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Transformation of Europe into a Eurafrican and Eurabian Mongrel Network

It is no accident that hundreds of thousands of non-Whites in ‘crisis’ have been flooding the shores, the islands, the towns, and the cities of Europe over the past few years, with millions more expected to arrive in the not too distant future. This massive and continual influx of ‘wretched’ peoples into Europe is not merely part of a ‘global migration trend’ or a ‘global refugee crisis’. These peoples are not forcing their way into Europe in waves the size of towns and small cities simply as a response to civil strife, persecution, or war in their home countries, or because of the mayhem and violence ISIS is spreading across North and North East Africa and the Middle East. Neither is it merely about the ramifications of botched Western military interventions in African countries and the Islamic world, or about ‘pay-back’ for the so-called ruination of Third World ‘progress’ due to past (and present) Western imperial aspirations and (neo)colonial endeavours. Nor is this transference of populations solely about the seeking of a better way of life or the economic capital possible on the European streets of gold.

If Europe had strong borders defended by armed guards, had strict entry procedures that rigorously screened would-be entrants, didn’t advertise itself as the saviour of all humanity, didn’t have a program for the complete diversification of Europe into a global village, and didn’t offer generous hand-outs and other aid to foreign nationals, then would there even be such a thing as the ‘refugee crisis’?

Despite what the mainstream and even the unconventional media are saying, the major figureheads and leaders of the European Union have not closed their external borders in response to the ‘refugee crisis’ because they are stultified by the sheer volume of the migrant flood or because they lack a spine for tough decision-making or because they are paralysed by the moral blackmailing of human rights groups; rather, they are welcoming, indeed even encouraging, the tidal wave of migrating Third World masses. The consequential diversification of Europe from the ‘tsunamigration’ plays right into the palms of their anti-European terraforming hands.

The Mongrelisation of Europe is a Scientific Experiment to End “White Racism”

Roger Griffin, professor at Oxford Brookes University
Roger Griffin, professor at Oxford Brookes University, is calling for the extermination of the British Ethny

Since at least the 1920s there have been major anti-Euro-ethnic identity movements and ideologues working diligently day and night designing and implementing their plans to alter and erase the borders and deconstruct the ethno-cultural identities of Europe. In the first half of the Twentieth Century there were people like the highly influential Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and his Pan-European Movement and notion of Eurafrica, as well as anti-nationalist and cultural Marxist campaigners; after the post-WWII era there were abstract cosmopolitanists, ‘anti-racist’ New Leftists, and Eurabian and Eurafrican advocates; and today, including the aforementioned, we have melting pot neoconservatives and ‘anti-fascists’, such as Roger Griffin, an illustrious and well-paid British expert, who stated in his 2008 book, A Fascist Century:

Whatever the structural reasons for Britain’s white racism and the counter-racism it breeds in its victims, such intolerance will not be rooted out until most Britons (of whatever background) not only tolerate the steady mongrelisation of British society, but celebrate it as the laboratory of exciting new forms of culture and human coexistence (131).

The verb mongrelise means to “cause to become mixed in race, composition, or character” and thus to become “of no identifiable type”. Mongrel is also synonymous with ‘mutt’, which is a shortened version of muttonhead, which means “A stupid person”. A laboratory is a room “equipped for carrying out scientific experiments or procedures, esp. for the purposes of research, teaching, or analysis” and can be understood in terms of society as “a site or centre of development, production, or experimentation”. A further definition includes “‘designating an animal used for tests or experiments in a laboratory’, as laboratory animal, laboratory mouse, laboratory rat, etc.” and is instrumental, such that the animal is “Laboratory-bred” or “Laboratory-grown”.

In terms of the British people, a mongrelised Briton in the social-engineered laboratory setting of a cultural Marxist multiracial society is a deracinated, racially unidentifiable individual, who, like a rat in a lab, is being genetically bred and altered to be thoughtless and easily manipulated. And Griffin wants them, just like a lab animal, to be mute so they cannot say “Stop this madness! You’re killing me and my people!” And this is applicable for all European peoples, for all European countries are undergoing radical change from mass-immigration from the Third World and its accompanying ideology, immigrant multiculturalism.

A scientifically imposed mongrelisation of a people is in fact a form of scientific racism and genocide. But major European elites, such as Peter Sutherland, don’t think so. This Irish international businessman and billionaire, who is a founding father of the World Trade Organisation and was chairman of Goldman Sachs between 1995 and June 2015, considers that demographics and migration are key to the necessary transformation of ethnically homogeneous European societies into “open” multicultural (aka multiracial) states comprised of a teeming mass of peoples from the whole world. The reason that massive non-White immigration into Europe is imperative for Sutherland is that it is a humanitarian project to combat White ‘racism’ and ease the pain and evil of European national sovereignty, which he equates with Nazism.

