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Charting White Genocide: Replacement of Whites in Western Cities


The poor will always be with us. The Whites, however, won’t. In 1960 Caucasians made up over 90 percent of the population of nearly every Western city. No longer. The attached chart shows the status of the incredible demographic transformation that has taken place over the last few decades, as Caucasians have been replaced, displaced or for some reason left the cities they formerly inhabited. The chart places all Western cities containing more than 200,000 people alongside each other, grouped into columns by percentage of the population that remains Caucasian. Each column begins with U.S. cities (if there are any) followed by Canadian, UK, Western European, Eastern European, Russian, Asian, Latin American, and Southern African cities. The chart was compiled from online census data from each country and is current as of summer 2015.1

The chart is meant to help visualize the autodestruction of the formerly prosperous, Caucasian cities of the Western World, a topic of special importance now that the unidirectional, extracivilizational illegal mass immigration to the West, as foretold by Jean Raspail, has entered fever pitch. On the chart, we see the cities in their various states of decay, danger, blight, crime, bad services, loss of cultural capital, and corruption. Those who study history know you don’t have much of a civilization without cities, not even in the computer age. The word ‘city’ is related to the Roman word ‘civitas’, which Cicero used to describe the body of citizens of the Republic. Both of these are also related to the word ‘civilization’, just as the Greek word for city, ‘polis’, is the base of our word ‘political’. As Caucasians are driven out of all their great cities, they are driven out of an essential aspect of their civilization as well, because these cities are the instruments by which it is operated.

The globalist agenda concerning our great cities is essentially this: limit White families to suburbs, which they know are boring for young people, so that when the children grow up and get interested in culture and history, music and art, they associate those fascinating things with the multiracial city, meaning, with the city’s multiracial residents. Mating with and/or marrying them becomes a fine, hipster option. Generation after generation, the population is absorbed by the cities, and everyone becomes a ‘citizen of the world’.

If you are educated in becoming a citizen of the world, spare the rest of us; save yourself the trouble of waiting and just move to Brazil, because your ideological masters forgot to tell you one thing about this multicultural scheme: when it is over, and everyone is assimilated, blacks will still exist, Latinos will still exist, Muslims will still exist, Hindus will still exist, Asians will still exist, and Jews will still exist. Only European and Euro-Americans will be gone, after being marginalized more and more, in direct proportion to the degree the plan is realized. The other races of man will have won a genocidal victory against the one they have been warring with on various fields for 3,000 years. You can call it “genocide de jure”. And they will have done so trumpeting a UN-backed globalist agenda of multiculturalism they do not prescribe for the Third World, despite their universalist rhetoric, but believe in very much for all White societies, everywhere, forever, until they are transformed.

Theirs is an ideological tool to get gullible Caucasians — Leftists and blinded fools with good hearts— on board to help tear down the growing number of us who see through the plan. A fraction of such Leftists didn’t need to learn how bad their ethnocultural group was, but were oikophobic from birth, just as some people are born psychopathic (c. 3%), or how a certain number are born biologically homosexual (c. 3% male, 5% female). These traits exist in all human populations, actual diversity being what it is, but most Leftists were not born that way but conditioned (brainwashed) to be that way in college. This represents the great victory of the 1968 Cultural Revolution.

It isn’t too late. If you get the sense somewhere deep down that there is value in your racial identity, in what you are, despite the fact your school and its professors and curriculum, your government, and all media outlets have told you there is none — this chart was made for your consideration. It presents a snapshot of the state of the Extermination Plan’s fruition.


1. White Column: 91-100% Whites

Quebec, Leuven, Prague, Jena
Quebec City, Leuven, Prague, Jena

These cities have over 90% of their residents identifying as ‘White’. Keep in mind that nearly all the cities on the entire chart were in this column in the not-to-distant past. In Western Europe and North America today, we see no capital or primate city among this group. Only Bern and Luxembourg, both comparatively small, are here. There are a few medium sized cities, like Quebec City, York and Edinburgh, which are now quaint remnants of what Caucasian urbanity used to be like. Mark them down as destination points for Asian tourists and higher real estate prices in the years ahead. Also represented in this column are many university cities, but even these now incubate tens of thousands of new students from the Third World every year; students who many times do not go back upon the expiration of their student visa. They leave the university, but not the White country that helped educate them.

