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Academic Informants and Pseudo-Intellectuals at the Service of the “Immigration Nation”

The Spring Issue 2015 of the Concordia University Magazine has an article, Immigration Nation, about professors at this institution dedicated to the socialization of Eurocanadians into accepting mass immigration and ensuring there is no dissent over its “benefits”. There is nothing unusual about this article; in all university flyers, magazines, and administrative statements, diversity is promoted ad nauseam. The subjects of the other articles in this issue, besides touting Concordia as the most vibrant university for students, are about LGBTQ, “importance of gay-straight alliances”, “countering discrimination”, “homophobic acts”. Everyone photographed has a sheep-like smile. This is such a wonderful place, a world of “very bright and diverse students” with edgy researchers opening new vistas for the human race.

Let’s take a look at some of Concordia’s researchers.

Vivek Venkatesh: Professor of Racism in Metal Music
Vivek Venkatesh
Venkatesh, “Professor Death Metal”

The first profile in the “Immigration Nation” article is that of Vivek Venkatesh. Despite his rather mediocre list of publications in never read journals and books, he has more titles than every great philosopher of the past, than Plato, Hegel, or Nietzsche: Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Acting Director of the Study of Learning and Performance, Director in University Teaching, and Associate Professor of Education.

And to top it all, he is known as “Professor Death Metal” for his personal involvement in metal music. How cool; this man is both a great thinker and a challenger of societal norms, a fan of metal music: “I have been a metalhead as long as I can consciously remember, probably 30 years.” He is not your average, stiff neck, monocultured Anglo; those days are no more; diversity hiring has brought a man with “a layered understanding of what it means to move between countries and cultures”.

But what has metal music got to do with immigration Canada?

Venkatesh received a two-year “Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada grant — under their Kanishka Project”, which is a five year $10 million initiative for research in “terrorism” and how to prevent “violent extremism”. The role of Venkatesh, “and his team”, however, is not to study Muslim terrorism, or the actual deleterious effects of culturally driven violence against women within immigrant Indian communities; no, it is to “sensitize students, parents, teachers and the general public” about the “deleterious effects of hate speech”, and “to build awareness, create space for dialogue and combat online hate”.

But get this, it is Venkatesh’s expertise “on extreme metal music” that was deemed relevant in his acquisition of this grant. Here we have someone who calls himself a “metalhead”, a fan of metal music for 30 years, carrying an investigation of “how hateful messages are propagated and interpreted by various members of these music scenes”.

Will he act as an informant for the State’s diversity police, reporting on the “racist ideals” he alleges are “propagated through the metal scene”?

There is no definition of “hate speech” in this article, though the word is used often, but it looks like “hateful” refers to views that Venkatesh considers to be racist. And the tacit message from the article is that anyone who disagrees with mass immigration, affirms his sense of Eurocanadian identity, or would like his country to maintain its European ethnic majority, is racist, from which point it is then surmised that s/he is a hater of other ethnic groups (and possibly a terrorist?).

Vivek Venkatesh
Vivek Venkatesh

What is even weirder is that Venkatesh’s particular line of research will involve an examination of “how elements of Nordic culture, Canadian history and assimilation stories are incorporated in the extreme metal art form”. Is he going to investigate the way Canadian metal bands incorporate Nordic elements into Canadian history? Will he assess Nordic motifs as forms of implicit racism, how immigrants find it difficult to assimilate into a Canada with such metal bands, and how more funding is needed to make them feel welcomed? But aren’t metal bands, with supposedly Nordic racist songs, an extremely marginal form of music?

Venkatesh’s grant-driven research has clear indoctrination aims; to produce “blogs, podcasts, videos, comic books, graphics and other media” in consultation with community members, educators, and government “stakeholders” to fight “hate speech”. A widespread campaign will thus be conducted, involving “collaborators in consumer consumption, cultural theory, peace education, terrorism risk assessment, textual analysis, psychoanalytics, feminism and a host of other specialties”. High salaried professionals will launch yet another campaign against every remaining marginalized group that disagrees or expresses views contrary to the diversity goals of cultural Marxism. And Venkatesh, who recently downloaded a video of Bloobath, will act as an informant, so it seems, of the state tracking down racist expressions in marginalized metal bands.

Why not investigate the misogynistic and racist lyrics of black rap music? Because the ideological apparatus serving the creation of an Immigration Nation maintains that only whites can be racist. The incentives, grants and jobs, are set for those wishing to track down whites who dissent. Did you hear about the PhD student, Irfan Chaudhry, at the University of Alberta? He is looking at the “relationship between racist terms on Twitter and the ethnic makeup of major cities across Canada”? What do you think is the ethnic make up of the racists he has already tracked down?

Is Venkatesh resentful that metal bands are inherently places (one of the few remaining ones) for implicit whiteness in our culture, and he wants this music to be diversified so that new bands emerged singing about the glories of immigration and Indian culture?

