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It must be said and repeated: immigration is the single most important issue we are currently dealing with. The rest is trivial and should be considered as a waste of time.

Earlier this year, Stats Can admitted that immigrants would become a majority by 2036. In Quebec a recent study yet to be published shows that by the year 2038 the Old Stock Quebeckers will become a minority in their own territory! 400 years of struggle for survival only to end up being displaced in our own land. This is incredible because the British tried to assimilate us during the centuries since 1763, first with British immigration and restrictive laws, and later with the 1867 Confederation, but it is the slow and somewhat peaceful mass immigration that will bring us down and make us disappear as a people once and for all.

The situation is alarming at best: in 20 years, we will be a minority; and should I repeat it: it is not a conspiracy theory or one of the so-called fake news stories, but a piece of information coming from the government itself.

Action is mandatory and we need to act now. Tomorrow will be too late. Immigration and possible remigration (as brought forward by Laurent Ozon) are the only issues that matter right now.

We could take the time to balance the different political alternatives. We could go back to Saint Thomas Aquinas, spend years modernizing his political thoughts, or we could discuss Leo XIII’s rallying to the French Republic. We could analyse the pros and cons of libertarianism over socialism, we could even seek theoretical solutions to the forthcomings of these political systems and spend months and years evaluating the philosophical foundations of these systems, but really, we have no time for that. Philosophers and political scientists have worked on these questions for centuries and have not found any perfect political system. There is no way we will solve these problems in a few years, and anyways, our time is now, and are we willing to sacrifice to make a difference?

We could separate ourselves along ideological differences, we could organize debates, and argue over and over again. But during that time, mass immigration continues. Our potential power and influence as a people will decrease. What will happen once we become a minority on our own soil? All the discussions we had will become useless as we will have no power to shape our own destiny.

There is a demographic bomb in front of us. What we must do is ensure our survival first and then those who wish to discuss the different political and philosophical alternatives will be free and even encouraged to do so. But until then, we have no real power and what is ahead of us is the extinction of our people.

To reinforce my point, here is a quick analogy. When a house is burning, do the firemen argue on how to rebuild the house or how it will be decorated? Of course not. They put out the fire and after that the owners will plan how to rebuild it. So, let’s stop immigration and then, we’ll talk.

French Canadians have always understood the importance of demographics. We have lived under French rule, under British rule, under the Confederation and have survived as a people. We continued to grow whatever the political system or the ruler; we were conscious of our existence and did everything to remain a majority on our soil, until very recently.

Moslems in Montreal
Moslems in Montreal demanding more tolerance from Whites

At the moment the demographic battle is lost, no political system will be able to save us. In the end, demography is destiny. The system, the infrastructures, the institutions count for nothing. The nation, the people will survive only as long as it remains a cohesive nation. Since Trudeau senior what the governments have been trying to do is not destroy our institutions, no, but rather they are destroying the people by substituting them with aliens.

European peoples have experienced regime changes, revolutions, and takeovers, but never have they been threatened like today in the struggle for their very existence. With the current trends, we will soon join the Mycenaeans in the dustbin of history.

The genocide we are facing is not performed with the guns of the Red Khmers or the swords of the Ottomans, it is soft and subtle, which makes it even more dangerous. If we are not looking carefully, we won’t see it. And that is why, our first struggle should be the battle of public opinion. We need to make people think about immigration and its consequences. In some countries, people are waking up. In France, in the United States, in Germany and in many other countries, there is an awakening. Here in Quebec and Canada, we are a bit behind. Why? The best guess is that except in the major cities, immigration and its consequences are still abstract phenomena. In France, every single town is touched by the “enrichment” of mass migration and the problems related to it are experienced on a greater scale. With our admission quotas, we will catch up to them before long and our people will wake up. But will it be too late? Do we need to reach that level? Can’t we learn from other peoples’ errors?

The pro-immigration lunatics tell us the problems in France are related to the integration problem. The Republican system has failed. They blame the American melting pot as well as the British policy of multiculturalism. Even here, the multicultural approach has been targeted so they came up with interculturalism (in Quebec). Well! There is not a single place on earth, not a single system that makes mass immigration a win-win situation. Multicultural means multiconflictual.

They used to talk about integration and assimilation. Strangely, these words have vanished from the mainstream vocabulary and it is now the duty of the Europeans to adapt to the people who are pouring in. They realized that these newcomers had no will to adapt to our way of life, so they turned to us and tried to make us feel guilty for the failure of immigration rather than for the shortcomings of the immigrants. Now the duty of adaption falls upon us.

There is no integration system that works: immigration has been a failure everywhere whatever the system implemented. And anyway, even if there was an assimilation system that did work, it would not change the fact that we are being replaced as a people. This is what a French author termed the “Great Replacement.”

Here a quick parenthesis is needed. If it is clear for many of us that we exist as a people and the fact that we might disappear is catastrophic in itself, it seems many do not care. For them, only the individual exists, the peoples do not.

If tomorrow Russia, China, or the USA invaded us, it would not change anything for them as long as their daily life is not affected. A large part of our people has become submissive to that point! And if you think about it for a minute or two, you will realize you know many of those Me-Myself-and-I types.

They represent a majority. A passive majority, but still a majority. How can we reach these people? By talking of people, nation or identity?