Beginning with Prague halfway down the list, the situation changes. In Eastern Europe, most of the capital and primate cities are still highly rated in their White fraction. The reason is these cities were inadvertently shielded from multiculturalism and mass immigration before 1989 by the walls and barriers erected by their communist governments, which shows us walls and the threat of the flex of force work exceedingly well as repellent. Very tough border control like the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain successfully kept people in, as today’s Israeli West Bank Wall keeps people out, while the ‘free’ Caucasian countries of the West cannot seem to build any effective wall or fence to keep anybody back.

They criticize Victor Orban and Donald Trump and even say: “It can’t be done!” This is indicator #1 that our governments behave insanely: they have abdicated from their single most important responsibility: to guard the survival of the nations they govern. Since 1989, meanwhile, the Eastern European cities have been further ‘protected’ from Africans, Arabs, Turks, Indians, Chinese and others, due to less economic opportunities available for the migrants. As the world gets poorer and more crowded, however, more migrants will appear with each passing year if no powerful, decisive action is taken against it. The worst Eastern European city is already a paradise compared with most places in the burgeoning Third World.

2. Off-White Column: 81-90% Whites

Dublin, Copenhagen
Dublin, Copenhagen

These cities have 81-90% of their residents identifying as ‘White’. The Whitest American cities appear here. French cities may seem over-represented, but like most Europeans, the French tend to live in their city centers while immigrants tend to collect in outlying areas that may not be counted in the population of the city proper. So if you visited Toulouse or Strasbourg, for example, it might ‘feel’ more multiracial than a city in the ‘Off-White’ column should. When inflamed Muslims flip cars and burn furniture in street protests over seeing a ham sandwich on a school menu or comics in a newspaper for which they are not the target-market, that mostly happens in France’s suburbs, not under the Eiffel Tower — at least not yet.

The same reservation to Off-White status holds for Spain and Italy. Some lucky capitals, meanwhile, notably Dublin and Copenhagen, are still here. Copenhagen is here only because Denmark has had the toughest immigration policy in the West, while in Dublin many Eastern Europeans take service jobs before non-Whites get them. Off-White cities can be easily saved. Caucasians love competition, especially with each other, and when we start competing in fields like “toughest immigration policy” or “anti-dysgenics strategy” like we do in football and the Olympics, revitalization will begin before the day was done. It isn’t because we can’t, its because we aren’t — yet.

3. Yellow Alert Column: 71-80% Whites

Africanized Paris
Not anymore, Humphrey, the French have thrown it away.
The capitale du monde is africanized before our eyes — a staggering two-thirds of all newborns in Paris are Africans and Orientals!

Donald Trump: “I was in Paris recently, and Paris doesn’t look like Paris anymore.” (9/9/2015)
These cities have 71-80% of their residents identifying as ‘White’. People in these cities are seeing the first real stages — noticing for the first time — what John was noticing in the first paragraph of the essay called “Crime in the Hood” by La Griffe du Lion. Paris and Berlin are in this column, as are some college towns like Oxford (whose population is transient), as well as Montreal, the Scandinavian capitals, and Malmo, Sweden’s most multiracial and crime-ridden city. It says something that no large U.S. city has yet been seen in the first three columns. It says Americans have handed their great cities over to non-American or anti-American elements, and while they think their forces are traveling to distant countries to defend the borders and human rights of people who hate them, those forces are really being sent there to keep the world’s supreme military busy while the cities of the nation they are sworn to protect and defend are invaded and conquered right under their noses.

The last Commander-in-Chief that actually defended the borders of the United States was — get this — Dwight D. Eisenhower (1952-1960). For all that, Yellow Alert cities are in comparatively good shape. Such places like Oslo are still considered some of the nicest places to live in the world, often topping the rankings in polls by Forbes and other magazines, not to mention the UN Human Development Index.

4. Orange Alert Column: 61-70% Whites

Reclaim Australia demo in Sydney; Chinese shops in Auckland
Reclaim Australia trying to push back invading Islam in Sydney; Chinese enjoying their own company in Auckland

These cities have 61-70% of their residents identifying as ‘White’. Seemingly White American cities like Des Moines show their new character as places where Afro-Asian refugees have been resettled by governments and church groups, and as places where Mexican farm workers have gravitated over the last few decades. No heartland or provincial city anywhere is immune. Some Russian cities are more inoculated than others, but even these have seen a spike in Muslims from the Caucasus region, and in border-crossing Chinese, who outnumber the Russians 10-1 on the geopolitical chessboard. Orange Alert cities like Astrakhan and Ulan-Ude are located in parts of the country outside the Russian heartland. Astrakhan at the mouth of the Volga is near the Islamic areas of Dagestan and Chechnya, while Ulan-Ude is near the Mongolian border. As for Oceania, a surprising number of Australian and New Zealand cities are here as well.

