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The Metropolis Project and George Soros

In countries with a shred of self-respect, the idea of a politician or policy-maker openly colluding with the likes of George Soros, Hungarian-Jewish billionaire and speculator, should be grounds for immediate suspicion. Not in sleepy Canada, though.

Soros and his Open Society Foundations — a sinister conglomerate — have a dubious resume to say the least, but for the purpose of this essay we’ll be focusing our attention on the Metropolis Project. It describes itself as an “international network for comparative research and public policy development on migration, diversity, and immigrant integration in cities in Canada and around the world”.1 The Project’s three-pronged assault on Western civilization consists of International Metropolis conferences, the ominously-named Global Migration Network, and finally a branch dedicated to Migration Research and Publications.

The Canadian arm of the Metropolis Project was started in 1996 by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, in partnership with a host of utterly superfluous federal and provincial agencies as well as 20 Canadian universities.2 Since 2012, the secretariat for the Canadian Metropolis Project has been located at Carleton University in Ottawa where the Project’s Executive Director, Dr. Howard Duncan, just so happens to sit on the university’s Migration and Diaspora Studies committee. Yes, that faculty actually exists…

Howard Duncan
Howard Duncan

Duncan is also the editor of the bi-monthly review for the International Organization for Migration (IOM), an organization directly related to the UN since 2016.3 The IOM is listed as one of the Metropolis Project’s principal partners and according to its own press release, it “assisted an estimated 20 million migrants in 2015” alone. At this point you’re probably asking yourself “what does this have to do with George Soros?”

Soros the Puppet Master

First of all, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and headaches from now on by assuming from the get-go that any organization dedicated to mass immigration and multicultural policy is somehow connected to Soros’ Open Society Foundations. And Canada’s Metropolis Project is no exception. One of its founders, Demetrios G. Papademetriou,4 who chairs the advisory board of the Open Society Foundations’ International Migration Initiative (IMI), is distinguished senior fellow and president emeritus of the Migration Policy Institute (or MPI), a DC-based think tank funded by Open Society Foundations, the Canadian government, and the World Bank among others.5

Kathleen Newland, Metropolis’ other co-founder, also chairs a slew of similarly despicable organizations, including the MPI, and what do you know? She was formerly an independent consultant for the UN and the World Bank. These two are what you might call your prototypical globalists. Let’s dig a little deeper into Metropolis’ Global Migration Network; that sounds sinister enough: the first partner listed under international organizations is Cities of Migration,6 which also happens to be funded by Soros’ Open Society, and is dedicated to making sure that Whites don’t behave in racist ways as their cities are flooded with hordes of high IQ Africans and peace-loving Muslims.

Remember the International Organization for Migration? Maria Teresa Rojas,7 when she’s not busy destroying the West on behalf of George Soros, is also on the migration advisory board of the IOM. There’s no end to the rabbit hole, any number of these organizations are tied in some way to George Soros, whether directly or indirectly through a network of partnerships: the ICMPD is partnered with the Council of Europe,8 which also works with Open Society and so on.9

19th Metropolis Conference: Migration and Mobility in 2017 and Beyond

Now back to the topic at hand. The 2017 Metropolis Conference, hosted in Montréal over a period of three days in March of this year, is a perfect representation of how Soros-funded organisms work in tandem with our political elites to influence and enact pro-immigration policies. Metropolis’ own documents claim that 79% of the policy analysts polled believed that Metropolis’ research had “informed policy discussions” in some form or another.10 According to an article in the Vancouver Sun, Douglas Todd — who attended the conference as a journalist — reported that “the vast majority at the taxpayer-funded Metropolis conferences live on government paycheques or grants. They are in the Immigration Department, the Heritage Department, public research universities and taxpayer-financed non-profit organizations.”11

A casual gathering of your average Canadian citizens this was not. Todd’s article mentions the unsurprising lack of variety in opinions among the speakers in terms of the multiculturalist narrative — you’d be right to assume that the ONLY position on the topic was “non-White immigration is good; and more is better.” The journalist noted the repeated cries by various agencies for more funding in order to combat the “dangers” of racism and the dismissal of the concerns of a sizable portion of the Canadian population as “xenophobia.”

The 2017 conference’s program foreword, which includes statements by Ahmed Hussen, Trudeau’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, and the aforementioned Howard Duncan among others, celebrates Canada’s “resistance to the rise of populism and nationalism so clearly evident in many European countries” and the United States. By the first day of the conference we can already see a huge red flag and a glimpse into Metropolis’ agenda: a pre-forum called “Community Engagement and the Integration of English-speaking Newcomers in Quebec” which aims to:

uncover innovative ways (…) to foster development of English-speaking communities in Québec through the successful integration of newcomers — both migrants from the rest of Canada and immigrants from throughout the world.12

Increasing the size of the English-speaking community in Quebec is part of Metropolis’ wider divide & conquer strategy, and is perfectly in line with successive liberal governments’ efforts to prevent any potential resurgence of Quebec nationalism. This opening day pre-forum sets the tone for what is to come during the remainder of the conference.

The 147-odd seminars, workshops and round tables seem to fall into one of three categories: migrant or refugee settlement, affirmative action, (see GBA+) and combating Islamophobia or anti-immigrant sentiment. A staggering 28 seminars dealt with the issue of Syrian refugees in some way. I’m going to highlight a few of these seminars just to give you an idea of where your money — as well as the country — is going. Remember that immigration costs Canadian taxpayers 35 billion dollars per year.13

Key Topics of Metropolis Conference To Ensure Diversity

  • Striving to Create a City with Room for Diversity
  • Debunking Myths About Immigrants and Radicalization
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Leadership: What’s Really happening in Canadian Cities?
  • Is the Colour of One’s Skin an Indicator of Competence?
  • Measuring Diversity
  • Comparing Access to Health Care and Public Policies for Uninsured Migrants in Toronto and Montréal
  • Integration: The Search for a New Metaphor
  • Talking About Hate Crime in Canada
  • Anti-immigrant Sentiment and Discrimination: Lived Experiences, Socio-political Contexts, and Potential Solutions

Just to be clear, this conference wasn’t a get-together of fringe SJWs — this is Canada’s political elites, policy-makers and top scholars we’re talking about. The Metropolis Project conference attendees are veritable who’s who of societal decline, gathered under the umbrella of various Soros-affiliated international organizations in order to shape the policy of the future — a future in which White Canadians are expected to step aside in the name of progress, openness and inclusivity. The conference is a microcosm of how policy works in our 21st-century liberal democracies: the U.N., World Bank, and Open Society Foundations fund pro-migration research and NGOs, and although it may seem like meaningless buzzwords to us, conferences like these and the studies therein provide our useful idiots with the rationale and ideological framework needed to justify the continued global resettlement plan that is already well under way.

Amazingly, as if this conference was not enough, Montreal will host the XII Metropolis World Congress under the theme “Global Challenges: Major Cities in Action” this coming June. Two key topics, surprise, surprise, are

  1. how to make Western cities “a meeting ground where multiple identities and memberships intersect: ethnic, cultural, religious, gender, ages and social classes,” and
  2. how to create among Whites “a feeling of belonging” and “harmonious relationships among the various groups” as their cities are handed over to foreign races and cultures.

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