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Signs of ‘Diversity’ or Cultural Disintegration?

Rainbow crosswalks, safe from free speech zones, Punjabi street signs, trans-hyper-whatever-gender toilets — a small visual guide to collective hysteria and cultural decomposition in Canada.

There are some flags the Flagshop won’t sell however. Can you guess which ones? Ask for the “Stars and Bars” and see their reaction.

Shopping Mall in Richmond, BC

Street sign in Edmonton, Alberta

Bilingual ATM

The third silhouette is interesting.

Wonder what that says about ethnic crime rates in this neighbourhood?

You don’t have to go to Vancouver to be ‘enriched’.

One of the many signs that adorn North American colleges and universities declaring support by ‘straight’ students for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Community. “Safety” on college campuses today is not so much about physical safety from abuse, intimidation or battery, but “safety” from speech that would threaten their comfort zone. Free Speech has no place on campus, you know.

And who defines “racism”? The “Anti-Racists” of course!

“Hate” Speech is usually what Politically Correct Haters hate to hear — and can’t refute.

The sure path to social status and political clout

Must be a polling station in Brampton or Markham.

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