These Anglophone, former British Commonwealth nations, like Canada, have tripled, quadrupled or quintupled their non-White population since 1990. They are especially proud of their multiracialism, if the flowery language used in the presentation of their data is any indicator. Or it is fear that makes them bloom so joyous? Either way, the Americans and Europeans seem less enthusiastic at this point. Also less enthusiastic are South Africans, the renegade former Commonwealth country, whose capital, also on Orange Alert, contains the largest concentration of Whites on the African continent. Watch the first “Media Break” segment of the 1987 sci-fi movie RoboCop as the newscasters call the Pretoria of the future a “White city state” about to “use a neutron bomb” on a sea of besieging Africans for self-preservation.

5. Deep Orange Alert Column: 51-60% Whites

London(istan): Muslims crowding on Trafalgar Square; Muslim terror attacks 2005;
preacher saying the Islamist way ‘thanks for your hospitality’; London school children from everywhere but Britain

These cities have 51-60% of their residents identifying as ‘White’. London is here, where half the population is trying desperately to live with the other half while the older people who remember the way things used to be start to die out. This leaves London, like all Western cities, in the hands of a younger generation that knows only multiculturalism, and cannot imagine things can be different. London’s presence here also illustrates a pitfall of the chart. In 2012 London was revealed as being ‘majority-minority’, like the State of California, which means the White population dipped under 50 percent, meaning it should be one column to the right. This is either census time-lag, or it is possible they counted White non-Brits, like Poles, as ‘non-British’ and were saying something like ‘London is majority non-British’, which is of course true.

Either way, the trend is that London and many cities will be moving down the chart in its next edition because of non-White proliferation. The rate of change is tremendous, and so far it moves in one direction only. But an increasing number of people get really worried at this point. Amsterdam and Rotterdam are in this Deep Orange fugue state of alert now, and Geert Wilders has spoken against it on behalf of the Netherlands, as Marine Le Pen and Génération Identitaire have spoken out for France. Others are speaking out as well, nation by nation. Thilo Sarrazin has spoken out for Germany, Oskar Freysinger has spoken out for Switzerland, and Paul Weston has spoken out for England. Jared Taylor and others are speaking out for America.

By the Deep Orange, the danger of walking outside increases dramatically, and soon it will be almost a certainty that violence is done to the average White person at some point, like La Griffe du Lion tabulated. In the mentioned essay, John found out a White person will be violently attacked at some point in a given year depending on how careful they are, once a city falls under a certain threshold. In Amsterdam, many Whites have already been stabbed and killed by migrants or their children, including high profile people like Vincent van Gogh’s grandnephew, who was killed by Moroccan Jihadists in broad daylight. To make matters more demoralizing, the primary schools of most Deep Orange cities are majority non-White, meaning they are rapidly approaching the ‘tipping point’.

6. Pink Alert Column: 41-50% Whites

Over the tipping point: San Francisco students “addressing”, read enforcing diversity; English-Chinese street sign in Toronto

These cities have 41-50% of their residents identifying as ‘White’, and they have gone over the edge of the tipping point. Having done this, these cities launch a Brusilov Propaganda Offensive to try and reconcile themselves to their impending doom. This is a last ditch effort to emphasize their multiculturalism, metrosexualism and liberal universalism as “some of the great things about our now-gritty city”. That is why pink is an appropriate color for cities in this stage of race replacement. Notably, Toronto and Vancouver are here, which were completely White cities not long ago.

They respond officially by, you guessed it, “celebrating diversity”, to convince themselves, inanely, insanely and against all evidence, that they are actually better off now. Their literature claims the “visible minorities” have “just as much stake in Canada” as the original Whites that built the country, which is dubious at best. But they also rewrite history to retroactively put Asians and aboriginals at the center of building Canada as a country, which is totally fraudulent. This is being exposed by Professor Ricardo Duchesne of the University of New Brunswick, who celebrated Canada Day 2013 with a call for a re-evaluation of the repealed 1952 Immigration Act, the abandonment of which opened the floodgates to all the social maladies now viral on the Canadian stage. Leicester in England is on Pink Alert as well. There we hear the same propaganda about how good its diversity is, though Theodore Dalrymple and others tell the truth about what is going on.

