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Syrian Refugee Crisis — Why Is Our Mainstream Media so Liberally Biased?

The current refugee crisis in the Middle East is filled with contention, however few issues are as contentious as which nations are responsible for accepting Syrian refugees into their homelands.

Thus far, the Canadian media have been relentless in promoting the idea that it is incumbent upon Canada, as well as other Western nations, to serve as the primary repositories. Each day in our mainstream media we read of how Canadians have a moral obligation to help solve the refugee crisis. In fact, the rhetoric is so extreme it often appears our newspapers are attempting to persuade rather than inform our citizens of these duties. If this were not the case, we would be reading more about which countries are refusing to absorb these people. Ironically, it is the so-called “brethren” countries which have erected a wall to prevent entry to their nations. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, as well as a number of other co-religionist nations have not accepted a single refugee.

One can speculate on the reasons why many Islamic countries have shut their doors, however equally as intriguing is the question of why our media refrain from reporting this essential component of the equation. Further to this curiosity, let us consider a directly-related question — why does the mainstream Canadian media so consistently support a liberal, politically-correct agenda?

This is no small matter. This question pertains not only to refugee-related issues, but to the broader context of Canada’s immigration and multicultural policies. Are the Canadian media subject to the will of our government? Do they have no choice but to back the political desires of their advertising base — in particular our largest corporations?

Difficult questions, yet perhaps one idea more than any other will shed light on the reason for our media’s relentless left-wing bias — namely, the academic institutions where our newspaper editors and journalists receive their education.

Canadian academia has been radically transformed over the past several decades. In fact, our universities are not nearly as “Canadian” as they once were. Furthermore, after decades of politically correct indoctrination, neither are our students. Since the time of implementation of official multiculturalism, our academic world has been subject to a profound demographic and ideological transformation. As a result, leading universities such as University of Toronto (see here) and University of British Columbia (see here) are today Canadian in name only.

In departmental terms, it is the social sciences divisions which are most highly inundated with globalist ideology. There is a good reason for this — these divisions are also inundated with globalist cash — much of it sourced from China’s Ministry of Education. At present, there are over 650 educational partnership contracts between our two nations.

Ratna Omidvar
Ratna Omidvar working on transferring the (w)hole of Syria to Canada.

In terms of specifics, Ryerson University of Ontario is without question one of the leading proponents of this insidious brand of globalist ideology. In a recent Globe & Mail piece, prominent journalist and Ryerson alumni Christine Blatchford informed Canadians we should not worry about security-related issues, and rather, throw our doors open wide to the refugees. Another alumni, Order of Canada recipient Ratna Omidvar, has for decades been pushing our government to bring in poor, uneducated refugees to our country — despite the fact that our historical refugee intake is a major part of a $23 billion dollar loss to the Canadian economy (Immigration and the Canadian Welfare State 2011). For these academics, no expense should be spared to import the poor and uneducated of the world.

In a general sense, Canada’s universities have become hot-beds for anti-Canadian sentiment. At the University of British Columbia, Professor of History Dr. Henry Yu teaches that Canada is a racist country on the level of Apartheid South Africa. Naturally, he gets away with it — simply because his ethic target is of the Caucasian variety. For his troubles, he has been on the receiving end of over one million dollars in grant money. Who knew that reverse racism could be such a profitable business?

It is no wonder students who graduate from these schools have no sense of pride in their country. Why would they, when they are being taught that the founders of our nation, as well as their descendants, are nothing more than malevolent bigots? If Canada is so awful, why does the Third World continue to migrate to our country — surely there is more to it than receiving billions in welfare payments!

Such is the ironic, inverted world of Canadian academia, and it is the products of these institutions who are today the editors and writers of our mainstream media publications.

The current refugee crisis may be Middle Eastern in origin, however in one form or another just about every nation in the Western world will be affected by this Völkerwanderung. To make informed decisions on whether to support refugee intake to our country, Canadians need and deserve informative, objective reporting — as opposed to guilt-inducing, bleeding heart reporting.

Thus far, this has not occurred. Regarding a social crisis rooted in Islamic ideology, leading Canadian journalists tell us it is primarily Christian nations who are responsible for accepting the victims. The sad irony is that when taking in these unfortunates, Canada and other Western countries are in fact administering the will of militant Islamic leaders, who want nothing more than to spread their fundamentalist ideology throughout the Western world.

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