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Sex, Aliens and Hollywood Bias in Star Trek Beyond

(Editor’s Note: This article was first published in October 2016 in Alternative Right.)

Star Trek has always been a vehicle of the do-gooders, even before the term was known, but the themes of peace, respect and friendship of the peoples, which have been running through its universe like a red thread, have resonated well with the audience in the time of the superpower conflict and Mutual Assured Destruction (fittingly abbreviated to MAD). After the cold war, cultural Marxism and political correctness fully took over the Enterprise, but the series still holds some value for those viewers who have been more intrigued by the looks of the latest starships, photon cannons and intergalactic beauties.

Wait, did I just say that? Am I sexually attracted to female aliens? Yes, I am.

How perverted is that? Not much actually, because multiculturalism has given me a free pass. Multiculturalism actively promotes interracial sex and the mixing of the human races. This is supposed to be good. And sexual intercourse with alien species is nothing but pursuing the same mating behaviour on a higher, interplanetary level. So why should this be suddenly bad? If anything, it makes intergalactic philanderers more cosmopolitan, because their game is genetically more diverse. And diversity, we know, is always good even if we never learn the reason why.

Pavel Chekov with female Alien
Chez toi ou chez moi?

Who would argue that the female aliens in Star Trek Beyond are not somehow physically attractive? Alright, you might mind these strange excrescences on their heads for which you would need to pull up a nightstand (hence “one-night-stand”), but it should not have escaped your attention that their faces always retain fine, feminine features. Apparently, the makers of Star Trek are sexist enough to believe that beauty even matters in alien females. And be honest, with whom would you rather be stranded on a desolate outpost planet, Jaylah or Trigly Puff?

After our liberal media has been doing its best to introduce us to the absolute normalcy of interracial relationships and race-mixed children, Hollywood is again one step ahead on the progressive curve and is exploring the possibilities of enriching our sexual life by encouraging us to date alien eye candy. And there is some logic to it. You cannot have the Enterprise hopping from star to star in the name of intergalactic peace, understanding and all that brother-in-arms sentimentality, while its multiplanetary crew is night-by-night staying clear from one another like scared chickens. This is implausible.

So someone sharp on the production team finally figured out: “Boss, we need to let them bang onboard.” Not just the visible minorities with the White women, as elderly Hebraic investors have long demanded from their productions, but now everybody with everything else. And why not? Most people, matching statistics tell us, meet their partner at the workplace. No study has ever maintained that this does not apply to other galaxies. If that partner happens to be an extraterrestrial with something under her hot pants which no human biology book has covered yet, who would be so narrow-minded not to be curious on a long space voyage?

So, after initially being baffled I was kinda warming up to the idea of watching crass alien bestiality on loveship Enterprise, but quickly noticed that something does not really add up onboard.

Loveship Enterprise

Beyond the pale: Keenser

The film starts with the ship happily floating through the galaxy, while much miscegenation is going on among the cheerful crew. All dicks on deck so to say. We see a sexual relationship between two Whites being indicated, another one between a green-skinned female humanoid and a man, and one Asiatic guy conquering a White 10 (you judge for yourself which is the most unlikely couple).

But why does the messing around stop here? After all, the multicultural logic is where some diversity in bed is good, more is even better. Why does socially acceptable sex not occur between totally different species, and why is someone like Keenser, the butt ugly, gnomish alien from the engine room, not banging the darn hot blonde weapons officer from deck 47b? The aliens can’t be all homos, married or workaholics and the women can’t be all frigid.

Apparently, there are invisible racial limits to miscegenation in the Star Trek universe, and this is where we come to realize that the egalitarian vibes which its creators are trying to convey are fake. Humans may go out with humanoids but no further than that, there is a line in the sand.

But if the social norms are such that there exists a racial boundary beyond which the crew does not fornicate, who is to say that other social norms which draw this line between the different human races (Whites, Blacks, Asians etc.) are less valid? Once you have established in principle that drawing a line between groups is a legitimate act to prevent race-mixing, you cannot effectively argue against that line being moved according to the ethical beliefs of individual communities.

And we certainly get to see a lot of racial homogeneity in the series, where most of the enemies of the Federation are homogenous, ethnocentric warrior races, who have a robust sense of their own racial identity and do not practice miscegenation. The universe may be vast in the Star Trek series, but its sexual norms are not. By current leftist standards, however, the Enterprise is populated by closet racists who will discriminate against aliens of color just because these are from other planets and look very different from them. Despite several hundred years of diversity training, the human crew will still not screw aliens with whom they share no bloodline. What a bigoted bunch of astro-rednecks.