San Francisco and Boston are here too, pink as pink can be, the writhing braggarts of diversity. Saving these cities from social chaos are the large number of public assistance checks and electronic bank transfers sent out each month to many of their residents. Kazan in Russia, meanwhile, located in the Tatar-Mongol east, is a leftover from the era between the 13th and 16th centuries, when a previous wave of marauders tried to conquer the West and failed because Europe finally united to stop their advance at Leignitz in 1241.

7. Red Alert Column: 31-40% Whites

Germantown Neighbourhood and Sea Gate community in Brooklyn
From Philadelphia’s Germantown, first permanent settlement of Germans in America, only the name remains;
Whites retreating to gated communities in Brooklyn (“Sea Gate”, 83% White)

These cities have 31-40% of their residents identifying as ‘White’. American cities like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans, Richmond and Montgomery predominate here. We see symbolic street battles taking place in them, indicative of their ultimate destiny. Exacerbated by mobile phones and Facebook, and given an audience on Youtube, the first shots of these battles were fired around 2010, when diversity-on-White hate crimes, mob attacks, flash mob thefts and other forms of harassment increased dramatically. Each of these events is staged on a variation of the same premise used by the black Muslim who cut off the head of British soldier Lee Rigby on a London street, with a meat cleaver in broad daylight — to send the message: “This is OUR place now. This is OUR house!” Covered in detail nowhere in the mainstream media but extensively on and, these diversity mobs force cancellations of public events, such as fireworks and fairs, parades and festivals.

Parades in America have foundered anyway, for without a core national island amid the multicultural sea, who would do the marching and what songs would the high school bands be playing to keep their goose-steps timed? In no way is this as frivolous as it sounds, for when Americans start marching into Times Square singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic, as Brits march into Piccadilly Circus singing Rule Britannia, the vigor will have had returned and the tide will well have turned. In the meantime, in the fight for the future of these Red Alert cities, we will see either a continuation of White Flight and withdrawal to the suburbs, or a reassertion of beachhead neighborhoods in the cities where public order is restored through tougher police presence (and higher taxes to cover it) accompanied by private security and neighborhood watch programs.

Former U.S. Marine Corps strategist William S. Lind predicted this would have to happen in these cities a decade ago, if they were to remain at all civil and livable. As it is, residents of Red Alert cities are more likely to find Pink Alert-style multiculturalism naïve. They have been there, done that, and are getting tired of reaping what politicians in their parents’ time did sow. Rugged residents holding out may yet believe in the melting pot potential of their cities, repressing the memory that White European immigrants were the only people the melting pot ever worked on in the past. But as descent proceeds through Brown, Ebony and Black, as the Confederate statues’ fall comes to signify the second fall of Richmond, even they will abandon faith in the melting pot, and will leave the cities they once held so dear.

8. Brown Alert Column: 21-30% Whites

Latino immigrants in USA
Aztlán: La raza demonstration; clashes of Mexican soccer fans with police in Los Angeles 2014;
infiltrators climbing over US border fence; Latino gang

These cities have 21-30% of their residents identifying as ‘White’. For these Western cities beyond Red Alert, there is less and less that can easily be done as they begin a spiral into Third World self-effacement. At this point they will rely on their suburbs, regions, states, provinces and other government aid to stay afloat. Los Angeles is at the top of the list. Called the “Capital of the Third World” in a 1990s biography of the city, it now seems more likely to become the capital of Mexico’s Republica Del Norte. Historically black neighborhoods in LA, such as Compton, have become scenes of race conflict spurred by incoming Mexicans and Salvadorans of Mestizo and Indian blood fighting for turf. You didn’t hear about that on the news because the philosophers have not yet figured out the answer to this dystopian riddle: “If ‘racism’ happens and no Whites are around to have committed it, did it really happen?”