Replacement Migration and Our Money-Grubbing Traitorous Elites

But wait! There is another completely unconnected major rationalisation the elites spin over the masses regarding sustained massive non-European immigration into Europe: they claim it will off-set age-related and low fertility rate population decline. For example, the United Nations offered a report in March 2000 that considered that the replacement of Europeans by non-European immigrants was a viable solution to their population ‘problems’:

Focusing on these two striking and critical population trends [ageism and low fertility], the report considers replacement migration for eight low-fertility countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States) and two regions (Europe and the European Union). Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates.

Yes, never mind implementing programmes to incentivise Europeans to have larger families; just forget about the education and media channels sopping with feminist vitriol and the cultural Marxist deconstruction of traditional morality that have destroyed the most important core element of all human societies, marriage and the family (the family, which the UDHR is supposed to hold sacred for the wellbeing and continuance of all peoples); and just step over the definition of genocide when it comes to Europeans, which states that genocide involves actions that are “committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group” and include: “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.” Instead, let’s just replace the Europeans with other peoples who will be a great source of cheap labour! The entire frame of reference of this thinking is simply about money.

EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief
Face of the “Humanitarian” Corporate Left: A Piece of Disgusting Slime

Nevertheless, the ‘refugee’ crisis is feeding all ideological variations of the anti-European theme: the cultural Marxists, the socialists, the anti-fascists, the anti-nationalists, the cosmopolitanists, and the neo-conservatives. All want a brand New World Order that necessarily involves the mixing of European demographics, the altering of their genetics, and the complete terraforming of their cultures into unrecognisable forms, at which point, what has made European peoples Europeans over the course of their deep-rooted ancestries (i.e. their distinct ethno-cultural traits) have become buried or obliterated under the insidious universalism of those abstract memes and catchphrases: ‘Equality’, ‘Humanity’, ‘Unity in Diversity’, ‘Open Borders’, ‘Progress’, ‘Prosperity for All’, and ‘Perpetual Peace’.

Refugees or Illegal Migrants?

The BBC reports that the International Organization for Migration estimated that “At least 350,000 migrants crossed the EU’s borders in January-August 2015, compared with just 280,000 during the whole of 2014” and this figure does not include all those who arrived “undetected”. However, according to the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union (Frontex), a registered count puts the migrant figure up to “More than 500 000…in the first eight months of this year after a fifth consecutive monthly record was registered in August when 156 000 crossed the EU borders”, and again, this does not include all of those not detected. And 2015 isn’t over yet.

While the controlled media channels consistently push the narrative that the current flow of crisis migrants into Europe are ‘refugees’ fleeing war and persecution or moralise that a minor portion of them are poor ‘migrants’ seeking a better life and deserve to be coddled by Europe due to racism!, colonialism!, equality!, payback!, the facts tell a different story. Although a significant amount of these crisis migrants are indeed genuine refugees fleeing ISIS and Western-led military interventions in North Africa and the Middle East, and a large amount are Syrians, the substantial majority of these peoples are actually illegal economic migrants, specifically young males, who are demanding that Europeans help them financially improve their lives.

The prime minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, has said that the “overwhelming majority” of these migrants flooding Europe are not refugees but are economic migrants, and the prime minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, has said that only 5% are actual refugees. Ian Drury, writing for the Daily Mail, reports that “The EU logged 213,000 arrivals in April, May and June but only 44,000 of them were fleeing the Syrian civil war”. Only a rough fifth of the incoming were therefore genuine refugees, which, according to David Davies, a Tory MP for Monmouth, “exposes the lie peddled in some quarters that vast numbers of those reaching Europe are from Syria”. The vast majority of Syrian and other refugees are actually in or heading to neighbouring countries, particularly Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. In any case, if “[t]he number of forcibly displaced people in the world at the end of last year was 59.5m” and, as it stands at the moment, 86 percent of these are in developing countries, are European countries in the years to come, going to be forced to accept the majority of these peoples as well?

Europe is under no legal or ethical obligation to take in illegal economic migrants who are merely seeking to improve their lot at European expense.

Europe is under no obligation to take in, look after, and integrate illegal economic migrants who are merely seeking to improve their lot at European expense. The 1951 Refugee Convention and other EU laws, state that Europe must offer refuge or other types of protection to asylum-seekers who are legitimately fleeing war or persecution but there are no laws that require Europe to absorb and ameliorate those who come wildly thrashing at and breaking through the doors of Europe claiming they are the poor of the world. In any case, many of these illegals are openly hostile to Europeans. Many of them are the perpetrators of violence, aggression, rape, destruction, manipulation, deception, hostility, and so on to the host authorities and ordinary natives alike, while the mainstream media have a complete black-out policy when it comes to these facts.