Lorna Roth: Professor of Flesh-colored Products
Lorna Roth
Lorna “Crayons” Roth

Behind Lorna Roth’s long title, “Concordia’s Department of Communication Studies and Fellow in the School of Community and Public Affairs and Simone de Beauvoir Institute”, stands some trailblazing research about the “embedded racial bias” in flesh-colored products and technologies, film, mannequins, dolls, Band-Aids, and “nude” clothing. These products “are designed for Caucasian skin” and therefore exclude people of color. Her research is “subtle and nuanced”, or so she claims. She is an activist too: “I am looking for equity” in skin products and technologies.

Whites need to be made aware that such racial bias exists in skin clothing; whites have a “low level of awareness that such issues exist”. They need a “more nuanced interpretation of the typical embedded racial bias” in these products. She coins a new word in the English language, “dysconsciousness”, to refer to whites lacking “nuanced” awareness of their racial bias. This lack of awareness may have been excusable when Canada was not an “immigrant nation” before the 1970s, when it had immigration laws favoring European immigrants, that was the “context” for these products, but now this low level of consciousness can’t be tolerated; Canada is racially diverse, and Professor Roth is “devoted to push for inclusiveness, for social justice”. This is what a university education should be all about.

And Roth is not just thinking of skin products, she wants a total change in “all [the] visual aspects of our environment, for kids especially”. They “should be equitable”. Will snow be sprayed brown? Will smoke be released on the air so clouds look less white? Seriously, there are entire industries designed for Black and Asian skins. Every country and race in the world has its own skin products and industries. Western nations are already very aware of the Asian and Black skin color market. What is bothering Roth is that whites are still the majority in Canada numerically and this is still reflected in the proportion of skin products and technologies in the market; or, is she expecting whites to stop purchasing flesh-colored products? Many already do buy black-colored clothing, nail polish, etc. But this is not the issue; she is an academic working for the “Immigration Nation”, which means her task is to get Eurocanadians ready for their coming reduction to a minority in their own homeland.

But it looks like Roth is not alone in her ground-breaking research; last September it was reported in a college-paper editorial that bras and Band-Aids are an example of white privilege. Bras and Band-Aids are racist because they come in flesh-color, or colors named “nude”, which is not the skin color of black people. “How would it make you feel that the fashion industry and society at large has based its ideal of nude on Caucasian people?” The editorial claimed this was a form of “microaggression” against people of color, and major injustice requiring the re-education of whites.

The fact is that hair products for blacks by blacks has long been a booming business, with white businessmen playing a role too, which may itself be seen as a form of racism: how would you feel if people of different races made products for your race?

How about the world wide growing industry in skin whitening products? Will they start spreading in Canada as the non-white population keeps growing, as in India, Latin America, and the world generally? More subtle and nuanced research will be called forth to explain why non-whites prefer white looks.

Skin whitening
It is your fault whitey; all our problems are your fault; do something whitey, fight the injustices!

The true industry is the war against whites, which now comes with massive governments expenditures, grants, jobs, and entire administrative departments and thousands of committees dedicated to the suppression of any form of “white privilege”, defined as any situation in which non-whites feel uncomfortable in the presence of whites.

Andrew Ryder: Professor of Depression in Immigrant Communities
Andrew Ryder

Andrew Ryder, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology and Affiliate Researcher within the Culture and Mental Health Research Unit at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital, is concerned with the psychological processes experienced by people as their cultural environment is changed. He is looking at the way immigrants “adjust their values, emotions, and attitudes” as they become Canadian. He wants to make sure immigrants feel as welcomed as possible in Montreal, one of the most racially diverse cities in the world. He is not concerned with how the centuries-old Anglo-French character of this city has been undermined by mass immigration, how Eurocanadians have been affected; instead he is investigating some of the discomforts immigrants may encounter as they try to learn English and/or French. Ryder wants to ensure immigrants have “social networks” where they feel comfortable.

Ryder cherishes the new opportunities brought on as endless clients pour into Canada from afar with potential stress, depression and fatigue from having to integrate into a culture that is different from theirs.

Don’t underestimate the great incentives currently existing in Canada favoring mass immigration; it is a veritable mass industry with thousands of bureaucrats, academics, and new professional titles, lining up for grants and jobs. But, sorry, there are no jobs related to how Euro-Canadians may be suffering far worse depression as they witness their entire cultural environment decimated by relentless diversification without their consent but under the watchful eye of an ever more intrusive bureaucracy of experts determined to track down any “racist” deviation.

Don’t expect Ryder to pay any attention to Robert Putnam’s study, released in 2007, based on detailed interviews of nearly 30,000 people across America, which concluded that racial and ethnic diversity is NOT a civic strength, does NOT encourage “social networking”, but instead results in a depressive climate in which people “hunker down” in their homes,with fewer people voting and giving to charity and working on community projects.