Zoe Saldana
Zoe Saldana playing Lt. Nyota Uhura

Obviously, I did not miss Zoe Saldana’s striking figure in her tight space suit as Lt. Nyota Uhura. I was relieved to see that in the far future SJWs have stopped their march through the institutions short of the commanding bridges of space ships, and that the Federation has been wise enough not to let unstable feminists anywhere near positions of command and control. The Federation may watch hostile alien species with some undue naiveté, but it is displaying common sense in keeping feminists away from the release button of their quantum torpedoes. The last thing you want is them being triggered by a chauvinist alien race unaware of its male privilege.

That is not to say that Saldana is not cast as your stereotypical, feminoid “strong woman,” but at least the ship dress code makes sure she is wearing miniskirts while beating up her much better armed and armoured opponents. To be fair, the script is careful to attribute more feminine sides to her in her relationship with Spock, but in the longer run Hollywood should reconsider if Lara Croft is the only model it has to draw on to portray strength in women. Except campus socialists and the armchair generals ruining…running the US army every man knows and accepts that females are physically weaker because hey that’s nature, and while there is per definitionem no limit to imagination in a Science Fiction movie, the willful ignorance of any female biological reality is becoming an annoying feature of the dream factory.

Spock: Saldana or Vulcan?

Spock and Uhura
Implausible couple: Uhura and Spock

The most prominent interspecies relationship shown is that between Saldana and the prudish (half-)Vulcan Spock. The movie wants us to believe in this constellation but there is no character credibility in it and the storyline concedes at one point as much by throwing a spotlight on Spock’s very unromantic nature. One can’t help but think the screenwriters were fooled into this mismatch by their desire for inserting a cosmic love relation into the story at any cost.

Still, it does allow us a valuable glimpse into the warped mind of multiculturalism. In one scene a seriously wounded Spock reveals to the ship doctor McCoy that he has been considering leaving Saldana. What does the doctor do? He is actually mocking Spock for wanting to produce “many little Vulcans” with a Vulcan wife instead. As a reminder, in the alternative timeline of the reboot series in which this installment is taking place, Spock’s home planet Vulcan was destroyed, along with 99.99% of its population. Spock is one of the very few survivors of his race. In view of his situation, is it such an outlandish idea for him to procreate with one of his own people to give his species a second chance and his existence a meaning which reaches beyond the span of his own life?

Apparently, for the cultural Marxist makers of Star Trek it is. Spock must not be a traitor to the intergalactic race-mixing program, he must not return to his roots, he must not preserve his phenotype. If you have ever wondered why Western civilization has become such an atomistic enterprise that it is losing its identity and undermining the foundations of its own existence, this is one of those moments where you realize that Hollywood’s subversive influence has been playing a role in that.

“We are the Borg. We will add your biological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us.” The famous phrase from the 1990s series can also be read to describe Hollywood’s own agenda to promote miscegenation. As boycotting Hollywood cinema is for many red-pilled cineastes still no option — the industry is clever enough not to let its propaganda unduly compromise its entertaining value —, I recommend off-shore video directories like or as an alternative to paying shekels at the box office for your own indoctrination.

Addendum: Zoe Saldana and her White Cuck

Saldana and her Italian husband
Saldana and her Italian “artist”

After watching the movie, I looked up Saldana’s biography as I like to do with good-looking and well-acting actresses (in that order). Saldana is ethnically Dominican and while her looks would register with most Westerners as Black this is not at all how most Dominicans prefer to see themselves. Dominicans are racially aware people, and their self-perception has been shaped by the comparison with their darker-skinned Haitian neighbours. I do note that Saldana who grew up in the States has adopted the US terminology and self-identifies as a “black Latina woman,” but this does not necessarily mean she has also discarded the ethno-social ideal of marrying up and whitening up that is prevalent in Hispanic societies.

According to her Wikipedia entry, Saldana married in her mid-thirties an Italian after only three months of dating. Before, she had an on-off relationship with the notorious bachelor-beau Bradley Cooper that must have felt like a waste of time to a woman who is hearing her biological clock ticking and anxious to start a family. She gave birth to twins and it seems that she got out of the expresso marriage with the Italian guy what she wanted.

But what got her husband in return? Being apparently a nobody, he moved up the socio-economic ladder for sure, but otherwise he seems to be suffering from a complete surrender syndrome. Not only did he not mind his racial heritage being eradicated for good, he also adopted her name and plans to raise their children only in the languages she is fluent in, but not in his own mother tongue. In other words: he gave up his ethnicity, his name and his language in one swipe. He is an “artist,” which I guess is in progressive parlance another way of saying he is an outright cuck.

You may throw in here the standard individualistic objection “why do you even care, it’s none of your business?” Fine, but it is exactly this kind of person who will be mortally offended at school enrollment when nobody recognizes his children as his own because they don’t look like him, don’t speak like him and don’t respond to his surname — as if other people were responsible for the negative consequences of his own life-decisions.

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