These illegal economic migrants, when they arrive in their chosen European destination, plan not to integrate or contribute to the economic prosperity and preservation of Europe as Europe. Rather, they aim to live in ethnically distinct neighbourhoods already carved out by their friends and family members, demand various accommodations based on their ethnicity, make money, on the black market if necessary and certainly within ethnic employment networks, and then send remittances to their families who live outside of Europe. When they arrive they claim they have ‘nothing’ (including an education) and so receive free food and board, a free cell phone, free travel passes, free language classes, a daily allowance, and vocational training, all at the cost of the taxpayers. Over time, they will most likely seek to bring other family members, particularly wives and children, and possibly parents and siblings over to their new ‘home’ via family reunification procedures.

Human Smugglers, Boats4People, and Welcome to Europe Network

The majority of the ‘crisis’ migrants are funneling through Libya and arriving in Europe via sea, i.e. the Mediterranean and the Aegean, landing on various islands and the shorelines of Italy and Greece, often continuing on into the heart of Europe, particularly to Germany and Britain. Increasingly, due to the dangers of illegal sea travel in leaky rubber dinghies, migrants are opting to travel via land, i.e. through Turkey, particularly via its Edirne province and crossing into Bulgaria and Greece and onwards into Europe. Neither the North African countries on the southern shores of the Mediterranean nor Turkey, let alone Europe, are effectively stymieing the tide of migrants; they are not offering any preventive tactics or significantly beefing up their border and shore patrols.

Key migration routes

How can it be that hundreds of thousands of peoples travelling across the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas from North Africa and Turkey as well as over land have paid smugglers for a place on a pathetic sea-unworthy vessel or in an airless lorry, yet only a small handful of these human traffickers have ever been caught? Maybe an answer lies in such free movement of people projects as Boats4People, an organisation that was set up in 1989 to “end deaths at maritime borders and to defend migrants’ rights at sea” involving a coalition of fourteen organisations including: FIDH (International Federation for Human Rights), Migreurop Euro-African Network (Migreurop is a Moving Beyond Borders project of EPIM, the European Programme for Integration and Migration; you can read more here), Africa-Europe-Interact Network, and Welcome to Europe Network.

The anti-European anti-border W2EU (Welcome to Europe) website states:

We welcome all travellers on their difficult trip and wish you all a good journey — because freedom of movement is everybody’s right!

They also have a transborder “map of resistance against the European borderregime [sic]”, which is the product of a March 2012 conference in Istanbul, Turkey, that involved sixty participants from “Copenhagen to Bamako and from Tangier to Uzhgorod” discussing “the experiences gained in their projects and campaigns at the external borders of the EU”. W2EU has also distributed handbooks to would-be sea migrants that aid them in their travels and entry into Europe, including where they may get detained and screened, and, it has been suggested, it is funded by George Soros, that billionaire Open Society Foundation founder and grand master socialist who is notorious for his virulent hatred of any notion of European identity and ethnic autonomy.

The Union for the Mediterranean

Since the 1970s, even as far back as the 1920s, as I have written about elsewhere, European elites began serious designs (Eurabia and Eurafrica) for what would eventually become known as the Union for the Mediterranean. Eurafrica and Eurabia are concepts that basically mean that Africa and the Arab world are to be (or are in the process of becoming) merged or aligned with Europe in various ways, particularly through immigration into Europe, a one-direction migration, and, equally importantly, through changes to the cultural, political, economic, and societal realms of existence in all countries involved, especially European nations. Both Eurafrica and Eurabia are encapsulated by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). This Union was established in 2008 and aims to increase “the potential for regional integration and cohesion among Euro-Mediterranean countries” and “is inspired by the shared political will to revitalize efforts to transform the Mediterranean into an area of peace, democracy, cooperation and prosperity.” The real objective is “economic and political convergence towards Europe”.

Youssef Barghane
My name is Youssef Barghane, a young Moroccan beneficiary of the UfM programme; I am now in Université de Bretagne Occidentale, teaching French girls to integrate with Moroccan men.

Much like Boats4People, UfM considers that the “Mediterranean is a sea that brings people together. It is a highway for commerce and exchanges. Easy and safe access to flows of goods and people over land and sea, is essential for improving relations, enhancing regional trade and consequently, for the prosperity and development of the region”. In August 2015, UfM promoted 5 billion Euros in 27 urban investment projects in 9 southern and eastern Mediterranean countries and the European Investment Bank claimed that 60 million Euros would need to be invested for developments in the region in the near future.

There are also action plans and financial resources associated with European initiatives regarding migration from Africa as well as individual agencies and organisations that are attempting to ‘help’ Africa and the Muslim world ‘develop’. One example is Tony Blair’s AGI (African Governance Initiative) that apparently works “shoulder-to-shoulder with government colleagues in African Presidencies and Ministries to help them turn their visions for development into reality”. Another example is ODA, Official Development Assistance; 50% of funds from Sweden, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands (the latter spent 495 million Euros in 2014 to help refugees), and 35% of German funds, go to Africa.

