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Convergence of the Globalist Right and the Muslim/Left in Century Initiative

We have seen the dubious claims the two key founders of Century Initiative, Dominic Barton and Goldy Heir, make about why Canada needs to be swamped by 450,000 immigrants per year. Century Initiative is packed with bogus arguments and clonish characters. Below I identify the other founders, some members of the “Advisory Board” and a few “Contributors.” This identification will illustrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that leftists and conservatives in Canada are members of the same globalist ideology.

Three More Corporate Founders

The other three founders wittingly pushing for the marginalization of Eurocanadians are Tom Milroy, Managing Director, Generation Capital Limited, Andrew Pickersgill, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, and Mark D. Wiseman, Global Head of Active Equities for Black Rock.

Nothing in particular stands out about these consultants. The administrative machine of the cultural Marxist rationalized corporation can only do what it was designed to do. Personnel classification and role-taking require interchangeability of parts; therefore, individual appointments and dismissals are not intended to make much difference to the overall structure and functioning of the corporation. Some personnel are more energetic than others, and a few, deep down, sense something is amiss about bringing hordes of immigrants every year into our congested cites, but even those in high office find it very difficult to challenge the already institutionalized pro-diversity objectives of Western corporations.

It is not an oxymoron to conjoin the terms capitalist corporation and cultural Marxism. What the intellectually lazy academic world has yet to realize is that leftist ideas lend themselves marvellously well to corporate agendas. Listen to these three founders:

Tom Milroy:

I would like Canada to be known as a leading nation and a model for 22nd century states — a diverse, pluralistic, creative and socially supportive society which is environmentally healthy and based on a robust outward looking economy which is reliant on the skills and smarts of its people.

Andrew Pickersgill:

The most welcoming, pluralist country in the world, offering its citizens the highest standard of living and quality of life. A destination for global trade and talent, and a country of scale and relevance.

Mark D. Wiseman:

Canada should be known as a country of 100 million people, living in a prosperous, pluralistic society. It should be a model for the world.

I have been hearing similar expressions for the last 20 years in the academic world. Every politician, journalist, administrator, businessman, in unison with every 12 year old across the West, is expected to utter similarly conjoined words as part of their “community engagement.” Have you ever heard Justin say anything different?

The claim that Canada is and should be a model to the world is a claim our establishment has been making for decades ever since Trudeau said so in the 1960s. Don’t these founders know that today Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Britain, France, and Sweden, Germany, Norway, Italy, Spain…have embraced immigrant multicultural as the one characteristic that makes them uniquely a model?

Don’t they know that Sweden has already cornered the market as the “humanitarian superpower” in its willingness to welcome millions of Muslims and Africans while suppressing any research attempting to “estimate the causal effect of immigration on sexual assault or homicide rates” after it was revealed in the last official report in 2005 that immigrants “were four times more likely to be suspects in homicide cases than those with Swedish origin, and 4.5 times more likely to be suspects in rape cases, for the years 1997 to 2001. The rape statistics, all the signs show, have worsened since, with the entrance of millions of migrants during 2015 and 2016, but the Swedish government says it is racist to report Muslim rapes.

Muslims laughing as they rape Swedish girl

Perhaps these founders of CI mean to say that Canada will truly become a model once its population reaches 100 million. But this would be just as ridiculously ignorant since the pluralistic United States is a nation with 321 million, open to millions of immigrants annually, the “exceptional nation,” and yet it only managed to achieve an average annual GDP growth of 1.48% during Obama’s two terms, with worse race relations than ever.

We will see in future articles how fundamentally erroneous is the CI supposition that population growth is the key driver of economic prosperity. Population growth will certainly increase the coffers of consultants, immigration lawyers, the ethnic vote, real estate speculation and profiteering, but not the well being, wages, human development index of average Canadians, AND it will destroy forever the ethno-cultural identity of Canada.

Leftists in the Advisory Board

Globalism is an ideology that has brought the left and the right together with both sides realizing that they need each to create the image of “healthy debate” within a rigid synthesis that excludes dissenting views.

Of the 17 names in the Advisory Board, seven can be said to be media types, academics, and activists.

The business types play up the easy slogans academics handed to them. There is a guy named Francesco Aquilini, managing director of Vancouver-based Aquilini Investment Group, which owns the Vancouver Canucks and Rogers Arena, identified by Wiki as a “philanthropist.” Perhaps he is best described as a flipper of ‘Megamansions.’

There is another guy named “Richard Li” that Wiki also identifies as a “philanthropist” and as one of the “richest Hong Kong businessmen.” Li inhabits the Asian world as chief executive of the Pacific Century Group while treating Canada like a hotel doormat, or so Wiki seems to imply in stating that he obtained Canadian citizenship in order to make bids for PCCW, which is a Hong Kong based communications company: “to purchase stakes in companies such as Air Canada and Bell Canada Enterprises without running afoul of restrictions on foreign ownership.”

Li is certainly not shy about what Canada should be:

Canada should be known for a country of great melting pot of talents of highest standing from around the world with a shared value of freedom of speech and religious tolerance, credible rule of law and human rights of the highest standard.

What should China been known for, Mr Li? That China’s human rights violations have grown increasingly severe in recent years? That child slave labour is pervasive? That China systematically represses minorities?

That defenseless dogs are boiled alive?