The three metropolitan giants of Texas are also on this list of Brown Alert cities. Dallas, Houston and San Antonio harbor growing numbers of the endless supply of people crossing the national border at a rate of 2,300 per day. Their incoming presence and hoped-for second amnesty (along with the multiplication rate of non-White Hispanics, Latinos, Chicanos, Zambos and the rest), will eventually shift Texas’ electoral votes to the Democrats. This means that in theory by statistical extrapolation, the Republicans will never again win a presidential election, if anyone is still around that cares. In practice, however, it means the entire political system will have to be altered or abolished by the Whites in order to keep control of the country or at least part of it, ethnostate-style. The neighborhood around the Alamo is completely Mexican now, which makes one wonder what the last American there will do when ordered to leave, as they were told to leave that day in 1836. Other places on Brown Alert, like Memphis, Baltimore, Oakland and Newark, are well known for abhorrent levels of crime and for skating on the thin ice of bankruptcy.

On the same list is Johannesburg, once Africa’s wealthiest and most prosperous city during the apartheid decades, for all races, living segregated yet side-by-side behind physical, legal and moral barriers. Now civic service and civic pride have collapsed there, and the city is in ruin. In one scene in a Journeyman Pictures documentary on South Africa, the last White resident of a Johannesburg downtown neighborhood (Hillbrow) is shown. It is a poor, partially blind old woman who pushes a dog around in a baby buggy while drug addicts and prostitutes go about their violent lives without fear of intervention. Everyone else White Flighted out of there.

9. Ebony Alert Column: 11-20% Whites

Whites marginalized and persecuted in South Africa
“Rainbow nation” South Africa in reality: Afrikaner squatter camp; miserable nordic boy maximum enriched; rare press report on sub-civil war violence; woman fleeing from attack at her car in Johannesburg

These cities have 11-20% of their residents identifying as ‘White’. At this point, the fate of the city is up to the constituency that replaced the Whites. There has been only one success story, and that is Honolulu, near where Barack Obama grew up. Considered a paradise city, it is run by a coalition of Whites, Japanese, and Polynesian natives who place some value on the secular-liberalist White presence. Miami, on the other hand, is one of the leading crime cities in America. It is run by a coalition of White Cubans like Marco Rubio, who are themselves a minority among Cubans and residents of Miami in general. The city is run mafia-style, in part to keep the non-White components at bay; Spanish is the first language, and the city has become the entrepot of unregulated Caribbean immigration to America, as Haitians, Dominicans, Jamaicans and Puerto Ricans join Cuban refugee columns in the conquest of South Florida.

In Cape Town, center of White culture in Africa since 1652, blacks flooded into the White neighborhoods after Mandela took over in 1994, and demolished segregation literally. In La Paz, meanwhile, White Hispanics are at odds with the descendants of the Inca, related Indians and Mestizos. At this point in the game, it is going to be very difficult to turn any of these cities around without mass deportations, martial law, and other things that trouble the consciences of most Westerners more than their own genocide does.

10. Black Alert Column: 0-10% Whites

The end: After Constantinople’s conquest, the Turks renamed the city, turned Christendom’s largest church into a mosque and eventually expelled the Greek natives in state-sanctioned pogroms. To the right, Turks praying for Hagia Sophia, currently a museum, to be turned into a mosque again. Where Islam comes to dominate, Western Civilization is systematically eradicated.

These cities have 0-10% of their residents identifying as ‘White’. The sky falls. This is the end. Civilization, our people and culture, is erased. When a city gets to this point, it becomes a wasteland and an extreme danger zone for any White that dares meander about it on foot. Cities on Black Alert are the localized results of a conquest that started long ago in its modern form. In 1453, Turkish invaders devastated Constantinople and massacred most of the Greek inhabitants including priests on the altar of St. Sophia. The city was ‘converted’ into Istanbul, while Moscow, the Third Rome, inherited its mantle, its Eagle, its title (Caesar → Czar), and its mission to protect the Camp of the Saints (European Christendom → Western Civilization). But when Muslims conquer, they mean to conquer forever. Ask an ancient Egyptian Copt, a true Persian, or a Phoenician if you can find one.

What was learned 500 years ago and more, the insane governments of the West have ignored and beckoned forth, which drives these great cities ever closer to their intended role as harbingers of the final solution of the Great Caucasian Question. What started with Constantinople continues still, as one long invasion process by the Third World against the White World. Black Alert cities are, each one, a symbol of its victory. Port-au-Prince and Detroit, both in this column, demonstrate what happens when Whites lose control and flee from formerly prosperous cities. More than symbols; these are the thing itself, right in front of our eyes. They are Bull Run, Gettysburg, and The Wilderness. They are Ypres, Somme and Verdun. They are Dresden and London and Rotterdam and Warsaw and Berlin. And there are more.