Putnam’s book, Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community (2000), was required reading in many university classrooms in the first years after its released, for the way it showed how communities had been seriously eroded in the United States since the 1950s, which was thus used as a justification for government spending in “social capital”. But academics have been very quiet about Putnam’s research on the ill effects of diversity.

The social engineering effort to make all European-created nations racially diverse continues unabated despite mounting data supporting Putnam’s thesis. In April 2015, Statistic Canada released a report, How’s Life in the City? Life Satisfaction Across Census Metropolitan Areas and Economic Regions in Canada, showing that the greatest proportion of dissatisfied individuals live in Vancouver, Toronto, Windsor, Guelph, and Edmonton, and the greatest proportion of contended individuals live in Saguenay, Que, Trois-Rivieres, Que, St. John’s, Nfld, and Greater Sudbury, Ont.

The Weather Network wrote about this trying to make sense how “Vancouver, land of mild winters and outdoor fun”, has the least contented people in Canada, whereas Saguenay, where the climate is “much, much colder” was the happiest place. Actually, the top contented places have colder climes in general; what is also common about them is that they are the most ethnically homogeneous places in Canada, with minimal immigration, whereas the least happy places have the highest inflows of immigrants combined with relentless campaigns about how diversity adds vibrancy and color to life.

But don’t worry, diversity is coming to these homogeneous places. Accordingly:

On July 4, 2005, Greater Sudbury’s City Council unanimously adopted the Diversity Plan. The Plan is a central part of the Diversity Thrives Here! Project which seeks to encourage community initiatives that embrace diversity with the ultimate goal of creating a community in which all citizens, particularly Aboriginal, Francophone, immigrant and multicultural groups, have an effective infrastructure of services to meet their needs.

Mireille Paquet: Professor of Skilled Immigrants
Mireille Paquet
Mireille Paquet

Mireille Paquet, as an Assistant Professor in Concordia’s Political Science Department, does not have multiple occupational titles yet, but is also Co-founder of Concordia’s Centre for the Evaluation of Immigration Policies. Paquet is an example of a new breed of professors who no longer identify themselves as leftists since they operate in an environment in which leftism is second nature, the only viewpoint they ever heard from their teachers and politicians. She refers approvingly to former Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s observation, on a recent visit to Concordia, that in the 1990s everyone began to agree that immigrants are an asset to Canada, that “we need immigrants”. Paquet adds that immigration

is extremely popular in all the 10 provinces. This whole idea that we need immigrants, they are needed for the economy, they are needed for our demography, they are needed because they’re educated, really began to motivate provincial governments to develop new immigration policies during this time period.

Don’t count on Mireille ever asking why European nations, and only European nations, are the repositories of millions of immigrants, and why their standard of living has been declining since the early 70s just as mass immigration from the Third World took off. Her research is concerned only whether the policies implemented by provincial governments are effective, in particular she wants to know whether skilled immigrants are integrating into Canada’s economy. Are qualified and semi-qualified immigrants finding jobs in Canada? Are they having their foreign credentials recognized by Canadian employers? She thinks it is “unfair” to encourage skilled immigrants to come and then not recognize their qualifications.

What a fighter of human rights! But what are the economic and moral implications of policies dedicated to bringing scarce skilled workers from poorer nations into richer nations? How dare you ask this question? We need immigrants; and what matters is the possible “racism and ethnocentrism” implicit in asking whether the qualifications of foreigners are commensurable with Canada’s.

You are NOT ethical, Mireille. Enticing skilled laborers and educated professionals from poor nations to come to infertile feminist Canada for better pay is known in Economics as “human capital flight”, a form of “brain drain imperialism”. As any undergraduate can find out in Wikipedia,

Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have lost a tremendous amount of their educated and skilled populations as a result of emigration to more developed countries, which has harmed the ability of such nations to get out of poverty. Conservatively speaking, “Brain drain has cost the African continent over $4 billion in the employment of 150,000 expatriate professionals annually.”

Since your field of expertise is on the economics of immigration, I would suggest the following detailed study, Skilled Labor Migration from Developing Countries: Study on India, which concludes, after a very detailed compilation of data, that

a large outflow of skilled persons poses a threat of a brain drain, which can adversely impact growth and development […] The scale and magnitude of the brain drain from India continues to be substantial.

The argument that remittances from international migrants helps poor nations is very weak. Remittance money is hardly used for productive purposes but mostly for immediate consumption, which actually encourages consumption of imports, which creates dependency.

The major beneficiaries from the import of skilled labor are corporations lusting for the cheaper labor of foreign professionals. As Jim Sinclair, president of the British Columbia Federation of Labour, observed: recruiting immigrants “is extremely controversial in Canada because there is significant evidence that employers are using the program to replace Canadians and undercut wages“.

But don’t count on Mireille paying attention to the concerns of native Canadian workers; her grants are intended to make sure foreigners get Canadian jobs as fast as possible. When it comes to immigration and the destruction of Canada’s European heritage, the cultural Marxist establishment controlling our universities is tightly aligned with the corporate/big government world.

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