European Funding for Migrants and Refugees

Further European funds are channeled into the migrant/refugee crisis. In April 2014, the European Union adopted the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, which represented “a commitment of over EUR 3 billion for the next seven years (2014-2020)” and a majority of this fund is designated to “improve asylum systems, reception modalities, and integration policies”. In April 2015 the EU “tripled its funding” to deal with the migrant crisis and in August the European Commission “approved 2.4 billion euros ($2.6 billion) of aid over six years for countries including Greece and Italy that have struggled to cope with a surge in numbers of immigrants”. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) budget for Sweden, Italy, Hungary, and Belgium is USD 68.1 million but just this month, September 2015, the EU emergency summit on the migrant crisis decided to contribute “at least 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in fresh EU funding” to UNCHR and other agencies, including the World Food Program and also provide Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey with “greater injections of EU assistance, including through a “substantial increase” in the EU’s Regional Trust Fund”. The European Commission has also “proposed to establish an emergency fund, starting with 1.8 billion euros ($2.1 billion), to address the crises in North and North East Africa”.

Although so much financial aid is pouring into African and Muslim countries from Europe for development and for dealing with the migrant/refugee crisis, it has done little, if anything, to improve the situation. Turkey will not give its Syrian refugees work permits or nationalities, but Numan Kurtulmus, the Turkish deputy prime minister, can imply that Europeans should. Again, not distinguishing between refugees and illegal migrants, he stated that “If European nations committed to accepting any number of refugees currently trying to go west from Turkey…Ankara would provide planes to fly them to their new host country” although he also “welcomed a European Union initiative that may allocate up to 1 billion euros ($1.14 billion) to help Ankara with its humanitarian efforts”. And Libya has threatened military action if Europe uses its military in an attempt to stop the colonisation.

Numan Kurtulmuş
Kurtulmuş: I am committed to humanitarian assistance in getting refugees into Europe; but Europeans must assure me of their own humanitarianism by accepting them all.

Migrant Population Numbers and the Destruction of European Ethnicities

Costs to European governments in dealing with the crisis migrant influx include the provision of “healthcare, education, housing and other social benefits”. This is not a temporary situation. The narrative of the controlled media is that “In the longer-term, migrants could be absorbed into the labor force and eventually boost consumer demand, driving economic growth”. But it is clear that this migrant crisis, along with massive immigration, is and will continue to have long-term deteriorating effects on public services, such as education, health, and infrastructure, as well as housing and the environment. Social tensions between ethnic groups are also already bubbling and the economy is suffering. In the EU-28 Eurostat estimated for July 2015 that 23+ million men and women were unemployed, or roughly 4.5 % of the working age of the 508 million population. The unemployment rate in Greece and Italy, both of which receive the initial brunt of ‘crisis’ migrants, in March 2015 was 25.6% (about 1.2 million) and 12.4% (about 3.1 million) respectively. In Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, the unemployment rates are 6.5%, 10.5%, and 5.4% respectively. In just these latter three countries alone there are about 7.5 million people unemployed.

The United Kingdom with a population of 64 million and a landmass of 243,610 km2 had a net migration rate of a whopping 318,000 in 2014. Since the turn of the century, UK net migration has been oscillating between 150,000 to over 300,000 persons a year and the bulk of immigrants are not seasonal or temporary workers, but are there to stay and settle. New immigrants can receive public services such as healthcare and education, and after five years of residence non-EU immigrants can receive benefits, such as jobseekers’ allowance, disability allowance, tax credits, and housing benefits. The situation is similar for Germany, France, Austria, and other Western European countries. For example, Germany, with a population of 80.62 million and a landmass of 357,168 km2, had a net migration rate of 549,998 in 2012. If this number is roughly the same for 2015 and Germany is expected to receive around 800,000 or more asylum seekers by the end of 2015, then this means that Germany would have a net migration of about 1.3 million or more, which is historically unprecedented.

Nowhere do we find a mainstream discussion on the costs to the natives, to the cultures, ways of life, towns, villages, cities, and traditions of Europeans from this ‘crisis migrant’ influx, other than the condemnation of anyone who raises questions and refuses to kowtow to Eurocratic moralising on the issue. The invasive ‘migrant crisis’ is but one aspect of a series of interconnected developments that are irrevocably altering the cultures of Europe and include: demographic replacement through mass-immigration from the Third World, international non-governmental funding and support for the erasure of Europe’s borders, long-term government designs for the complete integration of Europe with Africa and the Middle East, and blatant anti-White social engineering projects committed to transforming Europeans countries into mongrelised states.

It is clear that the European peoples are no longer permitted to positively identify as White and European countries are no longer authorised to remain White in their constitution.

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