Pristina is the Serbian city stolen by demographic invasion by Albanian Muslims during the 20th century, and is now the capital of Islamic Kosovo, cut right out of the Serbian heartland in 2008. It is microcosm of what multiculturalism really is — a program of Third World Lebensraum. “Diversity” pours in, the Whites move away, and the diverse elements declare independence, using the Whites’ own Enlightenment values of self-determination against them, taking the land, the territory, its resources, and its history. In a way, it would be most appropriate to ‘twin’ Pristina, since ‘twinning’ is so popular today, with Constantinople and Los Angeles. Many Serbian churches have been and are being desecrated in the Kosovo conquest, as they were 500 years ago in Byzantium, and as Christianity and all Western culture is desecrated again and again by Hollywood’s Brahmins of demotic mass entertainment.

The other cities on Black Alert are places like Leopoldville (Kinshasa), Elisabethville (Lubumbashi) and Salisbury (Harare), all formerly peaceful White cities in Africa where today Whites will be attacked, raped and killed, or ransomed if they are lucky, not ‘in any given year’ like La Griffe tabulated, but ‘on any given day’.

Illegal migrant invasion of the West
Third-Worlders marching into the West, claiming Lebensraum

When that young refugee washed up on the shore of Bodrum, Turkey, we knew it would happen. They knew it would happen. It has to happen, when our repulsive policies languish as they do, as Raspail said they would. And it will happen again and again: Third-Worlders will come, we will let them in, or they will try, and sometimes die, and they will cry, and we will sigh, and our leaders will, on the sly, say “just try again, we’ll let you fly.” It will be both their fault and ours.

Some have said this boy and his photo are symbolic of why we should open the gates; others have said it will be used as a guilt-trip to make us further complicit in our own genocide. Who will win this battle of the ages? For those with a sense of symbolism and deep time, the poor boy’s tomb should state he washed up at the foot of another, much older tomb — for Bodrum is the ancient Halicarnassus, where the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was built by our ancestors in a land since conquered by marauders from Central Asia. It is time we chose which of these tombs intertwines with our being, strengthens our resolve, and hardens our hearts.

Next time we fight, it's side by side
We are all in this together.

The noose tightens. We have been warned by overwhelming empirical evidence — this is the fate that awaits us everywhere. The reason only the city names are used on the chart is because it is now up to us to learn each other’s problems and places; the names of each other’s cities along with our own, for they are our own. We are all in this together, and these cities and borders are battlefronts, just as surely as Marathon, Salamis, Thermopolyae, and Plataea were when we our people were young. Lampedusa is the Italian island where Africans come to wait for an amnesty, apply for asylum or demand to be resettled in Europe somewhere. It is where the Argentine Pope Francis made is first visit outside Rome, to “comfort the inmates”, hear their stories about getting ripped off by the human trafficker they paid willingly to sneak them in, and pray for those who died in the sea trying to illegally immigrate. Lampedusa is as much a threat to a White Argentine, Australian or Irish as it is to an Italian. When the Swiss outlawed construction of new mosques with tall minarets, conversely, it was as much a victory for an Afrikaner and an American as it was for the Swiss.

With 3,000,000,000 more Third World people being added to the population of the world this century (watch Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs), this peaceful/violent conquest and the resulting race replacement will not end by itself. We must end it. And we can only end it together.

Table I: Number of Western Cities by Share of Whites

As of summer 2015:

Number of Western Cities by Share of Whites
Country 91-100% 81-90% 71-80% 61-70% 51-60% 41-50% 31-40% 21-30% 11-20% 0-10% Total
United States     0     4     6   17   13   26   19   15     3     5 108
Canada     2     7     5     2     0     6     1     0     0     0   23
British Isles   16   13     7     1     3     1     0     0     0     0   41
France     0   15     2     0     1     0     0     0     0     0   23
Benelux     6     8     3     1     3     0     0     0     0     0   20
Scandinavia     7     4     4     0     0     0     0     0     0     0   17
Germany   22   13     4     1     0     0     0     0     0     0   40
Iberia     3   12     3     0     0     1     0     0     0     0   15
Italy   13     7     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0   20
Austria/Switzerland     6     2     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     8
Poland/Czechia/Hungary   20     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0   20
Greece/Romania/Bulgaria/Yugoslavia   19     1     1     0     0     0     0     0     0     1   21
BalticStates/Ukraine/Belarus   18     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0   18
Russia/Caucasus   45   12     3     5     2     4     3     3     1     2   80
Latin America     0     0     2     0     2     2     3     3     4     4   20
Asia/Oceania     0     7     4     5     1     0     0     0     0     2   17
Southern Africa     0     0     0     3     3     2     0     5     6     4   10
Total 176 105   44   35   28   42   26   26   14   18 514
Country 91-100% 81-90% 71-80% 61-70% 51-60% 41-50% 31-40% 21-30% 11-20% 0-10% Total