Proliferation of Mosques in Montreal

It will not touch them. What could touch them is Islam. Islamization is getting difficult to deny. Islam is implementing itself everywhere in the West openly and brazenly and it is coming with Sharia law, the demands for accommodation, the veil, the political and judicial jihad and terrorism. This makes the people react. We see the success of anti-Islam groups like La Meute (The Hord) and similar groups. Islamization is a weapon in our arsenal, something we must use. But, we must take the time to make people understand that Islam is only the tip of the iceberg. It is a logical consequence of mass immigration and we must address the real cause of the problem. When I hear people in anti-Islam groups talking of stopping Muslim immigration but going forward with mass immigration in general, I cannot refrain from laughing. The rise of Islam is the most mediatized consequence of immigration, but if we are serious a few minutes, the ghettos, race riots, ethnic crimes have nothing to do with Islam. They existed long before the mass immigration of Muslims. In Montreal we had a race riot a few years ago. No link with Islam. The juvenile prostitution ring in Quebec City. No link with Islam. I could go on with the list. This segment of the population that is waking up to the threat of Islam is open to a wider reflection on immigration; we must simply invite them to do so.

There are some others who are not even bothered by Islamization. For them the only thing that counts is what you can count: their bank account. If the wallet is still full, there is no need to take an interest in what is going around their home. Living on land as a minority among other peoples is no problem as long as the fridge is full and the summer vacations are secure. If they took the time to count they would realize that immigration is the prime expense of the federal government. Each year, immigration costs us 30 billion dollars according to the Fraser Institute. Let me repeat that information: each year, the mass immigration that is supposed to enrich us costs us as taxpayers 30 billion dollars.

Why? Because immigrants come here and benefit from all our services, from free health care to free education, social housing and welfare. Yes, they do pay income taxes and other taxes, but the Fraser Institute has calculated that each year immigrants use 30 billion dollars’ worth of social services above what they actually pay in taxes. Imagine what we could do with 30 billion dollars more every year! We could lower taxes, build all the infrastructures we need and even Trudeau would be able to balance his budget without any deficit!

So there is Islam, the ethnic crime and the economy that can convince most skeptics among the skeptics, but what about those who are truly brainwashed? The lemmings who yell that borders are fascist, that immigration is a right and that we are all global citizens? Do we really want them on our team? But anyways, they like the environment and claim to be green, so let’s remind them that immigration is an environmental disaster. When an African moves to Canada, Russia or Europe, his energy consumption explodes. Let’s think about heating, clothing and traveling. This is not a theory but a phenomenon documented by real environmentalists, those who put the defence of the planet above their social agenda.

And the leftwingers who support immigration are hypocrites, because immigration, it must be remembered, is also the emigration of the best elements of the Third World. The doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs who come here to study and finally settle in would be far more useful in their home country to help their own people and develop it. Emigration is one of the factors why these countries have difficulty developing themselves.

The only people who actually gain something with immigration are the hypocritical left because they want the newcomers’ votes, especially since the leftist parties abandoned the working class to make the defense of the minorities their top priorities, and ironically the big capitalists who consider these newcomers as cheap labour. The common denominator between the cultural left and the banksters is their inconsiderate love for immigration.

To make the skeptics swallow the pill of mass immigration, many mental fallacies have been brought forward, the most efficient one probably concerns pensions.

First, immigration will never solve the pension problems. We are told the qualified workers coming from abroad will fix the current problem. But in fact, this worker comes with a wife, and in most non Western cultures, women do not work, so in many cases, the worker’s wife will not contribute to the pension fund. Thanks to family reunification, they will both be able to bring their parents who, once they get off the plane, will receive a pension they never paid for. So we make one middle age worker come to contribute to our pension and he brings four or five relatives entitled to receive a pension check they never worked for. That explains why the problem is deepening with immigration rather than diminishing. If we wanted to solve the pension crisis, we should think of other solutions like increasing the amount we chip in every year, or, why not use the 30 billion dollars we would save every year?

The demographers Benoit Dutreuil et Guillaume Marois explained and proved that immigration is not a solution, but rather an escape forward. Trying to salvage pensions with immigration makes the problem exponential. Right now, we would need to secure the pensions of 38 million people, so we will double the population and tomorrow we would need to save the pension of 76 million, and so on. According to their projections, South Korea wanted to use immigration as a solution, but the whole Earth population would need to move to this small country within the next generation to save their pensions!

Kell's Academy, Montreal
Kell’s Academy, Montreal. Immigrants claim that our private schools are also theirs for the taking!

There is also the dogma of growth. It has become an objective in itself. Population must grow and unfortunately, with the current fertility rates, it does not anymore. I remember being asked many times in radio interviews how we could secure a population growth without any immigration. My reply is always the same: why do we want a population growth? How does that benefit you and me? What would be gained from doubling or even tripling our population? We are already crammed in cities, life quality is decreasing, commuting has become a virtual help, and our infrastructures are insufficient. So why would we want to grow the population? Not a single journalist answered me. Growth has become a dogma, but we know that the earth resources are limited, so why would we want to perpetually grow?

Our People must react and refuse to go along with these fallacies. The polls do show that a majority is opposed to mass immigration, but overall, all the political parties are for it. How can we explain this disconnect? Political parties risk nothing by proposing higher immigration because it is not a decisive issue in the ballot, at least for the Euro-Canadians. The only people who consider it as a main issue are the immigrants who of course want higher admission rates. Our struggle is to make people make immigration a key factor in their voting choice.

Now, what do we do? People often ask why we do not run for office. First, the resources needed are colossal, and secondly, before winning the ballots, we must win the hearts of the people. This is what the metapolitical fight is all about.

If the people are with us, the political parties will be the first ones to change their stance. We must not believe that politicians are people of convictions. At the first vote on gay marriage, most Liberal MPs voted against. The second time, the very same people voted for and denounced as homophobic anyone who was opposed. What happened between these two votes? The culture had made it totally acceptable for two men to marry, so the politicians went along. We must do the same thing and reverse the trend about immigration. As the mass media are falling and the alternative media are gaining a wider audience, we have a golden opportunity ahead that we must use. Now! Because, if we don’t, in 20 years, we’ll be a minority.

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