Don’t worry, if these corporate types can’t meet leftist expectations, quite a few bona fide leftists have been brought in to bring a human face to Century Initiative. The advisory board member Naomi Alboim may just be an “Adjunct Professor” at Queens University, but she is a recipient of Queen Elizabeth II’s Gold and Diamond Jubilee Medals and a member of the Order of Ontario — for her efforts to increase the proportion of refugees represented in Canada’s immigration flow and for her overall philosophy that Canada will be respected in the world only when it open its borders to massive immigration from such human rights-oriented countries as Pakistan and China.

We already met the adviser Howard Duncan as the executive head of Metropolis Project. He has a PhD in Philosophy, and after lifetime of reflection he came to the conclusion that Toronto was a “boring” place before third world immigrants brought their vibrancy. Ask Duncan if he can answer this dialectical question: why did millions of vibrant people migrate out of their vibrant lands through the 1970s and 1990s for boring Toronto? Here is Toronto just a few decades ago when it was almost totally Eurocanadian:


Duncan says Canada can only become a true “arts and culture hub of the world” with the arrival of 100 million third worlders. Ask him if he can explain why diversity is a precondition for cultural creativity. He has a PhD, don’t give him an easy pass, ask him why the racially homogeneous ancient Greeks produced one of the most creative cultures in human history, or why the White supremacist Scots were the backbone of the “British” enlightenment during the 1700s, or why the Teutonic Germans produced the greatest philosophers from Leibniz to Heidegger?

Then there is Aleema Jamal, identified by CI as a Harvard Law Student and the “Inaugural Executive Director” of Century Initiative. Let’s see if we can find something noteworthy about her career…last summer she retweeted a Globe and Mail article by Erna Paris, “Canadians must never take multiculturalism for granted.” The message of this article is that Canadians must be continually “educated” about the blessings of mass immigration so they learn never to question multiculturalism.

This article opens with the most often told lie in Canada: “In historical terms, most Canadians are immigrants.” No, Erna, here is a fact about the first two centuries of Canada’s history:

  • From 1608 to 1760, immigration to French Canada consisted of only 10,000 settlers, and thereafter it was “almost non-existent.” The French-speaking population numbered about 90,000 by 1770s, and thereafter, until the late 1800s, the population expanded rapidly with women having 5.6 surviving children on average. The increase in population in Lower Canada from 330,000 in 1815 to 890,000 in 1851 “was mainly attributable to the continuing high birth rate within the French-speaking community.”

It is not clear why Natasha Saunders is a member of the “Advisory Board” other than to give CI an image of caring for sick children; she is a clinician-investigator in the Division of Pediatric Medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Oh, wait, Natasha does have a truly original vision:

Canada should be known for its diversity, respect for cultural differences, social justice, inclusivity, and equity.

Contributors: Coalition of Muslims and Leftists

Rany Ibrahim
Rany Ibrahim: I am the supreme Canadian of the future: a Man of Many Identities.

The “Contributors” includes some of the founders and advisers we already met and some rather interesting new characters. There is Rany Ibrahim, who claims to be a Renaissance man “business professional, writer, academic, entrepreneur and community leader,” truly, a “Man of Many Identities,” unlike your boring average Anglo, “a cosmopolitan, Egyptian, Nova Scotian, Haligonian, academic, and secular Muslim” all in one. This incredible feat landed him a 2013 RBC Top 25 Immigrant Award Winner.

This type of claim that race mixed individuals with links to the Third World are somehow superior culturally and racially to “monolithic” Whites is now very common; it is indeed intrinsic to the whole idea that Canada needs immigrants to improve itself. It will never occur to these supremacists to ponder over the question why the Renaissance was uniquely Italian/European, one of many great epochs in Europe’s history, achieved with zero immigration.

Monia Mazigh, a Muslim “who catapulted onto the public stage in 2002 when her husband Maher Arar, was deported to Syria where he was tortured,” claims that if we accept 450,000 immigrants every year until 2100, Canada will be seen as a “heaven” for every single person in the world, which will then make Canada a magnet for ever more immigrants, transforming it into the greatest nation in the annals of history.

Can you believe this? Hassan Yussuff, the current President of the Canadian Labour Congress, is also also a “contributor” to CI demanding a massive increase in immigration? Historically labour leaders have been against the importation of cheap immigrant workers. But Yussuff, a Guyana-born Muslim, has taken the opposite stand. He clearly values making Canada more diverse than the wages of workers.

Finally, the last leftist pro-Muslim member of CI is none other Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail journalist well known for his feminist denial that Swedish women are being raped by Muslims, for which he took a beating from Canadian commenters, who are beginning to see through his fake journalism. The Swedish, too, are starting to see through the official suppression of rape statistics.

Remember, Doug is the author of The Myth of the Muslim Tide, in which he dismisses concern about the dangers of Islamic radicalism and every problem associated with immigration, welfare dependency, high imprisonment stats, to give a fake sense of comfort to ordinary Canadians so that he can sneakily continue his career promoting mass immigration across the West.

There you have it. This is what CI is about. The corporate founders of Century Initiative know how to play the fake humanitarian concerns of the left as an excellent moral umbrella for global capitalism. By the same token, leftists love corporate sponsorship, grants, and the ability to hang out in luxury hotels and big shopping malls.

In future articles, we will demolish every economic claim CI makes about the supposed benefits of immigration to Canada.

Research the anti-Canadian Century Initiative.

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