Table II: Share of Whites in Western Cities

As of summer 2015:

Share of Whites in Western Cities
91-100% 81-90% 71-80% 61-70% 51-60% 41-50% 31-40% 21-30% 11-20% 0-10%
Quebec City Lincoln Louisville Columbus Jacksonville Phoenix New York Los Angeles Miami Detroit
Halifax Scottsdale Portland Seattle Indianapolis San Diego Chicago Houston Honolulu El Paso
Middlesbrough Boise Colorado Spr Mesa Denver Austin Philadelphia San Antonio San Bernardino Santa Ana
Stoke Spokane Lexington Virginia Bch Nashville San Francisco Washington Dallas Vladikavkaz Laredo
Birkenhead Hamilton CA Henderson Omaha Oklahoma City Fort Worth Milwaukee San Jose Lima Hialeah
Sunderland Laval Madison Minneapolis Kansas City Charlotte Fresno Memphis Panama City Pristina
Wigan London CA Montreal Wichita Raleigh Boston Sacramento Baltimore La Paz Makhachkala
Southend Gatineau Calgary Pittsburgh Tulsa Las Vegas Atlanta Long Beach Santo Domingo Grozny
Blackpool Longueil Ottawa Anchorage St. Paul Albuquerque Cleveland Oakland Cape Town Constantinople
Aldershot Saskatoon Vaughan Toledo Plano Tucson Arlington Bakersfield Pietermaritzburg Adrianople
Plymouth Kitchener Windsor Fort Wayne Chandler Tampa New Orleans Anaheim Graaf-Reinet Mexico City
Medway Huddersfield Nottingham St. Petersburg Lubbock Aurora Riverside Stockton Kimberley Kingston
Barnsley Hull Bradford Reno Glendale St. Louis Corpus Christi Newark Welkom Port-au-Prince
York Brighton Reading Chesapeake London Cincinnati Jersey City Garland Windhoek Batavia
Bath Preston Coventry Gilbert Birmingham Greensboro Baton Rouge Fremont Leopoldville
Belfast Bolton Southampton Des Moines Luton Buffalo Birmingham Cheboksary Elisabethville
Edinburgh Derby Oxford Tacoma Marseille Orlando Rochester Nalchik Salisbury
Aberdeen Northampton Cambridge Edmonton Brussels Chula Vista Richmond Astana Bulawayo
Ghent Cardiff Paris Winnipeg Amsterdam Norfolk Montgomery Asuncion
Bruges Glasgow Lyon Manchester Rotterdam Durham Markham Nassau
Leuven Dublin Utrecht The Hague Ulyanovsk Winston-Salem Ufa Bogota
Maastricht Cork Tilburg Frankfurt Saransk Irvine Naberezhnye Johannesburg
Leiden Limerick Almere Izhevsk Jerusalem Irving Sterlitamak Durban
Luxemburg Galway Stockholm Astrakhan Santiago Modesto San Jose CR Bloemfontein
Lund Toulouse Malmo Ulan-Ude Port Elizabeth Fayetteville Caracas Grahamstown
Uppsala Nice Goteborg Sochi Roodepoort Shreveport Havana East London
Kalmar Nantes Oslo Surgut Sandton Toronto
Trondheim Straßburg Berlin Sydney Germiston Mississauga
Tampere Montpellier Stuttgart Darwin Vancouver
Turku Bordeaux Duisburg Auckland Brampton
Reykjavik Lille Gelsenkirchen Christchurch Surrey
Düsseldorf Rennes Seville Hamilton NZ Burnaby
Dresden Reims Cordoba Pretoria Leicester
Leipzig Rouen Granada Kempton Park Las Palmas
Hannover Amiens Geneva Randburg Kazan
Bochum Nimes Skopje Yakutsk
Wuppertal Poitiers Orenburg Yoshkar-Ola
Bielefeld Limoges Tyumen Pavlodar
Mannheim Orleans Stavropol Rio de Janeiro
Augsburg Antwerp Melbourne São Paulo
Aachen Charleroi Perth Stellenbosch
Brunswick Liege Wollongong Boksburg
Chemnitz Eindhoven Wellington
Kiel Groningen Montevideo
Krefeld Breda Buenos Aires
Halle Nijmegen
Magdeburg Haarlem
Freiburg Copenhagen
Erfurt Aarhus
Rostock Bergen
Heidelberg Helsinki
Göttingen Hamburg
Weimar Munich
Jena Cologne
Bilbao Essen
Pamplona Dortmund
Salamanca Bremen
Naples Nuremberg
Palermo Bonn
Genoa Oberhausen
Bari Lübeck
Catania Mainz
Venice Trier
Trieste Potsdam
Parma Madrid
Ravenna Barcelona
Ferrara Valencia
Syracuse Zaragoza
Pisa Malaga
Pavia Murcia
Zürich Palma
Bern Alicante
Graz Valladolid
Linz Vigo
Salzburg Toledo
Innsbruck Lisbon
Prague Rome
Brno Milan
Ostrava Turin
Bratislava Bologna
Budapest Florence
Debrecen Verona
Szeged Padua
Miskolc Basel
Pecs Vienna
Bucharest Plovdiv
Cluj Chelyabinsk
Timisoara Krasnoyarsk
Iasi Omsk
Constanta Samara
Craiova Krasnodar
Sofia Tolyatti
Varna Penza
Veliko Tarnovo Magnitogorsk
Athens Chita
Thessaloniki Petrozavodsk
Belgrade Kishinev
Novi Sad Tbilisi
Zagreb Brisbane
Split Adelaide
Dubrovnik Gold Coast
Ljubljana Newcastle AU
Sarajevo Canberra
Podgorica Sunshine Coast
Warsaw Hobart
St. Petersburg
Nizhny Novgorod
91-100% 81-90% 71-80% 61-70% 51-60% 41-50% 31-40% 21-30% 11-20% 0-10%


