Multiculturalism Act.

No Economic Justification for Immigration

The economic arguments for continued mass immigration into Canada are nothing short of lies. What labour shortages, exactly, do we suffer from and why aren’t our schools training our kids for these positions? In a recent study by McKinsey, “What the Future of Work Will Mean for Jobs, Skills and Wages,” (Manyika, Lund, Chui, Ko, & Sannghvi, 2017), the authors concluded that seventy-five million to 375 million people may need to switch occupational categories and learn new skills and that between 400 million and 800 million individuals could be displaced by automation and need new jobs by 2030, around the world. In the United States, and by extension, Canada, McKinsey concludes that automation “may wipe out one-third of the workforce by 2030.” It has become impossible to defend Canada’s immigration policies on economics and labour force requirements. We don’t need immigrants to prosper, but we’ll be saddled with entitlement and support payments for which we don’t have the money. We’ll have to borrow more.

Let’s Talk about It!

Real Canadian!

It’s painfully clear that Canada has no further absorptive capacity, politically, economically, culturally or environmentally. Real incomes have flat-lined for decades. We can’t move on our highways; Ontario is now the recipient of humiliating Federal Transfer Payments, despite, or more likely because so many immigrants are settling here; real estate prices are being driven into the stratosphere by immigration, money laundering and foreign buying to such an extent that the Euro-Canadians who built the magnificent physical and social infrastructure are being forced out of their own markets; “intensified” and “densified,” into a lower standard of living and quality of life, forced to live on top of one another; hospitals are now operating at 135% of capacity, because, in fact, in Canada, we have our own “chain migration” problem.

Herbert Grubel, Professor of Economics (Emeritus), at Simon Fraser University has found that as a percentage of all the immigrants granted permanent residency, in a recent study, only 19.5% were directly selected on the basis of their skills and education [10]. In other words, over 80 percent were not economic immigrants. If that isn’t chain migration, what is it?

For all of their blemishes, at least our American cousins are discussing immigration, including the merits of our “points” based system. They should think again. Why do legacy Euro-Canadians and Euro-Americans want to work for an over-class of smart Chinese and Indian Brahmins, who slip in and out of Canada on 10-year travel visas, don’t contribute or pay taxes but rush grandma into the country for free health care? These “ghosts” and “astronaut dad’s” have cleverly shadow-flipped their $5, $10 and $20 million homes a few times and their daughters live in them to attend UBC and U of T while collecting information for Beijing. This is simply a recipe for resentment, shattering of social cohesion and civic disorder.

Furthermore, our points-based system strips poor, third world countries of their best, brightest and most talented citizens. Canadians who claim to be concerned about world poverty and inequity should be confronted. Why is it good for Canada to get richer by making poor countries poorer? It’s a form of reverse colonialism and we should end it. While we’re at it, let’s end birth-right/anchor baby/obstetric tourism. There is an entire industry serving China in Vancouver. In Canada, we have allowed media, academia, business and left-wing political interests (our elites) to “manufacture consent” to borrow a concept from Chomsky. Immigration is radioactive. Canadians are not permitted to talk about it.

There is a glimmer of hope. It is now possible to drive from the Baltic Sea all the way to the Aegean without once leaving a country ruled by a populist/nationalist. These parties surging throughout Europe and the United States advocate social, economic and environmental policies intended to protect their own people and workers against the importation of cheap, low and high skilled labour; off-shoring of their manufacturing base to China and in our case, Mexico; illegal asylum seekers and legal and illegal migrants who don’t share their values; and their communities against environmental apocalypse created by mass immigration. Nationalism and populism isn’t difficult to understand. People want to live among and be governed by other people like themselves, speaking the same language; with a shared history, traditions, mannerisms, faith, values and heroes. Not by strangers with hijabs and turbans who don’t understand us and who we don’t understand.

The Greek poet in Byron’s Don Juan, living under the oppressive Ottoman Turks, likewise looked back to the Greek tyrants of antiquity and sighed: “…but our masters then Were still at least our countrymen.”

Immigration for immigration sake has become increasingly radicalized and pathological; a result of Western man’s hyper and competitive altruism, and Canada has no more absorptive capacity. I for one, am angry about the transformation of our formerly Great Dominion; our home and native land, into an airport departure lounge. I stand against the ethnic cleansing being waged against us. Our hostile and arrogant elites have been wrong about Marxism, Stalinism, Maoism, Freudianism, lobotomies, Iraq, Syria, allowing China into the WTO, Bernie Madoff and gym machines but they are absolutely convinced that Marxist-inspired open borders, multiculturalism and diversity are the way forward for Canada and the West in general. They are obviously wrong again without the infinite wisdom of all Canadians in democratic consent. We have no choice but to prepare for the coming fight. The right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing.


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