  • There are a total of 514 cities charted here.
  • Out of 108 US cities, there are none with over 90% of the population reporting as ‘White’.
  • The United States and South Africa have seen the most ‘White flight’ from city to suburb.
  • The US census figures used were for non-Hispanic Whites; Miami and some other cities may be undercounted.
  • Canada’s census figures use ‘visible minorities’ for non-Whites were subtracted from 100 to obtain stats for Canada’s 23 cities.
  • Some European cities may ‘feel’ less ‘White’ because non-Whites there tend to live in suburbs that may not be counted in the stats.
  • White British and ‘other Whites’ were both included as ‘White’ in the tabulations for Britain’s 41 cities.
  • France’s 23 cities were the most difficult of all to tabulate accurately because the census doesn’t ask for race/ethnicity.
  • The 20 Dutch and Belgian cities, and the 17 Nordic cities had straightforward stats.
  • The 40 German cities seemed to underreport the Turkish presence but this may not be the case.
  • Spain’s 14 cities and Italy’s 20 have some margin for error due to sporadic data but are believed to be accurate estimations.
  • Poland’s 11, Hungary’s 5, Czech’s 3, Slovak’s 1, Baltic States’ 3, Belarus’ 4 and Ukraine’s 11 are the ‘Whitest’ cities in the ‘Whitest’ region.
  • Greece’s 2 city data doesn’t seem like it includes some Turkish and other minority data.
  • Romania’s 6, Bulgaria’s 4 and former Yugoslavia’s 11 cities were careful to count the Gypsy minority.
  • Russia’s 80 cities are very ‘White’ in many regions and less so in southern and eastern areas.
  • In some cases, the Russian oblast (metropolitan) area stat was used when city data was not available.
  • After 400 years of race mixing, Latin American cities have dropped in their percentage of Whites considerably, but retain a fraction.
  • On Puerto Rico’s 2010 census, 75% of the population reported themselves as being ‘White’ which is very probably overstated.
  • South Africa does not count places over 200k that were and are black or Asian townships like Soweto, only cities that were White during apartheid.
  • South Africa’s data is old, especially considering there have been substantial changes in all city demographics since 2001.

[1] The chart is dedicated to the memory of Dominique Venner (1935-2013).

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